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~Oh, Great Carpenter~

Oh great carpenter from Galilee
Carve out my life from that
old rugged tree

That it may be pleasing oh Lord to thee,
Carve me and shape me I pray,
To be a little more like Thee
each and every day

Let Your blood stains remain,
Let them always remind me of all Your suffering and pain.

Carve Your holy Word upon my heart,
So from Thee I will never ever part.

Help me realize that all the trials and temptations that come my way,
Are only the sandpaper that will smooth my rough edges away.

Help me also realize that You won't be done carving my life from
that old rugged tree,
Until at last You take me to heaven to live for all eternity


Thank you to Daniel for sending this beautiful and heart warming poem to me. God bless you!!!


"I Stand In Awe Of YOU"

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