These pages are dedicated to my Lord and Saviour,

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Welcome to my Home Page :o)


Let me introduce myself:-

My name is Mick, I live in Mansfield, (No, not that one!) the Mansfield I live in is in Nottinghamshire, England. :o)

I was born 10 June 1942....... (I'll let you work out my age!).

(If you get anything over 40, I'll throw you out!) I don't mean that, just kidding! :o))

I am married (46yrs this year!) to a wonderful lady named Patricia, and have two grown up kids, David and Susan, and two lovely grandchildren, Tony and Donna.

Boy! Am I blessed??! :o)

My main interests are:-

1. Praying for others

2. Reading the Holy Bible (My favourite passage is Revelation Chapters 21 and 22)

Wow! The New Jerusalem! Can't wait to get there and walk down that main street lit by God's own Light!

No more tears, no pain, no sorrow!

Check this out and you'll see what I mean!

3. Computer games.

4. Walking and the wildlife that goes with it!

5. Digiscoping (that goes along with wildlife and birdwatching

6. Watching NASCAR on telly!

My favorite NASCAR car is No. 26

I used to follow Irnie Irvan till he retired some years ago, then the No.42 car driven by Jamie McMurray

Now I follow Jamie in No. 26

And, that's about it (I don't want to go on too long!)


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Now that you know me, let me introduce you to my best friend in the whole world.....His name is


And He lived and died right here on earth nearly 2000 years ago!

But though he died way back then, He beat death, showed Himself to hundreds of people, (one, named Thomas, actually touched the wounds He suffered when He died!) and then went back up to Heaven where he is now, helping us to live our lives as best we can, helping others the way He helps us even now!(If you want to know more about Jesus, and pick up a free gift at the same time, click right HERE!).

These pages are dedicated to my Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I hope and pray that some of Him rubs off onto you while you are here!!

If THAT happens then you're sure to leave here a better person than when you came in!!