Army School of Education (Adjutant General's Corps)

The Army School of Education (ASE) in Worthy Down is part of the Adjutant General's Corps Training Group. ASE delivers all Arms education and training to both officers and soldiers.

Education and Training. ASE has two instructional wings, Sandhurst Development Wing and Technical Wing, providing eight different education and training courses. Over 250 students pass through ASE each year on courses varying in length from 2 - 14 weeks.

Training Facilities. The School has its own dedicated facilities including specialist classrooms, state of the art teaching equipment and resources, a library, multi-media resources room, internet connection and access to excellent sporting facilities.

Student Accommodation. Students attending courses at Worthy Down are offered accommodation in their respective messes dependent on rank. Potential Officer Development and Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst students have individual study bedrooms and a separate Potential Officers' Mess.

Army School of Eeducation instruction.

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