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Best Friends

A Best Friend is someone who is always around, that helps you to keep
your feet on the ground.

And when your head is up in the clouds, they always seem to know what you're thinking about.

A Best Friend is someone that shares your secrets, and your same passion for guys and a long phone discussion.

A Best Friend is someone who always knows just what to say, especially when you're having a bad day.

Someone who listens when you're making no sense at all. Someone to catch you
when you fall. Someone who will stand up for you, knowing you'll do the same for them too.

A Best Friend is someone who you can trust. Someone who in every possible way, tries to chase all your fears away.

And though Best Friends may fight, they always make up when the time is right.

A Best Friend is someone who respects you in every way. Someone who you learn more about with each passing day.

The friendship between them Keeps getting stronger, though the distance between
them may get longer.

Best Friends share a special bond, it's an unwritten law that can never be broken,
by even one little flaw.

A Best Friend is forever, a relationship so true, just like the one shared,
between me and you.

Guys may come and go but I just wanted to let you know....
You are my Best Friend, and I'll be here for you until the very end.

Author:  Unknown

"Now And Forever"

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