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Our Italian Connection

Our Italian connection begins with Ted's mother, Agnes Virginia Mase. Her parents, Francesco Antonio Masi and Maria Consiglia D'Orazio, came from different parts of Italy, met in Western Pennsylvania, married and raised their family. "Frank" and "Kunsie" raised 9 children; Joseph James, Agnes Virginia, Christina Elizabeth, Julia Rita, Lawrence Louis, Marie Angela, Frank Anthony, Dalgesa Anna Theresa, and Ronald Richard.

Ceccano, Frosinone, Lazio

The Church of Saint Mary of the River, Ceccano.


Francesco Antonio Masi was born in Ceccano, 11 May 1897. His parents were Giuseppe Masi and Inez Cicciarelli. In 1912 he came to the United States aboard the SS Berlin out of Naples. I have been told he had a sister who settled in New York but have not been able to find any information on this. He also had a brother Romolo who stayed in Italy.
In order to help obtain his US citizenship he served in the US Army during World War I. He was in Company E, 307th Engineers and saw action in the Mense Argonne Offensive in 1918. Returning home after the war, he settled in Western Pennsylvania and married Maria Consiglia D'Orazio in 1921. He Worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a trackwalker until his retirement. He passed away November 1964.
As with others searching I have found the his name changed a few times during his life. The Petition of Naturalization and Certificate of Naturalization show Masi, his Enlistment Record and Discharge have Maze, marriage license has Mase and I have other papers he signed as Mace.
In our research to Ceccano I have been able to locate one relative. He was my grandfathers brothers grandson. I am still researching in Ceccano.

Serramonacesca, Pescara, Abruzzi

Village church in Serramonacesca


Maria Consiglia D'Oraziowas born in Serramonacesca on 19 November 1904. Her parents were Lorenzo D'Orazio and Cristina Palombo.
Lorenzo D'Orazio was born in Serramonacesca on 8 November 1878 to Luigi D'Orazio and Maria D'Amore. Cristina Palombo was born on 12 July 1879 to Domenico Palombo and Consiglia Cervone in Serramonacesca. Lorenzo D'Orazio and Cristina Palombo were married 19 December 1898 in Serramonacesca. Lorenzo came to the United States and became a Trackwalker for the Pennsylvania Railroad. When he came to the United States is unknown. His wife and 3 children, Antonio, Nicolino, and Maria Consiglia came to America aboard the SS Prinzess Inez arriving in New York in 1906.
"Kunsie", as she was mostly known by, passed away 16 March 1993. It is believed that Francesco Masi worked with Lorenzo D'Orazio on the railroad and thus met Maria Consiglia.

Casa di Terra

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