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I hear the strings of a Cello to the "Swan" and the music draws the terrible ache out of my heart alas.
The ache turns to "JOY" when I hear the sunrise, and I know that Heavens doors swing open, and paradise bust forth it's beauty and embraces her with loving arms
Your Loving

Morning Will Come

Brokenhearted, how can I bear the pain?
So many plans, permanently interrupted.
So many dreams, shattered.
Hopes dashed.
Why this?
Why us?  Why me?
Life will never be the same again.
Is it even worth living?
Where are you, God?

"I'm right here beside you, my child.
Even though you may not feel my presence, I'm holding you close under the shadow of my wings.  I will walk with you through this dark night."

"Do not shrink from weeping. I gave you tears for emotional release.  Don't try to hide your grief.  Let it become for you a source of healing, a process of restoration, for I have planned it so.  Those who morn shall be blessed.  I'll be holding onto you, even when you feel you can't hold onto me."

"Seek my face, child of mine.
Receive my promise, impossible as it may seem now, that joy will come in the morning.  It may take much time, but I will heal your broken heart.  I know the night seems endless, but Morning WILL come....."
"I have promised"


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"Mothers With Angels~To Touch Your Heart & Soul"
A loving and caring site for those who have lost a child.

"One Sweet Day"

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