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Poetry By
Bob Macchia

The Lady Who
Is An Inspiration To All

In my travels throughout the internet,
There is one person I will always remember.
There are many people and places I will forget,
Lori at the Garden of Inspiration
is the finest woman I've met.

She has many friends from her website,
And has formed a prayer team.
I have joined this team to pray for others,
And help them through life's bitter theme.

I must say that my problems are little,
Compared to hers and others I have met.
God bless Lori for all she is doing,
On this vast world of the internet.

Lori's problems are more serious than many,
But she is an inspiration to all including me.
With her very own cross to bear,
She helps many others endlessly.

She will always find someone to help,
No matter what their troubles may be.
And put her own troubles aside,
With Lori, the world's a better place you see.

God help me down the right road,
And lead me not into temptation,
Please lead me to my favorite spot,
At "Lori's Garden of Inspiration.

Dedicated to my dear friend Lori, who has inspired all who cross her path at her Garden of Inspiration.  This short poem is only a tidbit of thanks for what she has done for countless families through prayer and dedication to those less fortunate than most.  We must all count our own blessings.  Lori, you are one of mine, and you are always in my prayers.
Your friend,

Bob Macchia ©2000

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~ A Message From Lori~

Since I began composing Lori's Garden Of Inspiration, I have met some truly wonderful people.  Some have come to me with praise, some with prayer requests, and some needing someone to talk to. Others just need to be heard without criticism or judgment.   Each and every one has touched my heart in some way, and has blessed my life through their love, compassion, concern and faith.

One such person has stood beside me with words of encouragement and faith.  He has, on countless days, brought a smile to my face and joy into my heart.  His love for his wife and family are unconditional, and his love for his friends are nothing less.  I do not believe it was by chance that we met, as I believe all things are a part of Gods plan in our lives.  I thank God for bringing this dear friend into my life, for in his friendship I have grown closer to God and my own self worth.

Thank you, Bob for this beautiful dedication, you are my hero and have been the wind beneath my wings more often than you know. My wish for you is; a life full of love, peace and happiness.

Your Friend Always,

"Wind Beneath My Wings"
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