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Know In Your Heart That I Am Always With You

When true friendship binds two individuals together, that bond can never be broken.
For in times of confusion,
I will be there to listen to you.

In times of sadness,
I will be there to console you.
In times of anger,
I will be there to talk with you.

Even when miles separate us, my friend, when you are sad, when you are angry, search your heart and I will be there.

I am and always will be...

Now maybe you can do this special favor for "Me"......

For the times when we're apart, I want you to keep me in your heart and in your mind.

Just quietly close your eyes once in a while and imagine me there, smiling and thinking such thankful thoughts of you.

I spend so many quiet moments of my own thinking of how wonderful it is that you're always with me, warm and cherished....
here in my heart 

~Composed For Tammy & Dedicated To Robyn~
I have met a very nice lady over the Internet who has becn to me the very dearest and best friend I've ever had.  She worries about me when no one else ever even thinks about me.  We have never met each other, but she's truly the best friend I have ever known. Her name is Robyn. She's such a very dear friend and I just want to let her know.
Signed: Tammy

"You've Got A Friend"

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