The Perfect

 If you should find
the perfect church
without fault or smear,
Please, don't join that church,
you'd spoil the atmosphere.

If you should find the perfect church
where all anxieties cease,
Then pass it by lest joining it
you mar the masterpiece.

If you should find the perfect church,
then don't you ever dare
To tread upon such holy ground
you'd be a misfit there.

But since no perfect church exists...
made of imperfect men,
Then let's cease looking for that church,
and love the one we're in.

Of course it's not a perfect church,
that's simple to discern,
But you and I and all of us
could cause the tide to turn.

So let's keep working in our church
until the resurrection,
And then we each will join God's church
without an imperfection.

~Author Unknown~

Thanks to Bob & Jackie for sending this poem to me.
   It certainly was an eye opener.
You are both wonderful!

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

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