• To find the ancestors of Caleb CARTER
  • To connect with the lines of John CARTER b.1723, Levi CARTER b.1736 and Joseph CARTER from NJ
  • To make corrections where necessary
*Mentioned in Caleb's will, entered 17 Nov 1828, Court of Common Pleas, Champaign Co., OH Will
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Much of the information on this page was obtained from the late Kathryn Carter of Tecumseh, OK. Kathryn's tireless dedication to research on the CARTER genealogy is greatly appreciated. She was a wonderful woman and we will all miss her.

 I am adding census references and images as I get them, to help you recognize your ancestors. Thanks to Joe Carter (of the John Carter b.1723, NJ line) for sending me the pdf images of census reports. I am linking them to the appropriate individuals and for those I don't recognize, I am posting them on this page. If you recognize any of them or have anything to add, please contact me at
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1. Caleb CARTER b) abt 1750, _____ d) 1828, Champaign Co., OH. Open HOMESTEAD.JPG. m#1) _____ d) 1787-1812, TN? KY? OH? m#2) 7 Apr 1812, Champaign Co., OH, Mary (PATRICK) OWEN, widow of John OWEN.Mary She had 1 son still at home, Ebenezer OWEN. Open Carterland.JPG Caleb resided: 1795-1799, Blount Co., TN??; 1800-1804, Mason Co., KY; Dec 1804 to death, Champaign Co., OH. 1820 census Goshen, Champaign, OH census image (THIS IS NOT the Caleb Carter who married 1. Phoebe Williams & 2. Rachel Templeton) Open farmhome.JPG Open Cemroad.JPG 2. Sarah CARTER b) 1775, Knoxville, TN d) 9 Oct 1871, Caanan Twp., Madison, OH m) 24 Sep 1802, Mason Co., KY, John MOORE d) 1813 Moore genealogy link 3. Samuel MOORE b) 1799, Mason County, KY d) 1832, Brown Co., OH m) Catherine FLAUGHER 4. Henry MOORE 4. John MOORE 4. Sarah MOORE 4. James MOORE 3. James MOORE b) 1804, Mason Co., KY (life unknown, poss. moved to MO) 3. Harvey MOORE b) 1 Jan 1805, Springfield, OH d) 1867, Union, OH m) Magdelina EVANS d) 1867, Union, OH 4. Thomas MOORE 4. John MOORE 4. Mary MOORE 4. Margaret MOORE 4. Cyrus MOORE 4. Magdelina MOORE 4. Nancy MOORE 4. Martha MOORE 3. Sherman (Sherry) MOORE b) 1807, Mason Co., KY d) 1881, Cincinnati, OH m) Brown Co., OH, Sarah FLAUGHER 4. Sarah MOORE 4. Henry MOORE 4. Emily MOORE 4. Daniel MOORE 4. Amanda MOORE 4. Isaac MOORE 4. Diana MOORE 4. William MOORE 4. Rachel MOORE 4. Colista MOORE 3. Nancy MOORE b) 8 Sep 1809, Springfield, OH 18 Sep 1802, Caanan, madison, OH m) William Delano WILSON 4. Alexander WILSON 4. James Monroe WILSON 4. Eleanor WILSON 4. Lafayette WILSON 4. William M. WILSON 4. Sarah WILSON 4. Washington WILSON 4. Taylor WILSON 3. Isaac MOORE b) 1811, Mason Co., KY d)(lightning) 1867, Brown Co., OH m) Anna FLAUGHER 4. Elizabeth MOORE 4. Mary MOORE 4. Sylvanus MOORE 4. Rachel MOORE 4. John MOORE 4. Deborah MOORE 4. Sarah MOORE 4. Sherry MOORE 4. Ann MOORE 4. Edmund MOORE 4. Charles MOORE 4. Lonessa MOORE 3. John MOORE b) 23 May 1812, Springfield, OH d) 15 Jan 1881, Winimac, Pulaski, IN m) 16 Mar 1881, Richwood, Union, OH Martha Anne GEARHART 4. Sarah MOORE 4. Anne MOORE 4. Harvey Gearhart MOORE 4. Hylas Sabine MOORE 4. William Delano Wilson MOORE 4. Isaac Hisenes MOORE 4. Nancy Emeline MOORE 4. Thomas Cheney MOORE 4. Delphos Alexander MOORE 4. Ascha MOORE 4. James Monroe MOORE (Ref. descendants Jack MOORE and Greg MOORE) m2)6 Dec 1821, Springfield, Clark, OH, Alexander M. ELLIOTT d)1829, Leesburg Twp.Union, OH 3. James Monroe ELLIOTT b)27 Mar 1820, Springfield, OH 3. Gabriel ELLIOTT b) 1822, Springfield, OH 3. Sarah ELLIOTT b) 1824, Springfield, OH m) John BANNON m3) 3 Aug 1843, Marysville, Union, OH, Dr. David WELSH d) 1860, Caanan Twp Madison, OH (29 May 1849,appt. guardian of Sarah & John ELLIOTT, children of Gabriel ELLIOTT) 2. Levi CARTER b) abt 1777, VA? d) 1840-50, Coles Co., IL. War of 1812, Champaign Co., OH; To Union Co., OH by 1813-14 - Ref: Atlas & Hist. Union Co., OH Hist. Union Co.(deed 1819) m#1) 1800, Catherine GRAHAM, Mason Co., KY m#2) abt. 1806 Elizabeth EDGAR, probably Champaign Co.,OH. 1820 census Union, Union, OH census image Went to Coles Co., IL,1837 deed) 3. Caleb CARTER Jr. b) 1801, Mason Co., KY (son of Catherine) d) ? Unmarried 3. Lemuel CARTER b) 16 Aug 1809, Champaign Co., OH d) 1888, Butler Co., IA m) 14 Apr 1831, Union Co., OH, Jemina ORAHOOD b) 1811, VA Orahood genealogy link d) 1873, Butler Co. IA From Orahood descendant :1856 census for DesMoines, Butler,IA pg.70 m-2) 1876, Mrs. Polly OWENS 4. Phoebe CARTER b) 3 Jan 1832, Union Co., OH d) 25 Apr, 1903, Butler Co., IA m) 28 Jan 1852, OH, Corban WYGLE 5. Franklin Pierce WYGLE b) 16 Jan 1853 d)28 Nov 1934, Clarksville, IA, m) 15 Dec 1880, IA, Ruth E McCREY 6. Edward Grover Cleveland WYGLE b)19 Mar 1885 d)20 Mar 1961, Winter Park, FL m) 19 Nov 19??, Clarksville, IA, Hazel MARQUAND 7. Verne Herbert WYGLE b) 3 Nov 1919 d) 4 Oct 1995 m) 1 Jun 1946, Esther ELLERMAN 8. (living) 4. Isiah CARTER 4. Maria Jane CARTER 4. William CARTER 4. William CARTER 4. Alonzo CARTER 4. James CARTER (Ref: Cheryl Hilliard, Alburnett, IA) 3. William Lewis CARTER b) 1814, Champaign Co., OH d) 1870-78, Coles Co., IL. (To IL 1837, deed) m) 1839, Coles Co., IL, Matilda Ann NASH b) 1820 d) 1878 4. Ellen Jane CARTER b) 1839-40, IL m) Samuel TANNER 4. James Harvey CARTER