I'm a over the road truck driver who has almost a million safe miles. I had been out on the road since '89 when I took my first driving job, who gave me a chance when I knew I could do it. (told you I could :)  I have done my share of miles, but I semi-'retired' two years ago now, and now I work at a transportation management company behind the scenes, in operations/dispatch. It's a full time job balancing a challenging career with home time and my son. I'm a Mom of an 11 year old boy.  I love the open roads and free-spirited feeling, but I live for being close to home and the light of my life, who's reminding me he's almost as tall as I am! :)  But for now, and as I learn with age, you can't stop time, and life goes by too fast at a blink of an eye.  So, it's time to enjoy life to the fullest ~ with all that it has to offer.My career has been both rewarding and a challenge, but I wouldn't go back and change a thing... and perhaps one day there will be another place in time to hit to the roads again...

but something that I've learned over the years.....  
There's NO place like home!
Life's Too Short For...

Life's too short for letting the little things from taking over your life. Life's too short to think that you will ever be able to fully complete everything that you
THINK you should be able to finish by the end of the day... there is always tomorrow. Enjoy what you do have in your life. Cherish those closest to you. Always remember how easy it is to take the most important person(s) in your life for granted. Make peace with imperfection.  Learn to live for the moment, be flexible, be happy with where you are, and with who you are. Seek first to understand. Look beyond behaviour & see the 'innocence' in people.  Choose your battles wisely. (You can win the battle, but loose the war <right dad??>). More isn't always better ~ It is harder where there's none.  Be happy with what you have, even if your neighbour has more.  Keep an open mind.  Relax. Set out to find things to enjoy in life... don't dwell over what's not going right...  Don't forget to keep life simple ~ it's best over the long haul

Remember:  The Best Things in Life.... Just Aren't Things!

Favorite Quote:

How Does One Become A Butterfly??

You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.

                                     Trina Paulis