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The Maifeld Family

from Rumford, Maine

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Hank and Liz with our three Children

Debi �Hank � Doug � Liz � Sue

Hi, Our name is HANK and LIZ MAIFELD. . . . .These are our three children. . . . . Douglas, also from Rumford, . . . . . Susan, from Culpeper, Virginia and . . . . . Deborah from Lewiston, Maine.
Liz now has her own individual web site where you can find out about her interests, our kids and the grandchildren. You can click on Liz's Home Page or under FAMILY WEB SITES on the INDEX CONTINUATION Page. Hank is now retired from the Post Office so he plans on a lot of sightseeing trips and jaunts to visit relatives. One of our favorite spots to go visit in Maine is Acadia National Park. I will also be doing a lot of fishing at various lakes and ponds in Maine. The Year 2000
was the town of Rumford's bicentennial. Check out the history of Rumford.

Iz and Hank in Cincinnati Aug. 12,2000

Iz �� Hank

HANK's interest are:

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Non Sports Cards

Collector Card Games

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E-mail Hank Maifeld .
Please come back soon and visit us.

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