The Moody Family

of Surry County, Virginia,

by Joel Watson

* Thomas Moody b. _____ d. 1656 
  m. Ann _____ 
  * Robert Moody 
    * Robert Moody 
    * Henry Moody 
    * Joseph Moody 
      * Blanks Moody 
        m. Mary Maget d. BEF 1760 Surry County, Virginia 
        Blanks Moody died sometime between October of 1751 and February of 1752.      
        * Samuel Moody 
          m. Hannah Judkins 
          * Blanks Moody 
            m. Patsey Boyce b. 24 Jan 1784 Surry County, Virginia 
            * Blanks Moody 
              m. Rebecca Adams 
              * George Washington Lafayette Moody b. 4 Feb 1834 Surry County, Virginia 
                m. Margaret Jane Adams 
                                     "Born in Surry County, Virginia, near Bacon's Castle, Feb. 4th, 1834, was
made a Mason in Jefferson Lodge #65 on June 12th, 1855, at Surry Court House.
      Joined the Surry Light Artillery in 1861, and served as harness maker up
to the surrender in 1865, having served the entire fours of the war in Hankens
Co. Surry Light Artillery, Col. C. E. Lightfoot Battalion Picketts Brigade.
      Died June 30th, 1921 at F. M. Cobb's residence in Franklin, Va. and was
buried in J. F. Whitley's lot at Surry Court House, Va." -- from the note book
of George Franklin Whitley which he copied from another source.
                * Lellie Wingfield Moody 
                  m. Joel Flournoy Whitley 
                  * George Franklin Whitley b. 11 Mar 1889 Surry Courthouse, Virginia 
                    m. 12 Apr 1908 WILMINGTON, N.C.  Dolly Ann Bell b. 26 Jul 1889 RED SPRINGS, PENDER COUNTY, N.C. d. 11 Aug 1969 Obici Hospital, Suffolk, Virginia 
                                        On August 29, 1956, an article appeared in the Suffolk News Herald, "George
Whitley Marks 40th Year As a Banker-- Joined American Bank in 1916." On that
date "Grumps," as his grandchildren called him, was Vice President of the Bank
and a Director of the American Bank and Trust Company since early spring. "I
quit school when I was fourteen, when my mother passed away. I had, from the
age of five and a half years until I was twelve years old, been tutored by a
Mrs. Judkins of Surry. My birthplace was just within sight of Surry
[Courthouse]. My father sent me to the Smithfield Institute, that lasted just
one session." When he was asked what his least favorite subject was he
answered Latin and Algebra, and with a twinkle in his eye said, "I had a Latin
Book just one day, I gave it back to my teacher, some folks may remember him,
it was John Bohannan. I once told him when I was struggling with Algebra I
didn't see any need to persecute boys with such stuff." But his favorite
subjects were history and geography. Grumps said in the interview that since
the time he had left home he had had only five jobs. Three of those were in
Wakefield where he was raised and where his mother died. The fourth was the
railroad in Suffolk. He said that people probably wondered why a man in his
job could be seen almost daily standing by the railroad. "Well, there is no
sweeter music to my ears than that made by a giant mallett (engine) pulling a
heavy train and I go down to the N. and W. tracks nearly every morning before
going to the bank to watch The Arrow go west or one of the many heavy
freight's that pass through Suffolk early in the morning. Their music to me is
sweeter than any orchestra. Grumps went to work with the railroad in 1907 and
spent nearly ten years with it. I have done everything from the janitor's job
to the resident's since Ernest Jones employed me on August 29, 1916. I had
just quit my job with the Norfolk and Western Railway and was broke. I heard
that a new bank had been organized and went there to get a job. Ernest Jones
asked me if I had any knowledge of banking and I said no. Ernest hired me and
I've been here ever since. The original building was across the street from
this building. The Frank Jones furniture store was located on this site and
next to it was Belden Bell's Bar. There were seven bars in a row in those
days, from Bell's down East Washington Street.I moved the first piece of
furniture from the old banking office to the new. I noticed that the entrance
to the new vault was going to be too narrow for the safe when the men
installed the vault door. I told Ernest Jones, he said, "I don't think it will
be too narrow." Anyhow he measured the vault. He found I was right. He was
about to call a safe mover from Norfolk when I told him I could do the job if
he would get me four 2x12s and two men to help. Ernest said , "I don't think
you can move the safe." I said I was a railroader for ten years and I know I
can. Well, he finally gave in and I moved the safe in a little over two hours.
