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Believe In

Believe forever, and always believe,
  That you are a winner
and that's what you'll be!
  Always believe that your dreams
will come true,
  If you believe in just one person,
Just believe in YOU!.

  Believe that you can do it
just climb to the top,
  Keep right on believing,
and never once stop.
  Believe you are perfect just as you now are,
  With courage and faith you can go very far.

Others will plant seeds of doubt,
and try to make you fall,
  Keep right on believing that you will
someday have it all.
  Don't let their gossip cripple the faith
you own within,
  Know that you have the character
and integrity to win.

  Draw strength from deep within
and don't question yourself,
  Don't look for a wolf in sheep's clothing
when you need help.
  You can depend on yourself through
the darkest of nights,
  Through perseverance and courage.....
you'll win every fight.

by: Donna Wallace


"Daydream Believer"

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