Welcome to Kiwi's Korner.
this month in Novermber, we have been looking at filters. 
This background was created with just the filters that come with psp 5.......so if I can do it, so can you!!!! 

Lesson One
In lesson one we learned how to make chrome text .....just as the sign says.....why waste a good lesson!! It was surprising what a little hot wax and adjusting does. from this basic image we could colourise this and get lots of other colours too.
Below are two more examples of text that has been put through a filter.
This one has been through blade pro
with a white drop shadow
SHF Graphics
This last one started out pale blue, and I applied the cutout filter.
Filters are Fun
This still looked as if it needed something so I applied sabers explosion one from filter factory gallery A and cutout again, then added a shadow.
Filters are Fun2

PSP Award1

The above brass plaque was lesson 2. 
The swords below were made with hot wax, drop shadows, and cutouts. The picture was then buttonised.

This one was chiselled and then buttonised with a trasparent edge.

Lesson1 Lesson 3

PSP Award2