When asked by the interviewer if he hadn't had some funny experiences in 40
years with the bank, George replied, "No, the only experiences I have had were
work and more work." He was not only the oldest employee in length of service,
but oldest in years at 67. Of the 20 directors of the bank when he started
only Kelly Kendrick was still living. George named the Board of Directors for
1956 as
                    * Helen Elizabeth Whitley 
                      m. Claude Clifford Lilly 
                      * Claude Clifford Lilly 
                        * Claude Whitley Lilly 
                    * George Franklin Whitley 
                      m. Marjorie Eleanor Stiles 
                      * Cathy Jo Whitley 
                      * George Franklin Whitley 
                      * Richard Whitley 
                      * Leonard Whitley 
                    * Alice Wingfield Whitley b. 12 Sep 1910 Suffolk, Virginia d. 15 Jun 1971 at her home on Linden Ave., Suffolk, Va. 
                      m. 14 Jun 1929 at home, Suffolk, Va., by  Rev. Staley  Shelley Burch Watson b. 28 Oct 1907 Capron, Southampton Co., Va. 
                      My mother.                                                                    
                      Named for Thaddeus A. Burch of Baltimore, Maryland, a friend of Robert        
                                            Edward Watson.                                                                
                      * Dolly Bell Watson b. 7 Jan 1931 Suffolk, Virginia 
                        m. Charles Brosia Carr, Jr. b. 4 Mar 1926 Windsor, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia 
                        Confirmed by the Rt. Rev. William A. Brown, Bishop of Virginia in Christ      
                        Episcopal Church, Smithfield, Virginia on December 6, 1959. She was           
                        at that Church for more than 35 years.                                        
                        * Dolly Watson Carr b. 5 Oct 1949 The Lakeview Clinic, Suffolk, Virginia 
                          m. Michael Chin 
                          * Sarah Wingfield Chin 
                        * William Love Carr b. 18 Apr 1952 Suffolk, Virginia 
                          m. Juel Frances Barnes                           
                          m. Brenda Atkinson                           
                          m. Wanda Chapman 
                          * William Love Carr 
                            m. 16 Sep 1995 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Suffolk, Va.  Angela Marie Cornett 
                            * William Grant Carr b. 11 Sep 1997 Suffolk, Virginia 
                          * David Love Carr 
                          * Eric James Carr 
                          * Krystal Love Carr 
                        * Charles Brosia Carr III b. 5 Jan 1962 Suffolk, Virginia 
                          m. Vickie Lee Dean 
                          * Charles Brosia Carr IV 
                      * Shelley Burch (Joel) Watson, Jr. b. 16 Nov 1944 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
                        m. 5 Sep 1981 Ascension Church,  Greenpoint, N.Y.  Margaret Hambly b. 14 Mar 1956 Alta Bates Hospital, California 
                        Confirmed at Trinity Church, Portsmouth, Virginia by the Rt. Rev. William     
                        A. Brown, Bishop of Virginia on May 30, 1965, with Mrs. Mildred (Richard      
                        A.) Savedge as sponsor. She married a cousin. This was Bishop Brown's         
                        last Confirmation class.                                                      
                  * Margaret Wilkerson Whitley b. 11 Oct 1891 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia 
                    m. 27 Oct 1909 Frank Morris Cobb 
                    Margaret insisted that her middle name was Wilkins, her middle name in the    
                    family bible in her father's handwriting was Wilkerson.                       