b) 1842, Coles Co., IL, d) 1927, Jasper Co., MO. m) 1861, Shelby Co., IL, Rebecca Jane TODD. James H. CARTER Used crutches in his last years because of leg wound in Civil War Gave "nativity" as IRELAND, on Civil War Military Record 5. Alferata CARTER 5. Charles CARTER 5. Senora CARTER 5. Frank CARTER 5. Albert B. CARTER b) 1871, Lawrence Co., MO d) 1936 Pottawatomie Co., OK. m) 1898, Avilla, MO., Arta O. BLAIN.Albert B. CARTER 6. Harold A. CARTER b) 1904, Pottawatomie, OK Terr d) 18 Feb 1997, OK? m) 1933, Mary LINDUFF 7. living 5. Robert Henry CARTER 5. Walter Gilbert "Mike" CARTER 5. John CARTER 5. Lydia CARTER 5. Daisie CARTER b) Aug 1882, MO m) abt 1900, MO, William GULICK b)May 1882, MO 1900 census McDonald, Jasper, MO 1910 census Red Oak, Lawrence, MO 6. Neata M. GULICK b) abt 1901, MO 6. Ewen P. GULICK b) abt 1902, MO 6. Clifford GULICK b) abt 1908, MO 6. Violet GULICK 4. Lemuel Taylor CARTER b) 1849, Coles Co., IL d) 1939, Kern Co., CA. m#1) abt 1870-80, Nowata Co., OK Terr.? or MO m#2) 1897, Nowata Co., OK Terr., JoElla E. MERRELL (Have group sheets on children) 5. Herman Chester CARTER b) 1898, Nowata, Indian Terr d) 1978, Kern Co., CA. m#1) Marie GILDER 6. living 4. John A. CARTER b) 1852, IL m) 12 Mar, 1878, Coles Co., IL, Joanna REYNNELS (Group sheets on children) 4. Martha E. CARTER b) 1854, IL m) James NORVELL (Group sheets on children) 4. George CARTER b) 1858, Coles/Shelby Co., IL d)1932, Jasper Co., MO m) Belle MORRIS (no children) 4. Joseph CARTER b) 1861-65, IL d) 1946, Jasper Co., MO (unmarried) 3. Joseph CARTER 3. Levi CARTER b) abt. 1812, Champaign Co., OH; at home 1820-30, may have d. 1830-40?? 3. Malinda CARTER 3. Margaret CARTER b) abt. 1804, OH, d) aft. 1850 census m) 29 Jan 1829, Union Co., OH, Joseph ROSEBERRY b) abt. 1803, KY 4. John ROSEBERRY b) abt 1833, OH 4. Permilla ROSEBERRY b) abt. 1835, OH 4. Mary ROSEBERRY b) abt. 1836, OH 4. Joseph ROSEBERRY b) 1838, OH 4. Levi ROSEBERRY b) 1840, OH (One Levi ROSEBERRY in Co. E, 69th IN, Sept. 1861-63, veteran in 1882 4. Elenor ROSEBERRY b) abt 1844, OH 4. Jackson ROSEBERRY b) 1845, OH 2. Israel CARTER b) abt. 9 Feb 1779, "in VA" d) 9 Jan 1850, (Calculated from age at death) Liberty Twp., (Age 50y 10m) Union Co., OH [Common pleas journal 4: 294, estate, Apr 1872] Israel's Will m) 4 Jun 1801, Mason Co., KY, Agnes BENNETT b) prob.1784, VA d) aft. Jun 1870, bef. 26 Dec 1871 (probate of will) 1820 census for Union, Union, OH census image Agnes: 1850, 1860, 1870 census, Liberty, Union, OH. 1870 census Hist. Liberty Twp. 3. John CARTER b) 29 Apr 1804 m) abt. 1830, Frances GRIFFIN m2) Harriet SMITH m3) Rebecca SMITH FOSTER 4.Clinton CARTER b) 1831 4. Charlotte CARTER b) 1836 4. Oliver N. CARTER b) 1836 4. Harriet CARTER b) 1841 4. Elisa A. CARTER b) 1843 4. Melissa CARTER b) 1846 4. Lorenia CARTER b) 1851 1850, 1860 census for Liberty, Union, OH image ` 3. Lewis CARTER b) 1806, Champaign Co., OH d) 1875, Union Co., OH (unmarried shown w. mother in 1850, 1860 & 1870 census) 1870 census 3. Benjamin CARTER b) 25 Mar 1809, OH d) 4 apr 1863, Peoria Co., IL, m. 3 Nov 1831, Union Co., OH, Susan KIGAR b) abt 1813, VA 4. John W. CARTER b)abt 1832, OH, m) abt 1859, Eliza b) abt 1836, OH 1850 census Charleston, Coles, Illinois, 1870 census Chillicothe, Peoria, Illinois, 1880 census Chillicothe, Peoria, Illinois 5. Leon W. CARTER b) abt 1860, IL 5. Retta CARTER b) abt 1861, IL 5. Ida R. CARTER b) abt 1863, IL 5. Jennie CARTER b) abt 1865, IL 5. Benjamin CARTER b) abt 1870, IL 5. William CARTER b) abt 1875, IL 5. Frank CARTER b) abt 1878, IL 4. Olive CARTER b) abt 1835, OH d) 27 Mar 1893, OK 4. Martha J. CARTER b) 25 Dec 1896, OH 4. Hannah C. CARTER b) Jun 1838, OH d) aft 3 Jan 1920 4. Rachel CARTER b) 22 Sep 1840, Charleston, Coles, IL d) 30 Jul 1899, Nortonville Jefferson, KS 4. Joseph W. CARTER b) abt 1843, IL 4. Agnes Nancy CARTER b) Apr 1845 d) 25 Jul 1917, Chillicothe, Peoria, IL 4. Austin L. CARTER b) Sep 1847, IL 4. Corilla R. CARTER b) Mar 1852, Union Co., OH shown in 1850 census, Charleston, Coles, IL census & 1860 census, Chillicothe, Peoria, IL census 3. Levi CARTER b) 1812, Champaign Co., OH d) 1876, Peoria Co., IL Letters of Admin. m) 1831, Union Co., OH, Elizabeth Orahood. 1840 census Coles Co., IL, not found in 1850 census, 1860 census Medina, Peoria, IL, 1870 census Chillicothe, Peoria, IL. Orahood genealogy link 4. Milton J. CARTER b) abt 1833 4. Elbert Sell CARTER b) 1835, Union Co., OH d) 1909, St. Louis, MO (CIVIL WAR VET) Elbert Carter Descendants & Timeline m-1) 1856, Peoria Co., IL, Emeline Gillette b) abt 1838, prob.Sparland, Marshall, IL d) abt 1862, Sparland, Marshall, IL m-2) 1886, TN, Dora Flynn d) 1889, MO 5. Levi Corydon CARTER b) 1856, Peoria Co., IL d) 1934, San Pedro, CA. Levi 22y Adult Levi m) 1879, Ogden, UT, Lydia Alzina Gardner b) 1856, Ogden, Weber, UT d) 1914, Pocatello, B., ID 6. Eliza Roxanna CARTER b) 1876, UT d) 1963, ID 6. Levi Corydon CARTER b) 1880, UT d) 1941 6. Elbert Sell CARTER b) 1882 6. Elisa Roxann CARTER b) abt 1882, 6. Mary Amelia CARTER b) 1884, UT d) 1960, CO 6. James Harvey CARTER b) 1886, UT d) 1959 6. Jessie Emaline CARTER b) 1888, ID d) 1967 6. Blanche Lillian CARTER b)23 Jul 1900 d)28 Dec 2004 She was 102y and 7m WOW! Aunt Blanche 6. Charles William CARTER b) 1892, ID d) 1972, ID C.W.CARTER m-1) 