Family Pages


(Picture was taken on our wedding day, September 21, 1991.)


We are the "Kidmans"


"Southwestern Lower Michigan"


(Flag of The State of Michigan)


"I would like you to meet my

Immediate Family"

(In the picture above)

From left to right, Christina (11), Ronda (21), Steve, Sr. (47) (my Self), Danny (22) (looking over my shoulder), Sandy (40) (my wife), Steve, Jr. (20), and Eric (16).

(xx)= The age, at the time when the picture was taken in 1991.

Christina, Ronda and Danny are my wife's children from her first marriage!

Steve, Jr. and Eric are my children from my first marriage!

The "Kidman" name is my Fathers side of the Family and the "Lewandowski" name is my Mothers side of the Family.

"One of the Ten Commandments is to honor thy Father and thy Mother, with this web page I am doing just that, honoring them and their families".



I would like to invite you to meet the rest of my "Family", all 464 of the "Kidman" Family.