All Because You Smiled

 If at times you feel you want to cry,
 And life seems such a trial;

 Above the clouds there's a bright blue sky,
 So make your tears a smile.
 As you travel on life's way,
 With its many ups and downs;
 Remember its quite true to say,
 One smile is worth a dozen frowns.

 Among the world's expensive things,
 A smile is very cheap;
 And when you give a smile away,
 You get one back to keep.

 Happiness comes at times to all,
 But sadness comes unbidden;
 And sometimes a few tears must fall,
 Among the laughter hidden.

 So when friends have sadness on their face,
 And troubles around them piled;
 The world will seem a better place,
 And all because you....


 ~ Author Unknown ~


"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

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