Second Generation

Family of John DODGE (1) & Margery ?

2. Richard DODGE.1 Born in 1602 in Someretshire,Eng. Richard died on 15 Jun 1671 in Wenham,Mass. Buried in Dodge Row, Wenham Cemetery. Remarks: See Notes.

Born in Someretshire,England around 1602; married Edith. Came over to Wenham,Mass. & became members of Wenham Church in 1648.

Richard married Edith. Born ca 1603 in E,Coker,Someretshire,Eng. Edith died on 27 Jun 1678 in Wenham,Ma. Buried in Dodge Row, Wenham Cemetery.

They had the following children:

i. John.Born in 1631 in Someretshire,Eng.& died on 11 Oct 1711.
John married Sarah.

ii. Marie.Born on 19 Apr 1632 in Someretshire,Eng.& died on 18 Aug 1710; she was 78.
Marie married Zachary HERRICK.

iii. Sarah.Born in 1644 in Someretshire,Eng.& died in 1726.
Sarah married Peter WOODBERRY.

iv. Richard.Born in 1643 in Someretshire,Eng.& died on 13 Apr 1705 in Wenham,Mass.
Richard married Mary EATON.

3 v. Samuel (1645-1705)

vi. Edward.Born in Wenham,Mass.& died on 13 Feb 1727.
Edward married Mary HASKELL.

vii. Joseph.Born in 1651 in Wenham,Mass.& died on 10 Aug 1716 in Wenham,Mass.
Joseph married Sarah EATON.

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