Welcome to my Blessing Page!

Hollie - 12/07/00 21:42:42
My URL:http://www.scottandhollie.homestead.com/holidaywelcome.html
My Email:segilb@earthlink.net
Where are you from: Montana
How did you find me: MSN Search Engine
Hobbies: Art
Favorite Sites: My web site =), PSPusers group

I just recently downloaded PSP7 shareware, finding it by accident when I was looking for clip art for my website. I seen alot of work by other PSP users and thought it was something I had to purchase in order to use. But luckily I bumped into the shareware program. Now I'm lost. I have no clue how to use it. So I went in search of tutorials! I came across your fantastic website (seriously), it's very calming and I hope to finally learn something!! I'm glad I came across your site, accidently too. Thank you, I really enjoyed viewing all of your teachings. Take care, Hollie

Maggie - 12/03/00 04:41:13
My URL:http://home.att.net/~m.l.alba
My Email:m.l.alba@worldnet.att.net
Where are you from: Abilene,TX
How did you find me: email LOL
Hobbies: painting,computer,gardening,***HTML***
Other interests: Life in general :o)
Favorite Sites: anything with backgrounds,art,TUBES
ICQ#: you have it LOL

I love the new look! Downloaded your Cross Tubes (they are really hard to find) I guess I could make some but don't have the time too busy surfing! LOL Have a good one!

Michael McCaffery - 11/26/00 06:42:11
My Email:One4Godandu@aol.com
Where are you from: Albany, Or, usa
How did you find me: Search engine
Hobbies: Fishing, camping
Other interests: God
ICQ#: don't have one.


sandra - 11/24/00 00:22:56
My Email:sanddiss@hotmail.com
Where are you from: Canada
How did you find me: On the Quiltmakersgift.com
Hobbies: sports, reading
Other interests: music
Favorite Sites: www.thesimpsons.com

Great web site you got.

Rev. Hans Myors - 10/23/00 01:33:37
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/pprayers
My Email:pprayers@yahoo.com
Where are you from: USA
How did you find me: Yahoo!Geocities

Shalom from a fellow believer in Y'shua (the Messiah) at Yahoo!Geocities. You have an interesting site. I'm taking the time to visit all of the Christian sites at Yahoo!Geocities. I hope that you take the time to visit mine. Take care in Y'shua.

deborah williams - 08/13/00 10:32:15
My Email:debbievi951@aol.com
Where are you from: brooklyn ny
How did you find me: seaching the web
Hobbies: reading/crocheting
Other interests: going to church


Sammi - 08/04/00 22:49:15
My URL:http://www.networksplus.net/gospelsound
My Email:gospelsound@networksplus.net
Where are you from: Kansas
How did you find me: A webring from my site
Hobbies: creativity
Other interests: gospel music
Favorite Sites: too many to list

I really enjoyed my visit. You have a very nice site. Great colors and graphics. God Bless

kathy - 05/29/00 17:02:45
My Email:stew45@nucentrix.net
Where are you from: austin, tx
How did you find me: PSPUG
Hobbies: PSP

Yvonne, both Netscape & IE say your page has errors, there's one line that is not an object or something. If I can catch it in time, I'll write it down and send it to you. Kathy

Meow LuvKittys and Nicolascage , - 05/26/00 22:46:07
My URL:http://www.fortunecity.com/millennium/cedar/588/index1.html
My Email:mskttypuss@lawtonnet.net

Meow Mysty mew sure hid dat nipz really goods hehe meow Nic sayz he can smell itz , he has a noze fur da nipz.. will mew againz if we effur finds it :)

LuvKittys - 05/19/00 18:53:43
My URL:http://www.fortunecity.com/millennium/cedar/588/index1.html
My Email:mskttypuss@lawtonnet.net
Where are you from: OKLA
How did you find me: slp
Hobbies: Graphic of Kittys
ICQ#: 72013524


Wow Love your site *very pretty* LuvKittys Judy*

Louis - 05/09/00 20:34:17
My URL:http://home.hetnet.nl/~caanke
My Email:caanke@home.nl
Where are you from: Netherland
How did you find me: psp group
Hobbies: pc

You have a great site Yvonne. And i wil thank you for sending me the font.