                    * William Morris Cobb 
                      m. Martha Evans 
                      * Martha Roberta Cobb 
                        m. Edward Wooldridge 
                    * Frances Louise Cobb 
                      m. James Cornelius Roberts 
                      * James Cornelius Roberts 
                    * Mary Elizabeth Cobb 
                      m. Bernard Blythe 
                      * Margaret Crissie Blythe 
                        m. Robert Eubanks 
                      * Nancy Cobb Blythe b. 25 Nov 1944 Richmond, Virginia 
                        m. G. C. Litten 
                    * Margaret Wingfield Cobb 
                      m. Calvin Rawls Burgess 
                      * Ellen Maxine Burgess 
                        m. William Donny Williams 
                      * Myra Margaret Burgess 
                        m. Robert Burgess 
                      * Susan Gwynne Burgess 
                    * Fay Linwood Cobb 
                      m. Winifred Earl Shelton 
                      * David Earl Shelton 
                  * Sidney Jennings Whitley b. 23 Nov 1893 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia 
                    m. Hilda Draper 
                  * Willard Flournoy Whitley b. 25 Jul 1896 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia 
                    m. Helen Doetch 
                    * Willard Flournoy Whitley 
                      m. Effie _____ 
                      * Susan Whitley 
                      * Amanda Whitley 
                    * Helen Amanda Whitley 
                      m. Jack Young 
                      * John Young 
                      * a daughter Young 
                  * Lulie Wingfield Whitley b. 19 Jun 1898 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia 
                    m. William Jesse Roberts 
                    * James Roberts 
                      m. Alma Robertson 
                      * Lulie Wingfield Roberts 
                      * James Roberts 
                      * David Roberts 
                      * Stephen Roberts 
                    * William Jesse Roberts 
                      * Carole Ann Roberts 
                    * Thomas Henry Roberts 
                      m. Alyce _____ 
                      * Glenn Roberts 
                        Glenn Roberts by Adoption                                                     
                      * Diane Roberts 
                  * Joel William Whitley b. 21 May 1902 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia d. 27 May 1903 Surry Courthouse, Surry County, Virginia 
                * Rebecca Ann Moody 
                  m. James Yeomans 
                * William Blanks Moody 
                * James Antony Moody 
                * Mary Elizabeth Moody b. 31 Jul 1859 Surry County, Virginia d. 5 Oct 1909 Surry County, Virginia 
                  Affectionally known as "Aunt Molly." She raised Grumps after the death of     
                  his mother.                                                                   
                * Lulie Young Moody b. 12 Oct 1867 Surry County, Virginia d. 15 Sep 1872 Surry County, Virginia 
        * Charity Pemlum Peneluna 
          m. Thomas Collier 
          Charity's will is in Surry Co., Va., Made 17 April 1784, rec. 22 March        
          Her will mentions that Moody and Sarah were her "last children."              
          * Mary Collier 
            m. _____ Bailey 
            At the time of her mothers death, Mary was married to a Mouring [see          
            * William Bailey 
          * Sarah Collier 
            m. 23 Feb 1786 Surry County, Virginia by Henry Burgess  William Clinch 
          * Moody Collier b. _____ d. 3 Oct 1815 Southampton Co., Va. 
            m. Elizabeth Mary Holt d. 14 May 1823             
            m. 23 Jan 1787 Mary Clinch 
            Moody Collier of Southampton Co, Va.'s Will is in Williamsburg, Virginia,     
            13 March 1815 and proved 18 Dec 1815.                                         
            * Caroline Clinch Collier 
            * Elizabeth Collier 
              m. _____ Cosby 
              Elizabeth Cosby is listed in the will of her father Moody Collier as a        
              daughter. His will in Williamsburg, Va.                                       
            * Mary Ann Collier b. 20 Sep 1795 
              m. _____ Davis 
            * Thomas Randolph Collier b. 11 Dec 1796 
            * John Holt Collier b. 11 May 1799 
            * Elvira Holt Collier b. 11 Feb 1803 
            * Susan Randolph Collier b. 20 Sep 1804 d. 20 Oct 1805 
            * Angelina Tyrus Collier b. 8 Sep 1805 
            * Rowland Holt Collier b. 23 Dec 1807 
          * John Collier 
            mentioned in the will of his mother Charity Peneluna Moody.                   
          * Henry Collier 
        * Ann Moody 
          Ann's will is in Surry Co., Va., Made 25 June 1775 and Rec. 17 July 1775.     
          it she mentions son Archibald Moody[!], "cousin Mary Smith, daughter of       
          Charity Collier, sister Charity Collier and brother Samuel Moody."            
          * Archibald Moody 
            Archibald is listed in his mother's will as "Archibland Moody."               
        * Molly Moody 
      * (Perhaps) Joseph Moody