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Loves Promise

Life is such a special gift
It holds so much in store.
Yet for everything that life may hold,
Love holds so much more.

Love won't guarantee to you
That problems won't come your way,
But it comforts you and strengthens you
So that everything's okay.

It cannot promise that throughout life
You won't have a bumpy ride,
It does however enable you
To take it all in stride.

Life may have its ups and downs
Its happiness and sorrow,
But Love's a simple promise
That there is a better tomorrow.

Love can lift you up above
The troubles of the world.
Love will place you on a cloud
And make you dance and twirl.

Love will take you by the hand
And lead you gently on.
Love remains and stays the same
When everything else is gone.

Love is an awakening to better, brighter things
It's dazzling beauty sparkles more
Than gold or diamond rings.

Love's special promise comes to us
Only if the love is true,
So has the special promise of Love
Found its way to you?

By: Andre' Barnes


"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"

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