Will of George WHITSELL
Oglethorpe County Ga. Will book B pg. 185

George Whitsell, Senr. of Oglethorpe Co., GA being weak of body. To daughter POLLEY SIMMONS "during her natural life" negro boy Aquilla, negro boy James Mithell, and #30 cas "if that sum should be left after the payment of all my just debts and legacies contained in this will."

To daughter MARTHA WHITSELL negro man Asa, negro girl Syntha, a feather bed and furniture, a sorrel horse Ball, saddle and bridle worth $25, "one good Cotton wheel and cards, one cow, and my Side board and dressing Table."

To daughter SALLEY EDWARDS negro girl Sarah, negro man Stephen.

To son JAMES WHITSELL negro woman Betty and her child Caroline, negro boy Sam, a feather bed and furniture, one cow and "that half my tract of land whereon I now live...but should he die without lawfull Issue I desire that his part of my land may be equally divided between GEORGE WHITSELL and JOHN WHITSELL and the other part of his legacy is to be sold in the family, and to be equally divided between POLLEY SIMMONS, MARTHA WHITSELL, GEORGE WHITSELL and SALLEY EDWARDS." To son GEORGE WHITSELL half the tract of land "contained in the Servey whereon my Improvements are which I purchased of Mathew Clendennin having respect to quantity as well as quality to be equally divided between JAMES WHITSELL and GEORGE WHITSELL," also one negro girl Ally, negro by Asborn, a feather bed and furniture, and one cow.

To daughter CLARRESY UPSHAW a negro woman Hannah and her child Washington, a black colt Rock, and $30 cash.

To son JOHN WHITSELL " my tract of land in Madison County" 200 acres joining John Ross's survey on waters of Blacks Creek, a negro man Camp, a feather bed and furniture, a black colt Ranter, negro boy William, and one cow. "My will and desire is that his negro man Camp should be hired out and the money arising from his hire to be appropriated to giving my son good english education at the discretion of my executors."

If there is any residue in the estate, the $226 may be "applied in building a good hewned log house on the northeast end of the tract of land whereon I now live for my son GEORGE WHITSELL."

Friend WILLIAM M. STOKES and son GEORGE WHITSELL named executors.
Signed 22 Nov. 1820 GEORGE WHITSELL
Witnessed by HENRY FARMER