1912, ID, Beatrice Maryann Edgley 7. Louise Alzina CARTER 7. Living m-2) 1942, ID, Gladys Lenore ROTHE (no children) 6. Nealton Rooker CARTER b) 1894, ID d) 1973 6. Howard CARTER b) Oct 1896, ID d)Dec 1896, ID 6. Jennie CARTER b) 1898, ID 6. Grace Marvel CARTER b) 1906, ID d) 1907 (Children with m#2) 5. Margaret Josephine CARTER b) 1887, TN d) 1974, CA 5. Olivia Cellia CARTER b) 1889, MO d) 1978, IL 4. John Rousseau CARTER b) abt 1838, OH d) 1906 m) 1858, Henry Co. IL, Sarah Elizabeth BAILEY 5. Amos CARTER 5. Charles CARTER 5. John CARTER (disappeared in early manhood, never heard from again) 5. Sara Palmetto CARTER b) 1873 d) 1949 m) FRANK 5. Lee CARTER 5. Francs CARTER 5. Wesley CARTER Info from 4. Wesley CARTER 4. CARTER infant b) abt 1844 4. Minerva Jane CARTER b) Nov 1843, m) 28 May 1868, Peoria Co., IL, Miles JORDAN b) May 1838, OH (1880 census for Havana, Mason, IL, 1900 census Averyville, Peoria, IL) 5. John Levi JORDAN abt 1869, IL 5. Miles JORDAN abt 1871, IL 5. James H. JORDAN abt 1873, IL 5. Edward T. JORDAN Sep 1881, IL 5. Florence E. JORDAN May 1885, IL 5. Elbert R. JORDAN Sep 1889, IL 4. Napoleon CARTER b) abt 1848, IL 4. Sylvester CARTER b) abt 1850, IL (James Sylvester?) 4. Charles Wilmington CARTER b) 6 Jan 1844, Coles Co., IL d) 31 Jul 1911, KS m) 24 Dec 1867, Peoria Co., IL, Susana HAMPTON b) 5 Apr 1849 Miegs Co., OH d) 1 Aug 1939, KS 5. Nathaniel Dewitt CARTER b) 24 Dec 1870, Iriquois Co., IL d) 21 Apr 1948 m) 3 Nov 1896, KS, Sarah CONWAY 6. Harvey CARTER b) 17 Nov 1897, KS d) 28 Dec 1898 6. Elmer CARTER b) 26 Jan 1900 KS d) 6 Jul 1921 6. Ellen Pearl CARTER b) 13 Mar 1902, KS 6. Virgil CARTER b) 15 Dec 1906, KS 6. Thelma CARTER b) 20 Jan 1914, KS 6. Wilma CARTER b) 20 Jan 1914, KS 5. Thomas Jefferson CARTER b) 22 Jun 1872, Iriquois Co., IL d) 19 Oct 1932 m) 12 Jul 1896, KS, Frances Armitta BURNS 6. Gracie May CARTER b) 30 Aug 1897 d) 20 Oct 1964 6. Theodore Harmon CARTER b) 13 Nov 1898, KS d) 18 Nov 1935 6. Lillian Irene CARTER b) 6 Dec 1900, KS 6. Thomas Jefferson CARTER b) 25 Jul 1913, KS 5. Lucy Jane CARTER b) 13 Dec 1874, Iriquois Co., IL d) 19 Feb 1898 m#1) 1897, KS m#?) BATEMAN 6. Charles N. (Mick) BATEMAN b)KS d) 20 Oct 1907, KS 5. Maude May CARTER b) 12 Aug 1877, Havana, Mason, IL d) 1959 m) 30 Oct 1895, KS, Henry IRELAND 6. IRELAND b) 1922 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 6. living IRELAND 5. Theodore CARTER b) 9 May 1881, Easton, Mason, IL d) 28 Feb 1945 San Diego, CA m#1) 14 Sep 1904, KS, Barbara Ellen CONAWAY 6. Sarah Pearl CARTER m#2) Laura ENZOR (her children were adopted by her 3rd husband LOVE) 6. living CARTER 6. living CARTER 6. Laura CARTER (stillborn) 5. Bertha Ann CARTER b) 20 Dec 1883, Iowa Point, Doniphan, KS d)18 Jan 1885 5. Sarah Myrtle CARTER b) 3 Oct 1886, Iowa Point, Doniphan, KS d) 21 Mar 1919 m) Oscar RUTHERFORD 6. Floyd RUTHERFORD b) 10 Nov 1905 6. Walter RUTHERFORD b) 1907 6. Opal RUTHERFORD b) Oct 1908 6. infant RUTHERFORD d) Mar 1919 (stillborn) 5. Minnie Etta CARTER b) 23 Dec 1889, Walthena, KS d)? m) 24 Nov 1907, Ward W. RATHBONE 6. living RATHBONE 6. living RATHBONE 6. Gordon RATHBONE d) 1914 6. living RATHBONE 6. living RATHBONE 6. living RATHBONE Info from 4. Mary CARTER b) abt 1854, IL 4. Sarah CARTER b) abt 1856, IL m) 1 Aug 1874, Fulton Co., IL, William MUSTARD b. Sep 1851, OH (1900 census for Farmington, Fulton, IL) 5. Elbert MUSTARD b) Apr 1884 5. Minnie MUSTARD b) Jun 1893 5. Ferman MUSTARD b) Feb 1896 5. MUSTARD (1900 census says Sarah had 4 child 4 living) 4. Lemon CARTER b) abt 1859, IL 3. Margaret CARTER b) abt. 1815, OH d) bef. 1871 m) PAIGE (" went West") 3. Sarah CARTER b) 1818, OH d) aft. 1880, Poweshiek Co., IA m) 30 Dec 1841, Union Co., OH, Leonard GRIFFIN (1860, living in Keokuk, IA) 4. Harland GRIFFIN 4. Susan J. GRIFFIN 4. Mary M. GRIFFIN 4. Diantha/Orantha GRIFFIN 4. Emma GRIFFIN 4. Frances GRIFFIN 4. Willard GRIFFIN 3. Zephaniah CARTER b) 1820, Union Co., OH d) aft 1882, Woodbury Co., IA (Went to Coles Co. with uncle, Levi CARTER) m) 1840, Coles Co., IL, Frances Anderson d/o John Anderson 1850 census for Liberty, Union, OH, 1880 census Silver Creek, Ida, IA 4. John A. CARTER b) 12 May 1842, IL m) 1863, Sauk Co., WI, Alvira COON 1880 census Silver Creek, Ida, IA 5. Minnie B. CARTER b. abt 1872, WI 4. Janette CARTER b) abt. 1843 4. Letitia CARTER b) abt. 1845 4. Minerva Jane CARTER b) 20 Feb 1847, Union Co., OH 4. Emily CARTER b) abt. 1852 ( Ancestors of Barbara Anderson Shackleton, of Mazomanie, WI-1998) 3. Charles B. CARTER b) 8 Nov 1822, OH (Living 1874, Union Co., OH) m) Rachel DILLON (where?) 