The Beauty of the Rose

Think of the stem as the road of life ever bending,
turning and changing, as we walk along lifes road.

Think of the rose, as our hearts; delicate and fragile,
slowly healing, and slowly opening ,
as time heals our wounds.

Think of the broken petals as the broken dreams,
broken hearts, and wounded spirits,
that have filled our lives.

Think of the growth of the rose,
and the opening of the pedals
as time that passes, as we forget our pains,
as we grow, and as we experience new joys,
new dreams, new hope, new love, and new friendships.

Think of the fallen petals as growth
as we learn to let go of the burdens we need not carry
along the way, as we allow our hearts to open again,
our hearts will heal, we will learn to love again,
we will become stronger.

Time is a healer when we can see the beauty of the rose.
We learn to see the beauties of life
and thats when we will know,
we have healed and we have become as beautiful as the....

Author:  M. Fortney


"The Rose"

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