Hal - 04/27/00 19:05:57
My URL:http://GoodKnight.web.com
My Email:halwofford@cs.com
Where are you from: Tennessee
How did you find me: searching through Geocities
Hobbies: travel, internet

Very Nice Page, I commend you on your faith in God and sharing it, I plan to do the same when i get my page complete

- 04/06/00 15:33:44


Andrea - 03/22/00 02:55:55
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/ChristianLady
My Email:andreaau13@hotmail.com
Where are you from: North Dakota
How did you find me: PSPUG SLP
Hobbies: computers
ICQ#: 48433912

Loved your website! Will visit it again.

Joseph Provencial - 03/08/00 14:28:24
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Cliffs/7080/mepoems.htm
My Email:josephprovencial@netscape.net
Where are you from: Shafer, Minnesota
How did you find me: Viewing another G book
Hobbies: I write religious poems and Devotions
Other interests: I love Jesus!
Favorite Sites: ????
ICQ#: I'm still trying to figure out what an ICQ is :o)

You have a fantastic website! I really enjoyed my visit :o) God Bless you always and take care

Marina Sundell - 02/10/00 18:59:02
My URL:http://w1.510.telia.com/~u51004458/
My Email:marina.533120@telia.com
Where are you from: Sweden
How did you find me: PSPUG
Hobbies: Computer
Other interests: Dogs
Favorite Sites: Your site
ICQ#: 28654892

Hello there! Just wanted to tell you I have enjoyed my visit to your wonderful website. You have so lovely colours and graphics. I'll be back to visit you soon! I invite you to visit our website when you can. Very well done. Keep up the good work. God Bless. Marina

Linda aka kiss - 01/30/00 16:20:05
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/HiskissA
My Email:113062.572@compuserve.com
Where are you from: Paris, France
How did you find me: The PSPUG
Hobbies: Making PSP graphics
Other interests: Arta, antiques, my kiddies and hubby. :-)
Favorite Sites: http://www.moyra.com/jewels/minentrance.html These web graphics are amazing!
ICQ#: 39211101

I really enjoyed your web pages, especially the fancy themes which are lovely, You are an inspiration, Yvonne. I'll be back often to look at your tutorials. Great job!

Reidun Svenssen - 01/21/00 03:22:06
My URL:http://home.sol.no/~rsvensse/
My Email:rsvensse@online.no
Where are you from: Norway
How did you find me: By PSP link
Hobbies: Cats & Computers
Other interests: Music

Hi ! Nice to visit your site, and I will be back later. I can see you also love cats, so come visits all my CAT sites :-)

Sincerely Reidun Svenssen --- <^..^> ---

Monique - 01/20/00 03:56:09
My URL:http://www.netheaven.com/~maf
My Email:mafmc@excite.com
Where are you from: Upstate NY
How did you find me: PSPUG
Hobbies: computering!

Wish I could help you out with writing tutorials but I'm still trying to learn PSP! You have a very lovely place here and you are obviously....very talented!

Shirl - 01/07/00 20:34:40
My URL:http://www.crosswinds.net/~shirl/psp/home.htm
My Email:sckimbrough@hotmail.com
Where are you from: Baltimore, MD
How did you find me: PSPUG-SLP
Hobbies: PSP6 aholic
Other interests: music, sewing, html

Hi, I am a fellow pspug-slper. I joined in October, but had major surgery in November. I completed the course with a wonderful checker. Crosswinds changed servers and "s" was one of two sections with problems. Therefore, I had to individually search fo missing graphics and pages. I have one more page to complete. I lost links that I had added. Things happens. I also have a site here for geocities psp6 class. http://www.oocities.com/sckimbrough/psp6/home.htm

Trudy Stubbs - 01/05/00 02:39:44
My Email:tstubbs@snackteam.com
Where are you from: Idaho
How did you find me: quilt link
Hobbies: Bible studies,quilting
Other interests: witnessing to Mormons
Favorite Sites: watchman.org
ICQ#: 27527498

I couldn't get your mail thing to open & I wanted to let you know I was a Mormon for over 20 yrs. 2 yrs ago God called me out of that cult & Jesus is now the navigator of my life!! We live in a VERY predominately Mormon area, I witness every chance I get. It can be quite frustrating. Anyhow your site is marvelous. How many people have you heard from after they visit? My girlfriend & I have been contemplating doing a site similar to yours. We dye fabric & do classes. We could add a section on salvation. I h pe you get a minute to E-mail me. Thanks again, In HIS Joyful Service, Trudy

jan - 12/21/99 23:19:51
My URL:http://greene.xtn.net/~stasop
My Email:stasop@xtn.net
Where are you from: Tenn.
How did you find me: Invitation
Hobbies: my computer only
Favorite Sites: mine, naturally

