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This site is about permanent and semipermanent symbols and their special meaning to the wearer.

People have always been interested symbols, usually to signify a special relationship, family ties, or event in ones life, but I have found little information on the World Wide Web on the subject.
So I thought that I would make one!

I have always been intrigued with jewelry. When I was in college many many years ago a girl, who sat next to me in one of my classes had a bracelet that looked like a bunch of screws. As the semester progressed I noticed that she had it on every day, while the rest of her jewelry changed daily. One day working on a group project I commented on how unusual it was and that must be why she wore it every day. She floored me when she said it was a "prisoner of love" bracelet and she could not take it off. It seems that her mother aunt and sisters all had them and screwed the bracelet closed so she could not easily remove it. So she wore it to bed every night, in fact she had worn it continuouly for a year. I thought this was the coolest thing I had ever heard of! Today I know I should have asked her out if her family had enough money for several bracelets. See the Cartier Love bracelet page to see the offical story.
Years later I found the more affordable, and more permanent forever bracelet. I asked my wife to wear it and she said yes. Now we both have them. Yes we enjoy them as much now as when they were put on several years ago. (See Permanent Bracelet link)

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What you will find on my site : 
Stories, meanings, links, testimonials, how to's, personal experiences, questions and answers, that relate to personal relationships, that are based on the premise that they are not removable, but a long term commitment. 

What you will not find on my site : 
 violence, pedophiliac material, racist propaganda , denial of the holocaust, commercial ads. I have nothing to sell

Created on 1st of March 1999

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