1860 census Liberty, Union, OH image 4. Charles CARTER May 1849 d) Apr 1850 (Mortality Schedule) 4. Mary Annis/Anise CARTER b) 17 Jul 1851 OH d)24 Jul 1914 Buried in Raymond Cem. m)Sep, 1873, Union, OH, Edward BRUERD b) 30 Jul 1852, Louden, VA d) Dec 1922, Raymond, OH 1880 census Liberty, Union, OH 5. Charles Lewis BRUERD b)26 Apr 1874, d)6 Sep 1942 Buried Raymond Cem. m)Sarah Ann MULLIGAN b)1877 d)1942. Buried in Raymond Cem. 6.BRUERD (infant daughter), died 1911. Buried in Raymond Cemetery 5. William LeOtis (Oat) BRUERD b) 1876, Raymond, Liberty Twp., Union, OH d) 1943, OH m) Matilda THOMAS b) abt 1880 d) 1956, OH 6. BRUERD 5. Jennie Lena BRUERD b) 1878, OH d) 1929 m) Alfred O. Collinson b) 1878 Great Britain 6. Jeffrey Joseph COLLINSON 6. Florence Roderick COLLINSON b) 1899 5. Le Ethel BRUERD b) 1880, OH d) 1946, OH m) 1902, Union, OH Albert Glen CAHILL b) 1881, OH d) 1952, OH 6. Lelah Belle CAHILL b) 1903 6. Dorothy CAHILL b) 1907 6. Marcella CAHILL 5. Lu Trellie Adam BRUERD b) 1881, OH d) 1946, OH m) 1916, Justine WILLSON b) 1896 d) 1893 6. Margarite Faith BRUERD 5. Frank Linsey BRUERD b) 1884, OH d) 1958, OH m#1) Emma M. m#2) Flora SPICER 6. Christine BRUERD 5. Lemuel Edward BRUERD b) 1888 d) 1949, OH m) Alice MIDDLETON b) 1890 6. Edward BRUERD 6. Erma June BRUERD 6. Maxine Dee BRUERD 6. Charles (Chuck) BRUERD 6. Martha Maravine BRUERD 5. Margaret Rachel BRUERD b) 1894, OH d) 1976, OH m) 1913, OH, Ivor Ronald WOOLEY b) 1896, OH d) 1967, OH 6. WOOLEY 6. WOOLEY 6. WOOLEY 6. WOOLEY 4. Edna CARTER b)1855 4. William Crawford CARTER b) 1858 d) 18 Jun 1890 (bur. Raymond Cem., Union Co., OH 3. Israel CARTER b) 8 Apr 1825 d) 9 Mar 1878 m-1) 1847, Union Co., OH, Sarah Jane SMITH b) 10 Apr 1821 d)18 Dec 1871. 1860 census Liberty, Union, OH census image 1870 Census, Liberty, Union, OH census image 4. Harriet Evaline CARTER b) 31 Mar 1850 d)5 Apr 1905, Dover, Shawnee, KS m) 1869, Harvey Leander FLICKINGER b) 29 Sep1844, OH d) 13 Jun 1920, Dover, KS 5. Weldon FLICKINGER b) 6 Jul 1870 d)30 Oct 1930 m) Nettie BURSON d) 18 Jan 1963 6. Jason W. FLICKINGER b) 30 Jun 1899, Dover, KS d) 7 Mar 1980 Topeka, KS 5. Sarah Jane "Jennie" FLICKINGER b) 1871, OH d)3 Mar 1836, Topeka, KS 5. Jason FLICKINGER b) 25 Feb 1879, Hardin Co., OH d) 2 Apr 1919, Dover, KS m)2 Feb 1906, Dover, KS, May LYTTLE b) 12 Oct 1880 d) 24 Oct 1974 6. William Harvey FLICKINGER 6. Ida May FLICKINGER 6. Ethel Theresa FLICKINGER m) PETERSON 5. Bertha Beatrice FLICKINGER b)27 Jun 1881, near Dover, KS d) 6 Dec 1943, near Dover, KS m) 22 Feb 1905, Dover, KS, John Vernon ROGERS b) 16 Jan 1883, OH d) 30 Oct 1957, Topeka, KS 6. Ocea Evaline ROGERS b) 11 Jun 1906 6. Clyde Harvey ROGERS b) 11 Apr 1909 d) 1 Jan 1971 5. Gertrude May FLICKINGER b)29 Dec 1882, near Dover, KS d) 4 May 1975, Topeka, KS m) 7 Oct 1907, Paul M. LYTTLE b) May 1880 d) 16 Jan 1963 6. Lillian LYTTLE b) 6 Oct 1908 m) Ralph Edward REES b)26 Mar 1902 6. Irma Rae LYTTLE b) 6 Nov 1910 m) 12 Nov 1959, Michael SETNOR 6. Mack Robert LYTTLE b) 11 Feb 1914 d) 4 Aug 1915 6. Paul Merrill LYTTLE b) 21 Jan 1918 6. Leta LYTTLE b) 6 Dec 1919 m) HENRY 5. Nina B. FLICKINGER b) 14 May 1885, Dover, KS d) 3 Apr 1947, Ft. Collins, CO 4. Charles W. CARTER b) 1852 d) 24 Aug 1883 m) Mary HAINES d)30 Sep 1883 4. Josephine CARTER b) 1854 4. Child CARTER d) Apr 1855 (bur. Raymond Cem., Union Co., OH 4. Emily E. CARTER d) Apr 1855 (bur. Raymond Cem., Union Co., OH) 4. John James CARTER b) 9 Jun 1864 Raymond, Union, OH d) 25 Aug 1931,Topeka, KS m) 20 Mar 1890, Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie) VAN NOSTRAND b) 14 Oct 1866, Leon, Decatur, IA d) 14 Dec 1942, Topeka, KS 5. Ethel CARTER b)abt 1892 d) 14 Nov 1941, Ashtabula, OH m.1) Charles J. WEST d) 1918 m.2) abt 1920, Joseph William NETREFA b) 1885, Bohemia d)1965, Cleveland, OH 5. Raymond CARTER b)1894, Topeka, KS d)1898, Topeka, KS 5. Dorothea Grace CARTER b) 7 Jan 1900 d) Nov 1992 m) 1922, Lawrence Eugene BROOKS Sr. b) 5 Aug 1900 d) 1969, KS 6. Lawrence BROOKS Jr. - Living 6. Maxine BROOKS - Living 6. Jacqueline BROOKS - Living 5. Helen CARTER 5. Lucile CARTER b) 23 Jun 1903 m-2) 17 Apr 1783, Rosannah C. MARTIN COON 5. Ruth Elizabeth CARTER b) 11 Feb 1905, Topeka, KS d) 5 Apr 1991 Topeka, KS 4. Galen W. CARTER b) 30 Jan 1874 Information obtained from 3. Minerva CARTER b) 14 Apr 1826, Union Co., OH d) 8 Jul 1843, "after 7 mo. marr." (bur. Baughn Cem., Union Co., OH) m) 16 Nov 1842, Union Co., OH, Jeremiah DEE Jr. 3. Hulda CARTER b) 1830, Union Co., OH (In May 1856 Return of Union Co., OH, Deaf, Dumb etc., Hulda, daughter of Israel & Agnes CARTER, listed as age 28, Idiotic, there being 2 such children in family.) 3. Lemon R. CARTER b) 1834, Union Co., OH d) KS m) 16 Dec 1852, Union Co., OH, Angeline SEAMAN (1870 Johnson Co., KS, Olathe P.O., p. 607) 4. Alexander CARTER b) abt.1853 4. Philander W. CARTER d) 1 Apr 1855 (bur. Raymond Cem., Union, OH) 4. Mary Jane CARTER b) abt 1855 4. William CARTER b) 1858 2. Rebecca CARTER b) ca 1781, TN?? m) 1802, Mason Co., KY, Joseph COX (He purchased land mext to Caleb CARTER in Champaign Co., OH, 1807 and 1813, deeds) "Heirs of Joseph COX " listed on 1818 OH Tax List. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO IDENTIFY THIS FAM. IN OH. 2. Benjamin CARTER b) 25 Feb 1787, "near Knoxville" (White's Fort) then Greene Co., TN d) 1866, Union Co., OH m) 1812, Champaign Co., OH, Mary "Polly" Owen d/o John OWEN & Mary Patrick (Descendants, see Keener-Owen Suit to verify parents of Mary Polly OWEN) Keener-Owen Suit 1820 census Liberty, Union, OH census image 3. Worret Owen CARTER b) Nov 1816, Champaign Co., OH d) 1877, Allen Co., OH m) 1835, Union Co., OH, Mary CHAPMAN 4. Benjamin CARTER b) 1836, OH d) 1930, MN m) 18?7, OH, Martha DIXON 5. Joseph Hill CARTER b) 1862, OH, d) 1949, MN m) 1887, MN, Delia MALOTTE 6. Benjamin Joseph CARTER b) 1892, MN d) 1930, MN m) 1917, Abbie POSPISHEL (Stanley T. CARTER, Winchester, OH, 1982) 4. Harriet S. CARTER 4. Joseph N. CARTER 4. Elizabeth Jane CARTER 4. Sarah Ann CARTER 3. Johnnie CARTER b) 