Yvonne, Thanks so much for sending me the email with the info on PSP classes. I just had to come for a visit to your site. Nicely done. Have a great day, and I really admired the things you made with PSP........jan

Barbara - 12/21/99 05:24:03
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/5023/
My Email:barbiedolly67@yahoo.com
Where are you from: Kansas
How did you find me: webring
Hobbies: quilts, cross-stitch, computers, photography
Other interests: church

Your quilts are beautiful. I also make quilts and I have some pictures of them on my site. I will book mark your site so I can come back soon.

Karen - 12/17/99 08:47:26
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/md2/BrokenArrow/WolfLodge.html
My Email:family3@bellatlantic.net
Where are you from: MD USA
How did you find me: PSP Users Group
Hobbies: Wolves
Other interests: Love learning PSP techniques
Favorite Sites: Too many to list

Hi Yvonne ~ I love your site and Marie's backgrounds is just the most elegant touch for a homepage. Your contents are lovely and set up perfectly. I thought your load time was great - a lesson I need to try and learn from *giggles* I will have to revis t again as I can't see all in one visit, but I will bookmark your site and definitely return. It is beautiful!

Ladies of Sonshine - 12/14/99 00:55:56
My URL:http://ladiesofsonshine.faithweb.com//wel.html
My Email:ladiesofsonshine@hotmail.com
Where are you from: USA

Come Visit Ladies of Sonshine!!!
Where the Son always Shines!!

Nanci - 12/14/99 00:51:36
My Email:balwommin@angelfire.com
Where are you from: TN
How did you find me: Another GB

Yvonne your site is very lovely. Continue to use the talent God has so Blesses you with!

Marcia - 11/29/99 01:02:48
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Shores/7195/
Where are you from: Maryland
How did you find me: An email you sent
Hobbies: webpage building/making graphics/knitting

Hi Yvonne! I've enjoyed visiting your pages! My grandaughter enjoyed seeing your cat pages! She's only 16 mos and already loves cats. Comes by it naturally from her grandmom....*smile* I also read your testimony, and yes it is wonderful what the Lord can do! God bless you.

Ken - 11/24/99 07:44:26
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Area51/Orion/5965/tubeworks.html
My Email:kei-webworks@excite.com
Where are you from: PA
How did you find me: Webring
Hobbies: Graphic Design

Very nice site!! Come & see my new page! I worked very hard on these images & would like some feedback. RE:Like,Dislike,Your Graphics are really bad, etc...... Thanks for dropping by!

Cheri - 11/22/99 22:22:39
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Shores/7419/
My Email:email-cheri@cybergal.com
Where are you from: Kentucky
How did you find me: BHL/ATOG webrings
Hobbies: ONLINE: graphics, psp, webrings / OFFLINE: cross-stitching
Other interests: church, pets, food ;-)
Favorite Sites: Tucows, Our God Reigns, Grace Upon Grace, bunches more!

Hi, Yvonne!
Welcome to the ~A touch of Grace~ and Because He Lives Webrings! You have a terrific website! And you are talented with graphics. I am a fellow PSP addict. ;-) And I LOVE tubes! God Bless!

[Custom Graphic Design]
[Easy-Banner ShopTM ~ Order a custom banner in 5 minutes for only $5!]

[Because He Lives Webring] [Lily Of the Valley] [ATOG We ring] [Banner-Exchange]

Alan Swanson - 11/17/99 13:02:32
My Email:alan@swanson.com
Where are you from: Florida
How did you find me: LVS classes
Hobbies: PSP,Mtn.Biking,Hiking,
Other interests: Preaching and teaching
Favorite Sites: jaguarwoman
ICQ#: 4753966

Nice page, Yvonne. I appreciate your adding a Christian reference. Hope to see you more in LVS Alan

Alan Swanson - 11/17/99 13:02:09
My Email:alan@swanson.com
Where are you from: Florida
How did you find me: LVS classes
Hobbies: PSP,Mtn.Biking,Hiking,
Other interests: Preacing and teaching
Favorite Sites: jaguarwoman
ICQ#: 4753966

