Angel 7 mos.

Do you have an Angel look-a-like??

Angel 16 weeks

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(If you have tried to get to my site and found it "unavailable", I apologize. Since posting this site, my host Geocities says it's getting too many hits for a "free site". But if you're reading this, you're here, and I hope you enjoy all of the pictures of these beautiful babies!

Angel 12 weeks



Angel is a Yorkie-Maltese mix and the newest addition to my family. Angel is so unique in appearance - she has the face of her Yorkie mom and the hair of her Maltese dad, with streaks of copper from her yorkie mom. She was 1 pound 6 oz. at 8 weeks old, and at 2 1/2 years, she is 4 pounds 12 oz. Her personality is definitely a combination of both parents - lovable and feisty! She is absolutely the love of my life!

Angel 6 1/2 mos.


Don't forget to visit Angel's very own site!
When sending in pictures, please send puppy picture and 1st birthday picture. I've had to decrease the number of pictures due to Geocities shutting the site down because it's getting too many hits for a "free site". Sorry!!

Angel 9 mos.If you have a Yorkie-Maltese mix, please email a photo with your dog's name and a short blurb about your pet -include your name and state. Angel and I are so anxious to see all of the other Yorkie-Maltese who look like her!!
(Other mixed breed dogs can be added to my All Mixed Up page - see below)
Email me at: blt222 at embarqmail dot com
(Type email in regular email format. I don't put my email on my website in regular format hoping to keep from getting junk mail)

(When sending in 6-mo. and 1-yr. pics, please tell me what page your baby is on!!)
  Truffle 11 wksTruffle 1 yearTruffle, a Yorkie/Maltese mix, is Angel's sister! She and Angel looked so much alike for many weeks, but Truffle is now taking on the appearance of her Maltese dad, while Angel looks like her Yorkie mom. Parent- my twin sister, Fran-VA
GabbyGabby, THE BOSS, is a Yorkie/Maltese mix. She was born Feb. 15, 2003. She can hang with the "Big Dogs" but can cuddle like a baby. She is the lap dog I've always dreamed of and the only lap she wants is Mom's (mine)! Parent: Margaret - CA

Animals are God's gift to man.....and should be treated with love & respect.
This is Joe, a Yorkie-Maltese mix and an absolute cutie!!


CC is a female 18 month old Yorkie/Maltese Mix. Her Father is a Yorkie and Her Mother a Maltese. She is the greatest JOY in my Husbands's and My Life. She is the most lovable, obedient little girl and we love her immensely. Parent: Carmen, Florida ( CC...Angel said to tell you thank you for the adorable little shirt you sent her!!!! And also for telling her about the cute little hair pins you wear - she now has them in all colors!! Thank you for being Angel's internet friend :-) ~Barbara and Angel Right: CC's adorable summer 2006 cut!

ChotschChotschChotschThis is Chotsch, a Yorkie-Maltese mix (What a beautiful face!! Looking forward to watching you grow into a real handsome guy! ~Barbara
Parent: Randy - CA
1st pic:: 3 mos. 2nd: 6 mos.(first trip to salon!) Right: 2 yrs. (You are a handsome boy for sure!!~Barbara)

Ever heard of Wizard of Claws in South Florida? It's a puppy mill disguised as a pet shop and is famous for selling high priced puppies - SICK puppies!
"Puppies -- seriously ill, some are even dying soon after being purchased from a popular pet operation in South Florida."
A four-month NBC 6 investigation traces a trail of puppy heartbreak and outraged owners. Should the dogs have been sold to the public in the first place?"
Please read the following article and then pass the word to all of your friends and for the love of animals, let's get this place shut down!

chettThis is Chett, a Yorkie/Maltese mix, and a cutie for sure!
Parent: Callie - CA
SharkeySharkey, a pure bred Yorkie, was 7 wks. old in these pics. I included him on this page to show how similar he looks to the yorkie-maltese. He is a cutie for sure and loves to swim in the pool and ocean!!
Parent: April - TX
Basho 8 weeksBasho 12 weeks Left: Basho, an 8-wk. old Yorkie/Maltese snoozing on his first day at his new home. Right: 12 weeks old

Basho 5 1/2 mos.Left: This is Basho at 5 1/2 months - What a cutie!! I hear you're a hit at your mom's office!
Right: Basho celebrating his FIRST birthday! Parent: Ellen
Note: Basho - you are growing up to be a doll baby! LOVE your 1st birthday picture!!Barb

Kara & kitty friend Kara, a 1-year-old Yorkie/Maltese with her new best kitty friend :-) Parent: Staci - Clearwater, FL. Maddie 8 mos. Maddie 8 mos.Here are some pics of our puppy, Maddie, a Yorkie/ Maltese mix. She is now around 8 months old.
Parents: Bryan and Nikki
Stuart Little - 1 yr. oldStuart Little is my little wiggle worm! He is 4.4lbs and just over a year old. Stuart has the yorkie face and maltese hair, too. He loves to chase birds and squirrels as well as snuggle and get a good belly scratch.
Parent: Shantelle - Minnetonka, MN
Paco 9 weeksPaco 4 1/2 mos.
Left: Paco at about 9 weeks old. He is very mischievous, but we love him anyhow. He's very playful and has grown to about 8 pounds. Paco is a Yorkie/Maltese mix and lives in New York. Right: Paco (right) at around 4 and 1/2 months.
Joochka 8 weeksHere is our new Yaltie (Yorkie/Maltese) puppy. She is 8 weeks old, with a Yorkie dad and a Maltese mom. Her name, Joochka, is Russian for beetle. Nothing pleases Joochka more than to lay on the grass with her tummy in the air. She is very commanding -- the local 12-pound cats turn tail when they see her 1 1/2 pounds of fluff! Parents: Martin and Rada, Clearwater, Florida (6 mo. pic. on right!)