1817-18, Champaign Co., OH d) 1828, Union Co., OH Alleged 1st burial in Cheney Cemetery (Hist. Union Co., OH) 3. Ebenezer O. CARTER b) 1820, Union Co., OH d) 17 Aug 1850, drowned, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH m) 25 Nov 1845, Union Co., OH, Nancy DYSERT 4. John Calvin CARTER b) 1842, OH d) 1915, S.D. m) 1864, OH, Mary Ann STONE 5. Sylvia Jane CARTER b) ? d) ? m) McDOUGAL 6. Mary Catherine McDOUGAL b) ? d) ? m) Floto Alphonso MORRIS ( Ancestors of Rose Mary MORRIS ROSS, Maupin, OR) 4. Cyrus O. CARTER 4. Susannah CARTER 4. Benjamin CARTER 3. Joseph CARTER b) 1819-21, OH d) 1898, OH m) 1842, Mary SIFORT 4. Worret Francis CARTER b) 1848-51, OH d) 1926, AR m) Alice ROWE 5. Myrtle CARTER b) 1838, MO 6. ? Iona Lauer? - Living 3. Cyrus O. CARTER b) 1824, OH d) 1907, NE m) 1845 Elizabeth CHAPMAN 4. Alice CARTER 4. James CARTER 4. Thomas CARTER 4. Jane CARTER b) 1852, OH d) ? m) 1869, John McKesson YOUNG (Ancestor of Mary Alice TUSTISON, Ione, CA) 4. Benjamin CARTER b) 1854, OH d) aft 1880, OH m) 1873, Catherine NOGGLE 5. Ira A. CARTER b) 1875, OH d) 1961 m) Mirty MOORE (Ancestor of Robert CARTER, Marion, OH) 4. John CARTER 4. Jesse CARTER 4. Mary CARTER 4. Nora CARTER 4. Lulu CARTER 4. Rosa CARTER 3. Levi CARTER b) 1830, OH d) 1863 in Military Hospital, Louisville, KY CIVIL WAR m) 29 Sep 1851, Mary Jane JONES d) 1877 4. Benjamin CARTER d) 1939, Union Co., OH Father killed in Civil War Picture titled "Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Carter" from "History of Union Co., OH", by Curry (1915) p.841 Benjamin CARTER 4. Mary Jane CARTER 4.David Jones CARTER 4. Sarah CARTER 3. Dr. James Owen CARTER b) 1832, OH d) 1909, Chicago, IL m) 1 Jul 1852, Union Co., OH, Annice POOLER (To NE 1871) 4. Charles M. CARTER 4. Phebe D. CARTER 4. Mary H. CARTER 4. James Royal CARTER b) Mar 1870, NE d) Living 1930 (Ancestor of Mrs. Elva CARTER KRAUSE, Sutton, NE 1982) 3. Sarah Jane CARTER b) 1838, Union Co., OH m) Rev. Hamilton J.BIGLEY, Methodist Minister (Living Union Co., OH, 1860) 4. Osker R. BIGLEY 3. John B. CARTER b) 1837, Union Co., OH d) 1870-80 m) 23 Jan 1863, Union Co., OH, Rose ROBERTS (Widow in 1880.) 4. William H. CARTER b) 1865 4. James H. CARTER b) 1867 4. Miner S. CARTER b) 1869 4. Galen CARTER b) 1874 (From 1880 census, living with Rose CARTER; however, one record states Galen was son of Israel CARTER and Roseannah MARTIN??? 9 Aug. 1882, Rose C. CARTER, married Lewis Bruard. [John B. CARTER may have married 1st Charlotte MILLER 13 Jul 1856, J.O. CARTER a witness, Bk. A, p. 55] THIS IS ALL THE INFORMATION THAT IS FOUND ON THE LARGE DESCENDANCY CHART FROM KATHRYN CARTER.
The following is information from Kathryn's research Page 1 THIS IS OUR CALEB CARTER - Sketch DOCUMENTED FROM THE PRESENT (1998) BACK TO TAX LIST, MASON COUNTY, KENTUCKY by Glenn Dale and Kathryn S. Carter, 718 W. Washington, Tecumseh, OK 74873 "Our" Caleb was born ca 1740-50 ---- maybe in VA, maybe NJ ??? Ohio histories and family tradition is b. VA. In 1820 Champaign Co., OH, he was age 45+. 2 sons (Levi & Israel) & 2 daughters Sarah & Rebecca, married in KY. 1804 left KY and moved to Ohio (have land records). He died in 1828 in Champaign Co., OH (Will Bk. B, p. 181) First wife's name unknown (probable mother of the children). Second wife Mary PATRICK OWEN (widow), 1812, Ohio, (Marr. Bk. A: 219) CHILDREN: 1. LEVI CARTER - b. ca 1777 (tradition: in Virginia) m-1) 29 Apr 1800, Mason Co., KY to Catherine Graham m-2) CA 1805-06, in Ohio, Elizabeth (Betsy) EDGAR ANCESTOR OF GLENN DALE CARTER 2. ISRAEL CARTER - b. 1779, prob. VA m) 4 Jun 1801, Mason Co., KY, to Agnes BENNETT ANCESTOR of BILLIE HARRIS and BARBARA LEWIS 3. REBECCA CARTER - b. ca 1782?? TN.?? m) 7 Aug 1802, Mason Co., KY to Joseph COX 4. SARAH CARTER - b. ca 1785?? TN ?? m) 24 Sep 1802, Mason Co., KY to John MOORE ANCESTOR OF JACK A. MOORE of Reynoldsburg, OH 5. BENJAMIN CARTER - b. 25 Feb 1787, White's Fort "Near Knoxville," (Then part of Greene Co.) TN. m) 23 Jun 1812, Champaign Co., OH to Mary (Polly) OWEN ANCESTOR OF STANLEY T. CARTER of Winchester, OH
Page 2 THIS IS ANOTHER CALEB CARTER HE MAY BE THE "MISSING LINK" CALEB CARTER received 200 acres in Blount Co., TN, 22 Feb 1795 (we have copy of deed) This Caleb served on jury duty, was overseer of roads, had estray (cattle) recorded from Sep 1795, through Jan 1798, when another man was appointed road overseer in his place. He sold the 200 acres by power of attorney (Jacob Meek) on 26 Dec 1799 (Land Bk. G., p. 393, have copy) indicating that he had already moved from TN by this time. THIS DEED WAS NOT FILED UNTIL Jul 1922 (we think when the estate of the man who purchased it was being probated). The minute book does not show anything about where Caleb CARTER was living in 1822. *WHERE DID THIS CALEB CARTER GO 1798-99, WHEN HE LEFT BLOUNT CO., TN?? ******** To prove connection to our family: *WE NEED A DOCUMENT land, entry in some journal or minute book, etc.) SHOWING THAT THIS CALEB CARTER, MOVED TO MASON COUNTY, KY by 1800 ********* Two pieces of "circumstantial evidence:" 1) Our ancestor, Caleb CARTER, "tradition is that he received land in TN and KY and "let it go back to the government." 2) His youngest son, Benjamin, was born 25 Feb 1787, at White's Fort, which is "near Knoxville" THIS IS OUR TIE TO TENNESSEE.