Nice page, Yvonne. I appreciate your adding a Christian reference. Hope to see you more in LVS Alan

NatchezLady - 11/03/99 00:12:35
My Email:natchezlady@hotmail.com
Where are you from: Louisiana
How did you find me: pspug
Hobbies: crafts
Other interests: learning to use this computer :)

Hi ......I just love all your beautiful guilts. Your site is wonderful. I like your cats.. I am a cat nut. Only have 10 ..LOL...You answered my question in the message forum about the grid problem I was having :) Thanks... Just wanted to come by and see y ur site and I am glad I did. I will be back often to see what is new. One day I will have my site ready for all to see..Just learning PSP & HTML... getting it tho with the help of kind folks like you...God bless

JeanaMarie - 10/29/99 00:56:32
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/jeanaandjim
My Email:JeanaMarie@gtemail.net
How did you find me: PSPUG Webring
Hobbies: Computer, graphics, and reading
Favorite Sites: PSPUG- wonder why?
ICQ#: You know it...hehe

Just had to come and see. I love your site. Talk to you later!

Sharon - 10/27/99 16:41:56
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/6173
My Email:samfmc@slic.com
Where are you from: St.Regis Falls NY
How did you find me: Christine's web site
Hobbies: writing poems, reading, computer work
Other interests: Growing in the Lord and helping people!
Favorite Sites: Too many . . .
ICQ#: None

Yvonne, like your site! Quilts are beautiful, and so are the triple graphics/backgrounds. Thanks for a lovely "tour"! You are welcome to visit my site, if you like original poetry! God's blessings, Sharon.

Julane Eaton - 09/26/99 03:22:18
My Email:bunystuff@aol.com
Where are you from: IL
How did you find me: browsing
Hobbies: Pattern Designing
Other interests: Quilted Garments

I design quilted garments and have released 8 patterns to date. They are doing well in the Chicago area. I quess I am going to have to go to market to get national distribitors attention. Love your designs. You are on my favorites.

Chrissy - 09/15/99 05:15:55
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/christian4
My Email:redeemed44@hotmail.com
Where are you from: N.Y.
How did you find me: your my mom
Hobbies: crafts, sewing, computer
Other interests: serving my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Great Job on your site mom. Been a while since I checked it out, looks really good. I love you.

Chrissy - 09/15/99 05:13:46
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/hi2/christian4
My Email:redeemed44@hotmail.com
Where are you from: N.Y.
How did you find me: your my mom
Hobbies: crafts, sewing, computer


Frances - 08/16/99 21:57:33
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/5876
My Email:praise@suite224.com
Where are you from: Ohio
How did you find me: Webring
Hobbies: crocheting,computing

Hi, You have a wonderful site here and beautiful quilts. Your cats a cute also. Stop by and visit me. God Bless you In His Love Frances



Michelle Hale - 07/22/99 17:56:19
My Email:quest5@gateway.net
Where are you from: Virginia
How did you find me: link from Leween's page
Hobbies: quilting/sewing clothes and crafts
Other interests: spending time with my family
Favorite Sites: too many to list
ICQ#: none

Your site is great! Keep up the good work

End Time Ministries - 07/14/99 04:33:39
My URL:http://www.etm.org
My Email:info@etm.org
Where are you from: New Jersey
How did you find me: Surfing
Hobbies: Fishing/ Playing Basketball
Other interests: Preaching The Gospel, winning souls into the Kingdom of God!

Just saying hello from the Garden State, New Jersey! Be Blessed!

Julia - 05/28/99 23:54:38
My Email:carfig@netzero.com
Where are you from: Chicago
How did you find me: Russ' page
Hobbies: reading, crafts


Carolyn - 05/28/99 16:23:44
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Petsburgh/Farm/9859/
Hobbies: crafts
Other interests: outdoors, antiques, sports

You have a VERY beutiful site!!

