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Rossington-Collins Band

"This Is The Way"

1981 MCA Records, Inc.

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Rossington-Collins Band is:

  • Dale Krantz-Rossington - lead vocals
  • Gary Rossington - guitar
  • Allen Collins - guitar
  • Barry Harwood - guitar
  • Leon Wilkeson - bass guitar
  • Derek Hess - drums
  • Billy Powell - keyboards

Song List:

  1. Gotta Get It Straight [lyrics]
  2. Tashauna [lyrics]
  3. Gonna Miss It When It's Gone [lyrics]
  4. Pine Box [lyrics]
  5. Fancy Ideas [lyrics]
  6. Don't Stop Me Now [lyrics]
  7. Seems Like Every Day [lyrics]
  8. I'm Free Today [lyrics]
  9. Next Phone Call [lyrics]
  10. Means Nothin' To You [lyrics]


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