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Welcome to my homepage. This page may look familiar, since this is based on my former website "www.oocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/9126" which is no longer accessible. This site has been updated and edited a great deal and hopefully is a great improvement on the original site. However, over twelve years of research cannot be easily entered onto a website by hand, so forgive the construction and incomplete pages; in time, these will fill up. Please note that all "underlined" items represent pages with information. Click on the underlined item to jump to that information.

Below are listed the primary surnames and the region of interest that this site addresses. Below the surnames are a variety of topics that I have introduced to accomodate additional information and areas of interest. Please contact me, I look forward to your comments, corrections, and additions.

Surnames and associated regions:

BEATTY (Montgomery,KY); BENNETT (Granville,NC); BIGGS (North Carolina>AR>TX>CA); BRESSIE (Virginia>NC); BRERETON (Northumberland, Virginia); BUCKBERROUGH/BUCKBERRY (Ontario, Canada); BURNS (Georgia>CA)


DAVIS (VA>Stokes,NC); DAVIS (Sussex, New Jersey); DINGMAN (Holland>NY); DOYLE (Ireland>Syracuse,NY); DUDLEY (Virginia)

ESKRIDGE (Fauquier, VA)


GARDINIER (Holland>NY); GOOCH (Virginia families); GOOCH (Granville Co., NC); GORDON(NJ>ONT,CANADA); GREEN (Sussex, New Jersey>ONT,CANADA)


JONES (Northumberland,VA>Granville,NC);

KING (Virginia>TN>GA>AR>NM>CA);

MAHAR/MEAGHER (IRE>Oswego,NY); McANALLY (Scotland>PA>VA>NC); McCARTHY (Ireland>OSWEGO,NY); McFARLANE (New Jersey); McKANS (Albany, NY) MEE (Virginia>TN); MIDKIFF (PA>KY); MISENER (New Jersey>ONT,CANADA); MORGAN (Stokes,NC)





Below are listed Topics, which are I am developing:

ALLIED FAMILIES (by location): If you don't see your family names listed above, those listed under this heading are the collateral lines that I have collected information on. Some of this information will be found on this Website, some are kept in my personal archives.

SPINSTERS & BACHELORS: The natural focus of genealogy is to trace individuals who marry and procreated; for they are the ones who make future generations possible. Researchers, myself included, often find greater interest in one's direct ancestors and often neglect looking at the family as a whole. Therefore, in the process of family research those who did not leave issue are often obscured or edited out of our history. In my many years of research, I have come to recognized the important role that unmarried individuals played in the family and would like to attempt to recognize their contributions in relationship to the families listed above.

AFRICAN/EUROPEAN/INDIAN FAMILY HISTORY (the ancestry of enslaved people): During my many years of research I have accumulated information on those people who were enslave by my ancestors in both the American South and in the Northern States of NJ and NY. In recent years I have been working with descendants of these people in hopes of uncovering at least in part the stories of their lives.

FAMILY LETTERS: This is my archive of transcribed family papers. These letters have helped me a great deal to get a better sense of the people, the places and the time period. These documents are fragments of family corresponding spaning from the early 19th century into the early 20th century. If you have relevant family letters, please contact me.

FAMILY SKELETONS, SCOUNDRALS, & SCANDALS: This page is partly just for fun. Genealogy can be awfully dry and tedious, so occasionally some of us enjoy running across a bit of shocking material on our ancestors. On the more serious side, these tales and accounts are also telling, both about the individual and the world they lived in. These stories are not meant to offend anyone, but they do remind us that people are human afterall.

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