Here's our index page of poetry. Just some of the stuff we have written ourselves or found elsewhere. If you would like to see your poetry here or have found a poem you would like to see here please email me with it. Please sign all your poetry and tell us who has written any other poems you may have copied.
Unless stated, all unknown authors will be left blank.
Thanx and happy reading!

*Mom Poetry*
~A Mothers Job Description~
~The Meanest Mother In The World~
~This is for all the mothers who DIDN'T win Mother of the Year in 1999~
~Mommy Look!~
~I'm Free~

*Friendship Poetry*
~Friends Without Faces~
~My Guardian Angel~
~God's Boxes~

*Children's Poetry*
~Sweet Child~
~Child's Bill Of Rights~
~The Strong Willed Child~

*Love Poetry*
~Rudy's  Angel~


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