I have spent the past 10 years or so teaching myself how to create computer graphics on my PC for both home & job applications. Awhile back I even re-designed the logo for my son's N.A.B.F. baseball team's hats & jerseys. I have become adept in the use of Corel DRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Adobe ILLUSTRATOR, Adobe PHOTOSHOP & PAINTSHOP PRO in which all images on my web pages have been created from scratch or have been personally modified for my needs. Although I often interface several of these graphic software programs to create graphics for this website I use PAINT SHOP PRO alot because of it's suitability for creating standard website images. The "seamless backgrounds" on some of the pages were created with it as well as the headings for "Andrew's Page", "Holley's Page" & several others which are transparent .gifs.

Additionally, the buttons & some of the horizontal rules (the non-standard ones) seen on many of the pages were created with Corel DRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT & PAINT SHOP PRO.

Corel DRAW & Adobe ILLUSTRATOR are "vector" systems while Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Adobe PHOTOSHOP & PAINTSHOP PRO are "raster" systems.

In "DAVE'S PAGE" the Steeler Helmet, Pirate Hat, Flying Saucer, Artist Palette, Brushes, Crucifixes & Marquee have been created from scratch. The images of Commando Cody, the Guitars & Vegetables were all treated from photos. As a matter of fact the vegetables are a collage made from different vegetable seed packs. The Sky & Land are from a photograph that has been modified, re-arranged & put through filters beyond recognition. All non-photographic images on my subsequent web pages are original creations of mine or variations of images from the "DAVE'S PAGE" .JPEG.

The Graphics & .HTML in Mike's Page were created by my older son, Mike who used both the Adobe & Corel software to create his banner & tiled background. His buttons were created with Corel DRAW & PAINT SHOP PRO.

All web pages in the Zippi Family of Southern Maryland Web Site have been created in .HTML with some minor added touches of style sheet & javascript use in certain web pages. I am forcing myself to create this website with it to better understand the inner workings of website design. As I gain a greater understanding of .HTML tags I will upgrade our site accordingly. I would eventually like to pickup some side work creating graphics & designing websites.

The Flying Saucer image does not represent any particular interest of mine. I just thought it would be neat to put one in the collage anyway. It is based on Ray Harryhausen's flying saucer design from the 1956 movie "Earth vs. Flying Saucers". Tim Burton payed tribute to Harryhausen in "Mars Attacks" by basing his flying saucer's design on the 50's movie.

Finally, PAINT SHOP PRO version 5.01 includes a module called "Animation Shop" which is one of the easiest animation software programs that I've ever used. Below is an animated .gif that I couldn't resist creating. The file for this animation is huge & is about 268k in size taking approximately 3 minutes to download with a 56k modem. Please wait for it to completely download to view it at the proper speed.

Saucer Attack


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