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Everyone has a cross to bear,
But God why hast Thou forsaken me?
I am begging that You send no more,
Please remove this cross...
I am asking Thee.

I see another cross faces me,
Every time I turn around.
I always bounce back and keep the faith, When will my peace be finally found.

We must keep our faith in God,
Crosses we bear can change our lives.
He expects us to stay close to Him,
He will test our faith all the time.

He sends little problems
to those who are weak.
He sends big problems
to those who are strong.
He is making sure that we
don't break down,
Never say He has done you wrong.

When He was carrying His crucifix,
When climbing the hills at Calvary,
He fell three times and died for us,
In reality God has never forsaken me.

"Jesus went to hell for us,
so He could be in heaven with us"

(C)1999 all rights reserved
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