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Family pages password

If you've already been to this page today, you may prefer to use the "Back" button on your browser to avoid re-typing the password.

If not, here's how friends and family can view:

* Photos of - and artwork by - the kids;

* Writings, tributes, and essays; and

* Journals and photos from family trips.

1.) Go up to the field containing the web address for this page. Right now, it should say:


2.) Even if the address is somewhat different, whatever it says, you simply need to add on to that address before proceeding. So, click your mouse at the end of the address, until your cursor is blinking at the end of the address. Then type in the following:

In all lower-case letters, with no spaces in between, type in the names of our first two kids, in the order of their birth. Then, hit [return] or [enter], and you're on your way!

We realize that even friends or family members may not know the kids' names, or may not know how to spell them, etc. If you're having trouble, please email us and let us know - see below. (Chances are, if we as much as know who you are, we'll give you the password - we're just trying to keep the weirdos out. Sorry if it's an inconvenience...)

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Page last updated 09 May 2002.

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