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    Burn slowly the candle of Life    
Welcome,   On this page you'll find  not so many links  that are usefull  but,what the hey, hopefully just  entertaining,  and besides it's the first page of what I hope will be many more  :-)   
Sailor Moon _(for Rachel my daughter who lives     with God and in my heart)
Star Trek in sound&vision( for the Slayer)
the  best Moody Blues site I've found yet
A page for lovers (for Marsha & Dan  who know that love .......
        comes to everyone)
If you have RealPlayer or RealPlayerG2 , which I don't know
very people t hat don't. you can click   and go right  too
"Mercury Theatre" which is like ssoooooo cool.
If you haven't been there yet, you should give it a try,                             and if you have children, and they like  bed time stories
with no @%%&%^&^())_&_   then this is the place for you ,fun for
the whole family .   so if your ready and your not a afraid..turn down
the lights....turn up the speakers...and enjoy  hehehehe :-)
Drop me a line_   love to hear from you