My Career- Art Education

I am in my 26th year of employment as a high school art teacher. In that time I've had the pleasure to work with countless young artists who have made my job both rewarding & satisfyingly challenging. Some have won local & state art contests under my tutelage...gone on to study art in college & eventually chose the field of art as a career. Below is a "highlighted" resume.
    (1971) - Graduated from Jeannette Sr. High School, Jeannette, Pa.
    (1975) - Graduated with a B.S. in Art Education from Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pa.
    (1976) - Worked as a laborer at the Elliot Co., Jeannette, Pa.
    (1977) - Art Teacher at Jeannette Sr. High School, Jeannette, Pa.
    (1978-present) - Art Teacher at McDonough High School, Charles County, Md.
    (1988) - Graduated with a Masters Degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
    (1989-present) - Department Chair at McDonough High School.
    (1990 to present) - Summer painting courses at "The Art League", Alexandria, Va.
    (1993) - Recognized by the Charles County Board of Ed. for Exemplary Service.
    (1997) - Recognized by the Maryland Art Education Association for Outstanding Service in the field of Art Education.

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