Why Do Bad Things Happen?  

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Why Do Bad Things Happen? 
Why Didn't God make everything perfect just like Him?
Why Does God  allow wrong in the world?
Why Do Bad things Happen?
 When God created the world He did make it perfect, and He made mankind in His own image - we look like Him. 
   When the devil came up to Eve and encouraged her to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, he infected her with thoughts (seeds) of doubt. The devil has infected the whole world through this - God created people to be good but however we try, sometimes we wind up doing bad things. 

So why doesn't God make us behave "right", or keep us from hurting ourselves or others, or take us out of circumstances that hurt us? 

God made each of us unique. Look at a flower garden. Visualize the different colours of the flowers, the shapes and sizes of the plants. Breathe in the different perfumes. Look at even one kind of flower, say the rose (I love roses). Each rose has its own characteristics - its colour, shape, perfume, time it blooms, etc. - all of these things make it different to the next rose, but make it unique and special to the gardener who tends it.


Each one of us is a "rose". We are all individual - unique. We have our own characteristics. We don't just look different but on the inside are different too! Our thoughts and feelings, our personalities are different. 
Why didn't God make us the same? Look at the garden. See the variety of colour and plant - I'm sure that is how God views us. 
He likes the differences, it makes each one of us special to Him. 

So if we are so special to Him how come bad things happen? 

Why doesn't God keep us from getting hurt? 

If God did this He would NOT be letting us be us - letting us "do our own thing". 
He could stop us from getting into potentially harmful situations but then He would be controlling us. When God made us He gave us a free will. He didn't want puppets!!! 
If God controlled out lives like that, then we would be little better than puppets. He made us so we could choose who we are and what we do. God loves our uniqueness but part of this is our choosing the kind of people we want to be. In letting us do this He has to ALLOW us to make wrong choices if we want to. If He didn't allow us this option then we really aren't free to choose are we? 

God is there with us in all things that we go through, whether we choose wisely or not. I'm glad my Father in Heaven chose to make me like this - that I can choose how to live, even choose to follow Him or not. 
Don't blame God for mankind's poor choices. He loved you enough to make you unique and give YOU the ability to choose how you live your life. 

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