Page 3-A THE GREENE CO., TN, CARTERS from CARTERS OF GREENE CO., TN, by John Denton Carter (have copy) and McCAMMON-CARTER and RELATED FAMILIES by Ruth Rowley (1989) (have copy) and Personal Research These CARTER brothers allegedly originated in NJ---- migrated 1770 to Monongalia Co., VA (Now W. VA) 1777 to Surry Co., NC 1780 to Washington Co., NC Tax List (Became Greene Co., TN 1783) Col. John CARTER (sons: John Jr., Jacob, Daniel, James. daughters:Rebecca Hardin Ross, Eleanor Cain and Dorthy Goodin) [note:Jacob was ancestor of above John Denton Carter, pension records say Jacob was b. in New Jersey] CALEB CARTER (Most researchers say he is son of below Levy Sr.---he is too old. If Levy Sr. was b. 1736, married at age 20, had a son 1757, then the son would have been age 15 in 1772, when Caleb CARTER received 200 acres in Monongalia Co., VA!!) LEVY CARTER SR. supposedly b. ca 1736 in WALES (Not documented, more likely NJ or ENGLAND) WIFE WAS Susanna (Children: Caleb, Levi Jr., John, Jesse, Joseph, Elijah, Susanna Templeton, Rachel Hartley and maybe Nathan) [Look at the marriage dates of these children, all in 1790's and after 1800---were they b. 1770's , or all just got married much LATER than was usual in those days???] ANCESTOR OF RUTH ROWLEY, above DAVID CARTER EPHRIAM CARTER **** We have notation of a land record dated 1765, HAMPSHIRE CO., VA (Now W.VA) for a CALEB CARTER No one can identify him. This is between NJ and Monongalia Co., VA!!! **** THESE CARTERS FROM NEW JERSEY WERE IN MONONGALIA CO., VA (Now W.VA) by land records of 1770 and Dunmore's War records, 1774-75 CALEB - 1772, 200 acres on Scott's Mill Run; 1774, in Dunmore's War JOHN CARTER SR. - in 1770, 327 acres JOHN CARTER JR. - in Dunmore's War 1774 (pension record) LEVY CARTER - in 1775, 400 acres - in Dunmore's War 1774
Page 3-B ABRAHAM CARTER (son of John Sr.) - in 1775, 400 acres (Have copy of Earl Core's book of Monongalia Co. land records which sets out all the above) JOSEPH CARTER - No land record: Dunmore's War 1774-75 In Surry Co., NC, probably in 1777: JACOB CARTER - in Am Rev. Surry Co., NC JOHN CARTER JR. -in Am. Rev., Surry Co., NC DAVID - in Am. Rev., Surry Co., NC (pension rec.: b.1759, NJ) EPHRIAM - (pension rec. Surry Co., NC: b. 1760, Morristown, NJ) [the last two stayed in NC] In Washington Co., NC (Greene Co., TN) 1780-81 (tax list) JOHN LEVY CALEB JOSEPH ABRAHAM (son of John Sr.) Greene Co., TN land grants on Lick Creek in 1787 JOHN JR. ABRAHAM CALEB JOSEPH DANIEL JOHN JACOB and in 1791 BENJAMIN [NOTE: the Joseph CARTER above is said to have been from Bedford Co., VA and no proven kin to these other CARTERS] John Sr., and Levy CARTER, both d. Greene Co., TN 1811 Levy had a son, Caleb who married 1798, Phoebe WILLIAMS; and in 1809, m. Rachel TEMPLETON. This family has been traced into Monroe Co., TN 1830, then to TX. Levy Jr., John and Caleb are settling up their parent's (Levy & Susanna) estate in Greene Co., in 1815-1819. (have some copies) THERE ARE TWO CALEB CARTERS in 1830 census, Monroe Co., TN. (Several different researchers claim them) Caleb, son of Levy Sr., had a son named Dr. John Wesley CARTER, who moved from Monroe Co., TN to MO, then to TX. (I have had correspondence with a descendant)
Page 3-C The Caleb CARTER Sr. of this family is the one we are interested in. Before John Denton Carter died, he conceded to me (Kathryn Carter) that the Caleb CARTER who received 500 acres on Lick Creek, in 1787 was PROBABLY an older man and the BROTHER of Levy Sr., instead of his son. But he didn't live to publish this in a second volume of his Carter History. NORTH CAROLINA LAND GRANTS: [These were grants given for Revolutionary War service in NC; Caleb has no actual military record from NC but performed some kind of act to help the government, for WHICH HE WAS PAID, I have vouchers.] CALEB CARTER (Bk. 7, p. 3) No. 539 - 500 acres 20 Sep 1787 - Greene Co., TN Surveyor's Plat is dated Oct. 22, 1785 Warrant of Survey is dated 7 Jun 1786 Abstract of Land Grant is dated 20 Sep 1787 [WE HAVE COPIES OF ALL OF THESE] ****** IT IS POSSIBLE THAT: the Caleb CARTER - 1765, Hampshire Co., VA 1772, land Monongalia Co., VA 1774, Dunmore's War, Monongalia Co., VA 1780, Washington Co., NC, tax list 1785-87, land grant on Lick Creek, Green Co., TN ARE ALL THE SAME MAN b. ca. 1740-50 "probably left after 1794 when this deed was recorded," but we don't KNOW THAT. maybe went to Blount Co., TN 1795-99 maybe moved to Mason Co., KY 1800 Maybe had sons LEVY, ISRAEL, BENJAMIN I CAN'T PROVE THIS!!! * IF ANYONE CAN FURNISH PROOF (land record, tax record, will or estate, ANY DOCUMENT that isn't "tradition" or "supposition") THAT: CALEB CARTER who received 500 acres in 1787 WAS INDEED THE SON OF LEVY SR., I will shut my mouth and plan to publish our known line back to 1800, Mason Co., KY and just forget TN. ******** Or, does anyone on the Internet know about a family of CARTERS in NEW JERSEY between 1720 and 1765-1770---John, Levy, Caleb, David, Ephriam???
Page 4 ONLY ONE OTHER POSSIBILITY (This one has haunted me for years!): JOSEPH CARTER of Greene Co., TN, d. ca 1810-11 at a ripe old age (no will) supposedly born in VA (one source said Bedford Co.) 17 Nov 1780, Greene Co., TN, witness in a county court case 1780 tax list, 1300 acres, 7 horses, 12 cattle ONE KNOWN SON: Joseph CARTER Jr. b. on the James River in VA (about 1750???) Married Phebe HARMAN METHODIST PREACHER d. about 1830, Green Co., TN HIS WIDOW MOVED TO MONROE CO., TN, died there age 103 7 children: Micajah, Jabish, Lewis, Sidney, Atlanta, Celetia, Cynthia. OTHER POSSIBLE SONS OF JOSEPH SR.: MICAJAH CARTER m) 1784, Greene Co., TN CALEB??? [Note: there was a Micajah CARTER in Greene Co., TN. Caleb CARTER was bondsman on his marriage 1784 --- also one in Blount Co., TN, in records there 1800 and after --- also in Monroe Co., TN records] The above information is in a loose file in Greene Co., TN library, found by Stanley T. Carter. In the Nov. 1991 issue of the Greene Co. Pioneer, Sue Carter Thompson, wrote that Joseph CARTER, POSSIBLY came down from New Jersey with John Sr. Levi and their families.*** Therefore, this JOSEPH CARTER is another Greene Co. family which has been all mixed up in previous research.*** That's it! CARTER RESEARCH DONE BY GLENN DALE & KATHRYN CARTER. PRESENTED HERE IN THE HOPE THAT SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS THE DOCUMENT THAT IS OUR MISSING LINK! Barb

Mary Caleb CARTER married, 12 Apr 1812, Champaign Co., OH by John Thomas, Min. of Gospel (Bk. A:219) to Mrs. Mary (Polly) PATRICK OWEN(S) b) 1774, MA d) 1850-60 Union Co., OH [She married #1) ca 1803, Harrison Co., VA, poss. 2nd wife, to John OWEN, (he died 1808) and had one son, Ebenezer OWEN b) 1804, VA . In 1850, she is living with nephew, Ransom PATRICK and her brother, Moses PATRICK, in Union Co., OH; not found in 1860; however,the 1866 probate papers of her step-son, Benjamin CARTER, an expense item is shown for "transporting Aunt Polly to Richwood" Note: her grandson,Dr. Thomas C. OWEN, son of above Ebenezer, lived 1860 in Richwood, still there 1865-75. II HUC 596. See OWEN/OWENS fam. section] Will
The State of Ohio, Champaign County In the name of God: Amen: I Caleb Carter of Champaign County, Goshen Township being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory; blessed be Almighty God for the same; do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following (That is to say). First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Mary Carter, three cows, sixteen Sheep, all my hogs four beds and bedding, all my Household and kitchen furniture. I leave my large bible to my son Levi Carter. And lastly my beloved wife, Mary Carter I hereby appoint and make executrix of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 17th of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twentyeight. Caleb Carter (his mark) Witnesses were: Joseph Mitchell Sr., Irene Mitchell, Eliphaz Bigelow

Israel's Will
Israel CARTER'S Will
I Israel Carter of the County of Union in the State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say: First, it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully paid, Second, I will that my dearly beloved wife Agnes Carter, have in lieu of her dower, the plantation on which we now reside, situated in Union County and State of Ohio, containing about one hundred acres, during her natural life, and all the livestock by me now owned. Also all the household furniture, only disposing of such live stock and furniture as may be necessary to pay my funeral expenses and just debts. Third, I will that my Son Lewis Carter, and Daughter Huldah Carter, have a support and maintenance off the farm during their natural lives each, also that they have a lien on said farm, so that it be a permanent home of residence their life time. Fourth, and lastly, I constitute my said wife Agnes Carter and my son Charles Carter to be the executors for this my last will and testament, revoking all other or former wills by me made and satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this Twenty eighth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine. Signed published and dated by his the above named Israel Carter as Israel x Carter and for his last will and testament mark in presence of us, who at his request have signed as witnesses to the same. Thomas A. Sheldon Clinton Williams ----?

