The Family Bible of John Latsha


Translation of the family bible of Johannes Latsha
August 1752 - 1/22/1810

A tribute to Florence E (Landback) Latsha
by Louise (Latsha) Latsha

I feel I have to explain why I am in the possession of the family bible.

Many years ago, somewhere around 1941, shortly after my mother

and father were married, they lived with my father's mother on the

Latsha family homestead.. My mom was a school teacher who

majored in english and history.  "Mother Latsha", as mom always

referred to her, was housecleaning and burning all the items she

no longer wanted.  Among the things to be burned was the

family bible.   Mom of course, just couldn't stand to see such a

wonderful piece of history go up in flames and pleaded with

"Mother Latsha" to let her keep it.  Mom used the bible for years

in her english and history classes to show how books were made

and records kept in bygone years.  After I married, mom gave 

the bible to me, since I had an interest in genealogy and my

children would be carrying the Latsha name, even if not the

same line.  (After several years of research, I was able to

establish that my sons were ninth cousins!)

Please note - I don't understand what I think are zodiac signs

as they do not agree with modern charts. (The suggestion has

been made that maybe they are moon or planting signs) 

October the 29 day 1782 

have I Johannes Latsha a wife taken  her Christian name is

Elizabeth,  and the dear God shall give us much luck and

blessings and a believing life and walk.  Mr. Minister Schultz

has taken our vows, Tuesday 29 October Anno Domini 1782

Older Hans Latsha is deceased on 22 January at 10 o'clock

in the morning  Anno 1810 and his age is as much as 57 years

and 5 months

October the 14 day 1783  a son born to me into the world 

Tuesday under the sign of the Twins with the name

Johannes Latsha

May the 15 day 1786 a son was born to this world on Sunday

under the sign of the Lion with the name

Johan Heinrich Latsha

August the 27 day Anno 1788 a son was born by me

into this world Monday night at 10 o'clock under the sign

of Waterman with the name Frederick Latsha

October 1 day Anno 1790 a son was born to this world

by me Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock also a Waterman sign

name Daniel 

May the 31 day Anno 1792  a daughter was born into this

world by me on Thursday morning at 5 o'clock in the sign of Libra 

with the name(Efa?) Cathrina Latsha and Matthew Gensel baptized

The 21 day Anno 1795 is to me a small daughter into this world

born Saturday evening at 8 o'clock in the sign of the Ram and

born January 21 with the name Marie Magdalena

This next entry is in poor condition - it looked as though it had

gotten wet.  I would also like to mention here that Floyd's

History of Northumberland Co. states" John Latsha is buried

with two of his sons Joseph and Gideon, in a private 

cemetery on the farm where he lived and died". 

My cousin Delroy Latsha now lives on the old homestead,

he remembers the graves, but they are no longer visible.

On the 18 day in the year 1798 ............. a son................

born into this world on Tuesday afternoon ....... 

with the name Gideon Latsha and............. christened 

by( Gorg Geis weit)

Joseph died 17 August 1809

November 13 day Anno 1799 a son was born to me

into this world  on Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock 

under the sign of the Twins with the name

of Joseph Latsha

January the 9 day  Anno 1803 born to me and into this

world a small daughter  Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock

in the sign of Lion  with the name Annalis (Elizabeth)

Hannes Latsha died on 11 April at 7 o'clock Anno 1852

and his age is as much as 68 and 15 days old

Old Catrina Latsha is dead on 31 October 1852 and

her age was 89 and 4 months

Daniel Latsha died the 25 January about 2 o'clock

Anno 1853 and his age was as much as 63 years and

24 days old

Heinrich Latsha died the 1 day July Anno 1859 and

his age was as much as 74 years and 9 months old

Katrina Latsha died October the 23 1879 at the age

of as much as 87 years  4 months and 23 days

Magdalena Wolfen died the 7 day of January 1882  and

her age was as much as 86 years 11 months and 16 days 

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