Kitty Haven in the Arkansas home of the Brewer Gang. We would like to welcome mew to our home pages. One thing to keep in mind is that we rule at Kitty Haven. The dog, bird and humans are here for our entertainment and care. They are furry well trained!

My name is Sammy and I am the editor for Kitty Have Web Pages. Our family has gone through some sad changes and some happy changes so it is time to redo these pages and give them a face lift. Hang with me while my paws are worked to the bone. Oh yeah, each of us is responsible for our pages.

Spike Rules

Sammy's Mews

Buster Brags

Comin soon - as soon as dem sisfurs let me haf da puter!

Tigger's Sunshine

Coming soon - I'm just a cute, little kitten

Caesar's Tail

Coming soon - I'll get round too. Hey, I haf lots to do!

Sasha's Musings

Memorial Pages Coming Soon

We are proud memfurs of the following kitty organizations.

My Meowmie has also been collecting cat jokes and stories for years. At her request, I will be adding those. It is not a high priority for me.


Meowmie's Jokes and Stories

Test Your Cat's Sanity

Assertiveness Training for Cat Owners

Feline Phrenology - How a Cat's Brain works and which part of the brain controls what.

Cat-Man - Think of Pac-Man

The Cat That Ate The Computer Mouse



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