Lessons from Nehemiah   
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Lessons from Nehemiah

     Nehemiah was getting the Jews to rebuild the wall and gates of Jerusalem. Their own homes were  being rebuilt  as the Jews had just returned from exile in Babylonia,but the walls and gates of Jerusalem were in ruins. God challenged Nehemiah over this and he in turn  challenged the Jews, but met with opposition.   
   Nehemiah's handling of the situation over the selfishness and greed of some of the Jewish leaders and officials in Nehemiah 5:1-13 is an excellent example for christians today. 
Although he was angry (and justifiably so) he took time to reflect on the problem, and them boldly challenged the ones 
doing wrong. He was able to do this because his conscience 
was clear and he honoured God...Neh 5:14-15. 
     Today this still applies. If we have unconfessed sin in our 
lives we have no right to correct others.....Matt 7:3-5.   
We need to follow his example and speak out about issues  
that are not pleasing to God. 
  In Neh 5:14-18 Nehemiah sets an excellent example of how christians should be living, even today. He didn't bother about material gains but got on with the work God had given him to  do. His door was open to anyone looking for a meal. How many of us are like this today? 
     Nehemiah, in chapter 6:3 wasn't going to let anything 
interrupt the Lord's work....do we? 
When he received an unsealed letter  in which everything stated was untrue, he boldly challenged the sender, via the messenger, stating that "...you have made it all up.."Neh 6:8
A group of men tried to frighten and intimidate the Jews into stopping work - and what did Nehemiah do - HE PRAYED - God Make Me Strong!
Today when Satan is trying to stop us from doing the Lord's work we need to pray and ask for the protection of the Lord and for the strength we need to continue with the work. 
In him I can do all things through Christ who strengthens
me.....Phil 4:13.

When Nehemiah was told of a threat on his life and told to run and hide, he resolutely stood his ground......Neh 6:10 
Are we prepared to put on the armour of God and stand in the 
name of Jesus? 
Nehemiah recognized the hand of his enemy, even though they had used intermediaries. 
Today we must be able to discern who the message comes from - God or Satan.  We must learn to know the call of our Father, and test it against His word, so we are not deceived and His will continues to be done.  Nothing God asks us to do is ever contrary to what is in the bible....it is a good test if we are unsure of the messenger.

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