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Heavenly Father

 Heavenly Father,
I praise you today.
You've shown me wisdom,
and guided my way.

 Heavenly Father,
I owe you so much.
 You've given to my life,
Your wondrous touch.

 Heavenly Father,
I cannot explain,
 You've taken from me,
my deepest of pain.

 Heavenly Father,
to me, you're always near.
 With You by my side,
I have no fear.

 Heavenly Father,
I give thanks to you.
 You're always there
to help me through.

 Heavenly Father,
I feel your presence from above.
 You've always shown me
your undying love.

 Heavenly Father,
I just want to say,
 thank you Lord,
for enlightening my day.


"Thank You"

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