Children Against Evil Step-Parents


Hi I'm Julia Lassen (aka help_for_you).
I am the founder of CAES, which is an organization for children and teenagers who have "evil step-parents". These "evil step-parents" are the spouses of the childrens' original parents which try to:

beat the children
take away the childrens' rights
be parents to the children in unfair ways
get rid of the children for their various reasons
torment the children because they aren't really their kids
make the children feel unwelcome in their own homes
make the children feel worthless
do anything which may cause the children to break the law (whether the children get caught or not)
hurt the children emotionally or physically
keep the children locked up in their rooms
make the children do unreasonable tasks
take away the childrens' freedom
anything else that the child may feel alienates them from their original family or freedoms

Children need to be protected from these kinds of step-parents. Unfortunately, the children usually cannot do anything about the treatment they receive--and neither can their original parents, the ones who married these people in the first place (usually unknowing of how these people really are--What parent would marry someone who treated their kids like that?)

Signs to look for if you suspect you step-parent is "evil"
People Who Are Helping CAES

If you would like to help protect children and teenagers from "evil step-parents", email me or sign the guestbook.


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