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Welcome to Dobermann's Forever - Kennel Jotunheim

The kennel is stationed in Denmark, and was founded in 1985 by my husband and I. We started out just like many other breeders often do, by owning 1 or 2 dogs and then to get "hooked" on this specific dog breed. In the beginning our main interest, besides just having a dog, was attending dog shows. This interest emerged and quickly developed into much more. We had achieved a higher interest in working and educating the dogs - we wanted to see what they would be able to accomplish besides the show career. Before we knew it, we had started out as breeders, and had trialed several of our dogs in SchH and IPO. The more we were training, having our dogs trialed, the more time we were spending at the training area and at trials - We still do. In between my husband has been certified as a training and trial handler, and I as a certified trainer in obedience and tracking.
Through the years we have been dealing with the Dobermann, we have gained experience and knowledge through our interest in, and love towards this dog breed. Traveled more or less all over Europe, talked with various breeders, and through that gathered a lot of information which have been of tremendous help in our breeding program.
When you go though the pages of this web site, and visit the different dogs pedigrees, you'll quickly see, that all our breedings are founded on "old" German working lines. The whole foundation of our breeding program is to breed good quality working dogs, with excellent mentality, health and longlivety. Dogs that are capable of being active as service- and/or sports dogs, and at the same time be able to live as a "family" dog within a normal family environment.
This web site is also meant as an information source on the Dobermann in general. You'll find sections within this web site about the Dobermann going back to the origin of this dog breed. History sections about specific breeders of the past. Events which some of our dogs have participated in and much more.
Should you get tired of reading about the Dobermann, looking at all the photos in the galleries, then take a break and visit our country "Denmark", or the small section about yet another interest we have "Nordic Mythology". You can also visit the gallery of our beloved daughter "Petra".

Most of all - enjoy your visit which hopefully will provide you with the information you may be seeking.