Keener-Owen Suit
Chancery Book 26 pg. 35
Contributed by Nila B., OWEN Family Researcher
Pleas at Urbana before the Hon. Ralph S. Hart, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of the Count of Champaign and State of Ohio of the term of October 16th, 1854. Christian Keener et al vs. Aaron Owens et al, petition. Be it remembered that on the 31st day of August 1854, came the said petitioners by their attourneys and filed the following petition, to wit: "Christian Keener and David Keener, Plaintiffs, vs. Daniel Allen, Hannah Allen, Thomas Allen, Anna Allen, Thomas [B.] Cheney, David Carr and his wife Mary Carr, John Cheney, [Elizabeth] Randall, [Francis Cheney, listed under 9th heir Elizabeth Cheney, page 2], and William Cheney [all descendants of Elizabeth Owen Cheney]; John Owen, Andrew Wood and his wife Mary Wood, John Wood, Rebecca Wood, Aaron M.[/H.] Owen, Rebecca [really Sarah Jane] Legge wife of [James] Legge, Samuel Tarpenning, James Tarpenning, Mary Tarpenning, James Owen, Warret Owen, Francis Owen, Ebenezer Owen, Jane Lumbert wife of [Jesse] Lumbert, Levina Ann Legge [all descendants of James Owen]; Harvey Bowen [don't know who he belongs to], Mary Eliza Mendee and her husband [Samuel] Mendee [don't know who they belong to], John Mathis [s/o Elizabeth Owen Mathis?], Hannah Wren and her husband Isaac Wren, Sarah Willoughby and her husband [William] Willoughby [all descendants of Warret Owen]; Mary Hull and her husband [Thomas] Hull, [Elizabeth Sprague and John Baker mentioned under 8th heir Sally Baker, page 2], [Cynthia Rodebaugh and Rebecca Rodebaugh, mentioned under instructions to Union Co Sheriff, page 3], Matilda Jones and her husband Thomas Jones, [all descendants of Sarah Owen Baker], defendants. The said plaintiffs say that in February 1854, their brother Samuel Keener departed this life in Champaign County Ohio possessed of certain lands which he had contracted to sell to Edward R. Glenn and Isaac __. Glenn, and at the time of delivering possession thereof on the 1st of April 1854, he was also to make conveyance thereof by fee simple title, and he left a last will which after making some specific legacies gave all his remaining property to these plaintiffs. That for lack of power in said will for the executors or for the devisees[?] to execute conveyances in completion of said contract with the said Glenn & Glenn, these plaintiffs have procured releases from all the remaining heirs of their brother Samuel by which the legal and equitable title to all his lands became vested in these plaintiffs as far as it had descended to said heirs. That among the said lands were a quarter section, to wit, the SW quarter of Sec. 33 [etc.], 130 acres of which said Samuel Keener had purchased of Allen Meinturn by deed dated 9 April 1850, and of which the said Meinturn had been in possession since the year 1816, as his own property, claiming title thereto, and 29-1/2 acres had been purchased of Robert V. Brown by deed dated 14 Oct 1833, and also derived title from Nathan Reese, who had been in possession claiming title thereto since 1816, and it sure appears that the said quarter section of land had been entered in the land office at Cincinnati per the sale of Congress lands, prior to the year 1807 by John OWENS, then of Champaign County, who departed this life leaving a widow and ten children to whom said land descended, with only one payment made thereon, and three-fourths of the purchase money still due to the United States. That the widow of John OWENS obtained letters of administration on the estate of her husband, and by authority obtained from the Court of Common Pleas of Champaign County Ohio, sold the said lands and before executing the deeds to the purchasers was married to one Caleb CARTER who, as administrator of the estate, made a deed to Nathan Reese for 29-1/2 acres on the 14th day of February 1816, and to Anthony Wall for 30 acres on the 22nd day of November 1817, and to Allen Meinturn for 100 acres on the 14th day of February 1816, all of which was before the patent of the United States had been issued, which afterwards issued to the said John Owens on 7th Dec 1816 as if he were alive, and was thus a subtlety, until made operative by a later act of Congress, to pass the title to the heirs of John Owens, when their equitable interest therein had already been transferred to Allen Meinturn, Nathan Rees [sic], and Anthony Wall, and from them by sundry deeds of assignment to these plaintiffs, whereby they are entitled to have releases from the said heirs of John Owens of the title so vested in them as a trust. Whereof these plaintiffs state that the children of John Owen [sic] were as follows: [not in order of birth] [1.] James OWEN who died 20 years ago, and left eight [really eleven] children as follows: [John Owen, listed in first paragraph], Aaron M.[H.] Owen, Ebenezer Owen, Frank [Francis] Owen, Warrit Owen, [Jane] Lumbert wife of [Jesse] Lumbert, Mary Wood wife of [Andrew] Wood, [James Owen, listed in first paragraph], [Sarah Jane Legge, listed in first paragraph], Levina Ann Legg wife of _______ Legg, and Sarah [really Rebecca] Terpenning wife of [Ransom] Terpenning, [deceased, whose children Samuel, James and Mary survive her], all of whom are made defendants. [2.] A second son and heir was Warret OWEN, who died 30 years ago of full age, leaving four [five] children who were: Elizabeth [Julia A. E.] Reed wife of [Aaron] Reed, and William B. Owen, who have released to these plaintiffs by deed; and [Elizabeth Mathis wife of David B. Mathis, poss the parents of the John Mathis listed in the first paragraph], Hannah P. Wren wife of [Isaac] Wren, who live in Kentucky [later this document says Illinois], and Sarah Willoughby wife of [William] Willoughby, all of whom are made defendants. [3.] Another issue and heir was John OWEN, who died February 1853 leaving one child, Matilda Dye, who has released to these plaintiffs. [Son John Owen 1813-1889 not listed here?] [4.] A fourth son Ebenezer OWEN has also released to these plaintiffs; [5.] A fifth heir Jane WILLIAMS, wife of [Remembrance] Williams, has released to these plaintiffs; [6.] A sixth heir Hannah BATES, wife of Jesse S. Bates, has also released. [7.] A seventh heir Polly CARTER, wife of [Benjamin] Carter, has also released to them; [8.] An eighth heir, Sally BAKER, died sixteen years ago leaving six children who are as follows: Mary Hull wife of [Thomas] Hull, Matilda Jones wife of [Thomas] Jones, Elizabeth Sprague wife of [James C. Sprague], [Cynthia Rodebaugh wife of David Rodebaugh, Rebecca Rodebaugh wife of John D. Rodebaugh, who are mentioned under the instructions to Union County Sheriff, page 2], and John Baker who lived in Union County Ohio, and are made defendants. [9.] A ninth heir was Elizabeth CHANEY [CHENEY] who died 15 years ago, living five [seven] children who were: [a. Keturah Cheney wife of David Allen, who died in 1834; her descendants are all named in the first paragraph of this suit: Daniel, Hannah, Thomas and Anna Allen], [b.] Thomas Chaney, [e.] John Chaney, [f.] Frank [Francis] Chaney, [c.] Mary Carlton [Carr] wife of [David] Carlton [Carr], and [d.] Elizabeth Rodebaugh [Randall] wife of [Tabor Randall], [g. William Cheney, mentioned in first