Sunday, Feb 28 1999.

It happened to me. Sunday Feb 28 1999. My 6+  year old son, Andrew, went missing. I came home from doing the groceries and my son Andrew opened the van door, gave me 3 beautifull kisses and that was the last time I saw him for 4 hours. What happened you say, well it's a long story but an important one.

   Andrews older brother Jordy came in the house about an hour after I last saw Andrew and I asked him if Andrew was still outside, he replied yes. A half hour later I checked outside and there was no Andrew. Thinking he went to a friends house but forgot to let me know I checked them all. Andrew was no where! I was starting to panic...the tears were about to flow...I called 911...My son is missing! My worst nightmare was here.

The police arrived within minutes. My neighbours were all out looking for Andrew. I gave the police officers Andrews school photos for them to pass out. What was he wearing they asked...I couldn't remeber the exact color of his snowsuit, I said it was green with red and blue or red and black...Oh My God!!! I can't remember! His boots were the same...red and blue or red and black!!! What color what...color! I can't remember! They said not to worry...how tall is he, whats his hair color, his weight...etc, etc...How tall is he?? I didn't know. I said he came to about here on me...I felt like such a dimwhit cause I didn't even know my sons height. I didn't even know what he was wearing under his snowsuit because when I left the house earlier he was still in his pj's. I just wanted my son back safe and sound. God please bring him home...please!

The canine unit was here and they wanted a piece of my sons clothing, I gave them another of Andrews winter jackets. The police searched the house twice. A good friend and neighbour  Chris Fryer, who is a Burlington Volunteer Fire Fighter, called up his fellow volunteer fire fighters and they were here within minutes. Bus drivers, cab drivers, neighbours and the poloce officers were all looking for my son. God where is he? He's just a baby...please bring him home safely.

Suddenly, 2 hours into this mess, the telephone rings...I run to the phone...it's him...it's Andrew!!! I am so happy...the tears are streaming down full force now! Where are you I ask, he replys that he is at a friends house! Give me the parents I tell him. Some man comes on the phone. I tell this man that my son has been missing for 2 hours now and we have the police looking for him...where do you live so they can pick him up I ask him. He is not far. An undercover officer brings back my son to me...There are cheers in the street! I run to my son, take him out of the car and hug him so hard and tight like I will never let go.He is safe! I carry him over to the fire fighters and thank them...then it's in the house for this boy. My husband Rob thanks everyone who is outside. The nightmare is over. Andrew goes in the house not realizing what is really going on...he doesn't understand what the fuss is. He did call mommy to let her know where he was...so whats the fuss? When I have calmed down somewhat i go over to Andrew and try to explain to him what happened. Stop crying mommy he says, I am here. Yes andrew...you are here, and here is where you will stay.

* A note to all you parents out there...Please make sure your kids are street smart. Make sure they know their phone numbers, address etc, etc. Please tell them to always ask before going somewhere and should they forget to do that, tell them to call you right away as soon as they get somewhere. As a parent please make sure your childs friends call their parents when they come to your home. Most important, tell them you LOVE them..Always!

What happened to me was horrible, but we were lucky. Andrew is fine. I am lucky to have such wonderfull friends and neighbours. The Halton Regional Police did a wonderfull job! I am just thankfull this ended the way it did. Please after you read my story think about your children, do they know what to do? Please make sure they do. I would hate for this to happen to any of you!



National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

"Help find a missing child"
"Call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) if you've seen one of these children"

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