Stoli Stoli I just love your little Angel, I have a yorkie/maltese mix and he is all black. I have not found them to look similar very often! I bet Angel has a great personality, I know my Stoli does! The 2 actually look alike in features but not in color! I think mine is slowly turning gray also, like the Yorkie. Parent: Nikki (See Stoli's one year pictures below)

Stoli 1 yearThis is Stoli at one year old and his proud Stoli with mom, Nikkimom, Nikki.
(Thank you so much for sending in Stoli's one year picture - he certainly has turned into a beautiful (or should I say handsome) young man :-)

Oscar - 6 weeksPopcorn - 1 1/2 years oldOn the left is Oscar, a yorkie poo about 6 weeks in the photo. If he sees you laugh he will do the same thing again and has taught himself to go sleep in his bed, potty trained to paper, fetch, shake and (sometimes) will clap hands if you sing If Your happy and You Know it Clap your Hands. He is now 8weeks and 2 and 1/2 lbs. On the right is Popcorn, my 1 1/2 year old Maltipoo. Parent: Christine Goodness Pebbles and Fluffy I just wanted to share my photos of my maltese and yorkie mix. They were born Dec 10, 2003 they are females and their names are Pebbles and Fluffy how cute are they??..
Parent: Sandra B.
(You're right, Sandra - they are cuties for sure! Looking forward to their 6-mo. picture!~Barbara)
Hattie Belle-8 weeks My name is Hattie Belle and I am an 8 wk old Maltese/Yorkie. I live on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I am new to my home and am still getting adjusted! My Mommy and Daddy LOVE ME!!!! JuniorThis is Junior, a Yorkie/Maltese, when he was just a pup at about 3 lbs. Junior is now 3 years old and is ten pounds but he still has the adorable puppy face. I'll send you a current picture soon.
Parent: Anna -Connecticut
(Send in a recent picture, Anna!! ~Barbara)
Chelsea-6 weeksHere as a picture of my little Chelsea - 1 yearyorkie/maltese. After seeing Angel I knew I had to find one, and I am so excited that I finally did. I just got her 3 days ago and I have completely fallen in love with her. Her name is Chelsea, and she is absolutely adorable, and the sweetest little dog ever. Left: Here is a picture of her at 6 weeks, the day after I got her, weighing a little over a pound. Parent: Paige UPDATE: Right: Chelsea at 1 year! (OMG, she is just precious! How different she looks!! Beeuuutiful!~Barb)

For more pictures of Angel, please visit her very own site!!

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Meet Angel's Yorkie/Maltese brothers, Bailey and Cricket!

Stop the Madness - Please read!
Several people have written me concerning a web site where they are "deliberately" breeding mixed breeds. To deliberately breed mixed breeds, for big (or small) profit, is wrong and irresponsible. This particular site has taken money from people and never delivered the promised puppy. They are asking big money for "mutts" - $500 to over $1,000, and even $1,600!. They are releasing puppies at 8 weeks of age and the puppies are getting sick - hypoglycemia being the number one problem. Under no circumstances should a tiny breed puppy be released before it is 2 pounds or 12 weeks. Before purchasing a mixed breed, do your research and ask questions. Is this mixed breed the result of an "accidental breeding"? If not, look elsewhere. If you purchase a mixed breed from someone who is deliberately breeding, you are contributing to the already overpopulated dog world. The shelters are filled with mixed breeds looking for "forever homes". Do the right thing - do your research - ask questions - visit the shelters - and most of all - spay and neuter your pet. Regardless of how cute Angel is, she is a mutt, a mixed-breed, and most importantly, the result of an "accidental breeding". To pay hundreds of dollars for a yorkie/maltese is insane! Stop the madness - refuse to buy from back yard breeders, puppy mills, or pet shops!!! And just a note - pet shops who buy and sell puppies get the worst of the worse. Just because they say it's a pure bred, doesn't mean it is AKC standard. You could wind up with a 20 pound Maltese! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! I visited a pet warehouse (I can't even call it a pet "shop") in Richmond, VA - the puppies were crammed in cages, some with their little legs falling through the wire. They had NO toys to play with, they were not socialized at all - they had food thrown in their tiny crammed cages 2x day, and 15 puppies had to fight for their food (a good way to teach them "food aggression!"). I saw a pure bred Maltese that was only 4 months old and already over 10 pounds - obviously the result of a back yard breeder. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. When I talked to the owner about my concerns, he said, "it's not my place to socialize the puppies - it's the people who buy them." Excuse me, Mr. Pet Warehouse Owner, it IS your responsibility to see that a prospective buyer gets a well-adjusted puppy! THIS is what reputable breeders do! It was obvious to me there was no concern for the puppies nor the buyer, only for the money they would bring - and big money I might add! I was even told "selling puppies puts food on my table." Again, please consider visiting the shelters for your mixed breed puppy where you just might find your forever puppy or dog - and stay away from pet shops who sell puppies and kittens!!!! If you buy a puppy over the internet, you are asking for trouble!!
For comments from someone who has seen first hand what goes on in puppy mills,
please read Oliver Twist's story on page 7

Don't be a victim of puppy mills! Read
If you have a mixed breed dog (other than a Yorkie-Maltese mix), add his/her picture to my "All Mixed Up" page.

Getting a new puppy? PLEASE read" I Am Your Puppy "

Kiss your children every day - today is gone, and tomorrow may never come.

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