paragraph], who live in Union County Ohio. [An eight child, Jane Cheney, is listed in Beers. She died in 1855 at age 31, unmarried. I don't know why she isn't listed in this suit.] [10.] A tenth heir was Frank [Francis] OWEN, who died 22 years ago, leaving one child, [Mary] Lawler, who has released to these plaintiffs. The plaintiffs aver that they have good right to the above quarter section of land, and they pray judgement against all of said heirs here made defendants, and that they may be ordered to execute releases to these plaintiffs, and that the plaintiffs' title may be quitted. And there upon our writs of summons issued as follows, to wit: To the Sheriff of the County of Champaign: You are commanded to notify John Owen, Samuel Tarpenning, James Tarpenning, Mary Tarpenning, Francis Owen, Mary Eliza Mendee and her husband [Samuel] Mendee, that they and others have been sued by Christian Keener and David Keener in the Court of Common Pleas of Champaign County and that unless they answer by the 30th day of September A.D. 1854, the petition of the said Christian Keener and David Keener against them filed in the clerk's office of said Court, such petition will be taken as true, and judgement rendered accordingly. Served personally by copy on the within named Francis Owen and Samuel Mendee, Sept 4 1854, and on the 11th of September served on Mary Eliza Mendee by delivering to her in person a true copy of said writ. September 11, 1854 served the within writ on John Owen, by delivering to him a true copy of said writ. Not served on the within named James and Mary Tarpenning, who are not found in any county. [Samuel Tarpenning not mentioned by Sheriff.] To the Sheriff of the County of Clark: You are commanded to notify Sarah Willoughby and her husband [William] Willoughby that they and others have been sued, etc. Served Sarah Willoughby by copy of this writ left at her residence; served William Willoughby her husband by copy of this writ delivered in person Sept 5, 1854. To the Sheriff of the County of Union: You are commanded to notify Keturah Allen [d/o Daniel Allen?], Hannah Allen, Thomas Allen, Thomas Cheney, Mary Carr and her husband, Martha Cheney [w/o Thomas], Thomas Cheney, Sarah Cheney [w/o John], John Cheney, Tabor Randall, Mary Randall, Rebecca Cheney [w/o William], William Cheney, Jane Lumbert and her husband [Jesse] Lumbert, Levina Ann Legge, Cynthia Rodebaugh, David Rodebaugh, John Baker, Rebecca Rodebaugh, and John Rodebaugh that they and others have been sued, etc. Returned this writ 6 Sep 1854: Served this writ by leaving at the residence of Mary Carr and her husband, Martha Cheney [wife of Thomas], Thomas Cheney, Sarah Cheney [wife of John], John Cheney, Rebecca Rodebaugh, John Rodebaugh, Rebecca Cheney [w/o William], Tabor Randall, William Cheney...each a certified copy of this writ. Also Jane Lumbert and her husband, Levina Ann Legge, Keturah Allen, Hannah Allen, Thomas Allen, Thomas Cheney, Cynthia Rodebaugh, David Rodebaugh, John Baker and Mary Randall. To the Sheriff of the County of Logan: You are commanded to notify James Owen that he and others have been sued, etc. Served this writ by copy left at the residence of the said James Owen, 7 Sep 1854. To the Sheriff of the County of Darke: You are commanded to notify John and Rebecca Wood, that they and others have been sued, etc. Returned by the Sheriff of Darke County, 6 Sep 1854: Have used all diligence to make the service on the within named defendants but not found in my bailiwick. On the 17th day of October A.D. 1854, the publication of notice was filed to wit: Champaign Common Pleas; Christian Keener & David Keener, plaintiffs, vs. Daniel Allen, Hannah Allen, Thomas Allen, [Rebecca Rodebaugh and her husband John], [and John Baker] of Union County; Anna Allen of Illinois; Thomas Cheney, David Carr and Marry Carr his wife, John Cheney, [Francis Cheney, William Cheney], Mary [Elizabeth] Randall, [John Owen] of Champaign County; Rebecca [Sarah] Jane Legge wife of [James] Legge; Samuel Tarpenning, Mary Tarpenning and James Tarpenning, heirs of Rebecca Tarpenning deceased; James Owen of Logan County; Warrit Owen of Union County; Francis Owen and Ebenezer Owen of Champaign County; Jane Lumbert wife of [Jesse] Lumbert of Union County; Levina Ann Legg of Union County; Harvey Bowen of Illinois; Mary Eliza Mendee and [Samuel] her husband; John Mathis of Illinois; Hannah Wren and her husband Isaac Wren of Illinois; Sarah Willoughby and her husband [William] Willoughby of Clark County; Mary Hull and [Thomas] Hull her husband, of Illinois; Matilda Jones and her husband Thomas Jones of Champaign County; Elizabeth Sprague and her husband [James] Sprague; Cynthia Rodebaugh and her husband David Rodebaugh of Illinois [document previously says Union County], [Andrew Wood and his wife Mary Wood, John Wood, Rebecca Wood], [Aaron M./H. Owen], defendants. And at the October term of our said court, A.D. 1854 to wit Thursday the 26th. This day came the plaintiffs by their solicitors, nine appearing for the defendants, and after due cause thereupon came to be heard upon the bill together with the exhibits and testimonies, on consideration whereof the court do find the equity of the case is with the [plaintiffs], and that prior to the year 1807 John Owen then of Champaign County entered at the land office in Cincinnati for the sale of Congress lands, the following described tract of land, situated in Champaign County, to wit: the SW qrtr of Sec 33 [etc.], and that he departed this life with only one payment made thereon, and three-fourths of the purchase money still due to the United States; that the widow of John Owens obtained letters of administration on the estate of her husband, and by authority obtained from this court of Common Pleas of Champaign County, Ohio, sold the said lands for agreed and valuable consideration to Nathan Reese, Anthony Hall and Allen Meinturn, and before executing the deeds to the said purchase, was married to one Caleb Carter who, as administrator of the estate, made a deed to Nathan Reese for 29-1/2 acres on 14 Feb 1816, to Anthony Hall for 30 acres on 22 Nov 1817, and to Allen Meinturn for 100 acres on 14 Feb 1816, all of which was before the patent of the United States had been issued, which afterward issued to the said John Owen as if her were alive; that when by a subsequent act of Congress, his heirs became invested with the legal title of the aforesaid land, their equitable interest and the equitable title had already been transferred to Allen Meinturn, Nathan Reese and Anthony Hall, and from them by sundry deeds of assignment to these plaintiffs; and the court do further find that the plaintiffs have been in peaceable, open, uninterrupted and adverse[?] possession of this aforesaid tract of land, with claim of title thereto, for a period of over 37 years. It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed, that within 30 days the defendants execute to the plaintiffs a release for the aforesaid tract of land, and in default thereof that this decree operate as such release, and that the plaintiffs' title be quitted. And it is further ordered that the plaintiffs pay the costs of this suit within 30 days.

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