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26th FMS

The 26th Field Maintenance Squadron's mission was to accomplish off-equipment maintenance of non-powered and powered aerospace ground equipment and selected aircraft components. The unit also performed extensive on-equipment maintenance of aircraft and aerospace ground equipment, and provided inspection, rig and manufacture or repair of aircraft airframe components.

The squadron performed maintenance, corrosion control and inspections primarily on Phantom RF-4C Reconnaissance aircraft assigned to the wing. Inspection and maintenance responsibilities included aircraft components and systems which could be disassembled and removed from the aircraft for in-shop inspection, and components which require inspection and repairs while remaining on the aircraft.

The unit's aerospace ground equipment (AGE) branch inspected, serviced and dispatched all powered and non-powered equipment used by the squadrons in the 26th Tactical reconnaissance Wing. AGE personnel repaired, modified, and when necessary, refurbished aerospace ground equipment components or pieces.

In 1997, AGE members of the 26th Field Maintenance Squadron, who had been stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany, (between 1965 - 1970) reunited for the first time in Las Vegas.

Spearheaded by Jerry Rockey and George Hugh (on opposite coasts) their mission: to reacquaint with past Air Force friends and associates, relive some of the old "war-stories", and have a hell of a good time. All missions accomplished!

Networking by phone, e-mail and the Internet, Jerry and George managed to track down a fairly good contingent of past 26th AGE repairmen, drivers, and other personnel associated with the 26th Tactical Reconnaisance Wing.

The purpose of these pages is that of information and contact sources to help unite additional 26th FMS members in the future.

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