Rowena Jenkins - 05/26/99 04:34:18
My URL:http://www.members.home.net/rowenaj/
My Email:rowenaj@home.com
Where are you from: NFLD., living in Toronto
How did you find me: your email
Hobbies: playing with grandkids
Other interests: fishing with grandkids

Hi Yvonne: Your quilts are beautiful. I like the first one you made the best. I like crazy quilts but I haven't made one for 15 years now. I didn't see that wedding ring one there, my mom in law made one of those for all her grandchildren for wedding gifts. She even had seven of them made for grandchildren that would marry after she passed away. She had 52 grandkids. Take Care Rowena

Gini Cross - 05/22/99 09:40:57
My Email:ginists@aol.com
Where are you from: st. louis, missouri
Hobbies: quilting

Hello! Just wanted to tell you how nice your qilts and site are. Keep the good work up. Have a nice day

Rebekah Castleberry - 05/10/99 16:43:15
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Farm/4785
My Email:rcastle@firedept.net
Where are you from: Willow Creek, CA
How did you find me: your banner was on my page! :o)
Hobbies: being a mama, cooking/baking (when I have the time that is) reading and chatting people's ears off!!
Favorite Sites: they're on my page!
ICQ#: 26387063

Thank you for sharing your page with me! What a blessing! I hope if you have a few moments you can stop by my little home on the web and meet my family! May God richly bless you,your sister in our Lord and Saviour, Rebekah <><

Darel Flack - 04/21/99 05:57:22
My Email:oldcats@aone.com
Where are you from: Hammond , OR
How did you find me: thru the p4 group
Hobbies: quilting, quilting, quilting
Other interests: reading, my dogs&cats
Favorite Sites: too many to count

Great to find someone who feels about "Blessings" as I do!!

Madeleine - 03/27/99 14:31:10
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Wellesley/7088/
Where are you from: Ontario, Canada
How did you find me: Guestbook
Hobbies: Trying to learn PSP-5
Other interests: Computer, computer!!
Favorite Sites: There are so many beauties

Hello Yvonne, Was checking my GB, and saw your entry. Had to come, and visit a not so distant neighbor. Living just north-east of your area in Canada. However what really got to me, was your words about "Kasha", and my poor "Ling-Ling". Yes, Kasha is a beauty, and as sweet as can be. God was good to send her to us. We do love our three babies, they are all so different, and special. So you now have "kitties"? Poor Ditzy...and the heartless people who discard animals without a thought. Fluffy is a darling, and no, once you own a pet, THEY own the house! LOL...but do we care? I love your quilts, my mom use to do these by hand, but she too finally began to do some of the work by machine. So you are "auditing" PSP-5...what a fun course, and with the greatest people to teach us. I am learning, and having a ball! Will hate it when the course ends. Hope to see you in some future classes. Well before this becomes a book I'd better sign off. Thank you for visiting me, and taking the time to sign my guess book. Best wishes, and God bless.


Lucy - 03/03/99 18:57:27
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Paris/Parc/8910
Where are you from: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
How did you find me: found the address in my e-mail boxes
Hobbies: Internet, have new friend, listen to music
Other interests: working and taking care of children
Favorite Sites: hotmail

You have a really nice page. It's such a welcoming place that I will come back as soon as possible.

Alice - 02/26/99 12:36:43
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Hlls/3714
My Email:quiltbug2@webtv.net
Where are you from: KY
How did you find me: From a Very Nice Lady
Hobbies: quilting,quilting,quilting
Other interests: friends/internet
Favorite Sites: Mine and yours

Hey Yvonne, I found it. Good job, great page. What a nice friendly place. And what a nice lady you are. Thanks for all the hard work, I really enjoyed it. And I will be back. Alice/quiltbug2

Chrissy - 01/30/99 09:17:44
My Email:redeemed44@juno.com
Where are you from: Niagara falls N.Y.
How did you find me: your my mom
Hobbies: Sewing, Living for Jesus
Other interests: Crafts, Computer
Favorite Sites: dcloud

Mom, I checked out everything you did a great job especially your about me page and your valentines page. will come back.

Janet - 01/19/99 16:00:21
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/2482/withtheheart.html
Where are you from: Maine
How did you find me: guestbook sign-in
Hobbies: computer, webpage design and graphics, collectin'
Other interests: family, homeschool, movies and comedies
Favorite Sites: http://www.annieshomepage.com
ICQ#: I have one.

Hi, Nice site. I visited the other day but forgot to sign the guestbook. I appreciate your visit and sign-in. :) Happy Valentines Day ~ a lil' early. God bless, Janet & family

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