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Submitted by: Leah (02/09/2004)
I have a pair that I bought and I named them Pebbles (female) and Bam Bam (male). I wanted a name that went hand in hand. And I used to watch the cartoon all the time. The name fits them perfectly.

Submitted by: ? We had to get our hog "Rubberband" put to sleep right before Christmas this year.(He had bone cancer in the jaw and it was eating it away.) My son cried because he loved and named "Rubberband." He is an avid Disney network fan and watches Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable all the time. He wanted to get a naked mole rat like Ron Stoppable. I refused to entertain his notion. We got an albino hedgehog instead --so of coarse -we had to name it after the one and only naked mole rat himself---RUFUS!!!!!

Submitted by: Karla
My first hedgie was named "Big Hungry Joe"...If you are rabid Simpsons fan, it may ring a bell. It's from the episode where Side Show Bob and his brother Cecil are building the dam, and Big Hungry Joe was one of the hick construction workers.
My new hedgie was a rescue hog with a bad attitude, so she was already named Ivy when we got her. To go along with her disposition we added onto the name. She is now registered with the International Hedgehog Registry as "Ivy the Terrible." ps...her attitude has greatly improved since we got her.

Submitted by: Cathy in Florida(03/24/04)
I am waiting for a hedgehog baby and here are the names I am thinking about: If it is a female "Hattie" like Hilo Hatties the Hawaiian store in Hawaii (my husband is Hawaiin). "IPO" pronounced "EE-POH" in Hawaiian language means sweetheart and that is a cute name too.
For a male, I want to name him "Clippers" because when I think of "Hedge" I think of "Hedge Clippers" HAHA I just like names that end in "S" too so Clippers just sounds so cute!

Submitted by: Lydia & Bob Delta, BC (05/18/2004)
Just stumbled on your site, and thought I�d add our little guys to the collection. Our first ever hedgie is Ace � why? Well because my boyfriend thought he looked like an Ace. I�m not sure how, but apparently he did. Our second guy is Gus who I named because the name reminded me of the character from �Road to Avonlea�, �Gus Pike�� get it? Sort of a Gus Pike / Gus Spike thing� Wow � I�m a geek. Our third and fourth boys are brothers; named Bo and Luke� the Duke brothers. Why? Well once again my boyfriend Bob thought this was a cool guy name. I thought it was cute.

Submitted by: Isha (05/30/2004)
Hi! I'm from Chile and I just got my first hedgie and his name is Calvin. Like the little boy from "Calvin and Hobbes" . It seems the name fits well because as soon as I turn off the lights he will start making a mess in his cage and, of course, I'm the one who has to clean up in the morning :). He's really timid right now but I'm hoping that with time he won't be so much.

Submitted by: Sue (06/09/2004)
I'm getting two hedgies tomorrow...they were confiscated in GA since they are illegal there and have been kept at a birds of prey rehabilitation center until now. I'm not sure of the sexes, but in any event, (for now at least), their names are going to be Dobby and Winky, after the Harry Potter house elfs. Initally I was going for Spike and Fluffy, but my niece has a bunny named Fluffy and she forbid me from naming "something that's...NOT FLUFFY!!" after her rabbit.

Submitted by: Roxie(09/04/2004)
Hi! I just stumbled across your site and wanted to share the name of my beloved hedgie. His name is Quillson. I chose this name because well, he has quills (hehe) and because my deceased mother's maiden name was Wilson; thus, Quillson! :) He's my pride and joy. Thanks!

Submitted by: Jan (09/07/2004)
Our first hedgie was Molly. We had her several years. Secondly we had Rolo, who lived with us about 3 or 4 years and then succumbed to wobbly hedgehog syndrome. Our present hedgie is Spiney Norman, named for a giant hedgehog in a Monty Python skit. We love our hedgies!

Submitted by: Julie (07/15/2005)
My dear hedgehog passed away about four months ago but i would love to share his name with you! I named him Urchin because when he puffed up he looked like a sea urchin!!

Submitted by: Kimberly (07/27/2005)
I have an albino male that was abused before he came to my home so he was a bit uncontrollable. His name is Keegan Tavion. Keegan means, little fierce one, and I just love Tavion. He is now treated like gold and is a wonderful little boy. My girl is an algerian chocolate and her name is Alexie Keyontae. Alexie means pretty and Keyontae is an African Princess. They are both a year and a half and are doing great. Their Mommy loves them very, very much.

Submitted by: Renee (11/09/2005)
I got a baby hedgie as a rescue case. She is my first hedgie and I absolutly love her! She is albino, and I'm not sure how old she is, but I think she is only a few months old. When I got her, she was very timid, and it seemed to me she was underwieght. Apparently the people that had her before me had no idea aboiut the nutritional requirements for hedgies, but she's doing rather wonderful now and has grown quit a bit in the past month and a half! Any way, I named her Snufalufagus (after the sesame street character), Snuffles for short! We enjoy her very much, and love her!

Submitted by: jkirch (02/09/2006)
My first hedgie was Quillbert D. Hedgehog - his name needed to seem "official" since he was a class pet. Next came Quilliam Shake-speare - again, promoting a love of reading for 5th graders. The third in the "quill-o-gy" was Quillson - it just fit his personality. The kids even had checkbooks where they both earned and received checks from Mr. Quillson.
Last year I was given Velcro Valentino - obviously a Valentine's present. Shortly after, I inherited my first girl hedgie - and she was already named Hermione. Since she was already around four years old, I didn't want to change her name. Apparently she was originally thought to be a 'he' by the previous owner who named her Herman, and it changed when the vet told her otherwise. I just let the kids think it has to do with Harry Potter. =)
(Hufflepuff would be a good name though...)

Submitted by: Siobhan (02/10/2006)
I have just got a pygmy hedgehog and had tried to think of a different name for him, not the usual sonic and prickles, I have decided on Ouchie. I am sure you will guess why that name came up.

Submitted by: Bonnie Samson (03/01/2006)
I recently Adopted a hedgehog from a family who purchased her in June 2004. As soon as I looked into her cute face, Paddington came to mind! She reminded me of a Paddington, and she has a wonderful personality!

Submitted by: Christine (04/16/2006)
I named my Hedgie Wilbur. I got him as a hoglet. The little snort noises he made when he was a baby sounded like a pig. All I could think of was the little piglet from the book "Charlotte's Web", thus the name Wilbur.

Submitted by: XxQUiEtxStOrMxX (05/06/2006)
Well, I got a nice lil' girl hedgehog name toylet. She would walk around the house and for some reason brings all kinds of stuff and makes a play pen by the toilet bowl. Because of the toys she loves to play with and the fact she's always by the toilet I came up with TOYLET.

Pedro from Chile (05/29/2006)
I have a two year old hedgehog, called Shombay. Shombay means "the one who walks as a lion", and it's an African name.

Submitted by: aholt13 (07/15/2006)
I've got two hedgehogs (siblings) named Brillo and Brier.... obvious reasons.

Submitted by: ScorpioBratt11 (10/21/2006)
We just got a hedgehog about 2 days ago. we named him Kenny because when he curls up into a ball and only his little nose sticks out he looks like Kenny from "South Park."

Submitted by: Aleena (11/14/2006)
I lived in Hawaii when I was three, or so my parents told me. I don't remember anything important like the beach or hula lessons. The only thing I can remember is stepping on gumballs with my bare, young, uncalussed feet. Ouch! And that is just what I said when my hedgie puffed at me for the first time. So I named him Gumball. Friends think that I named him after chewing gum, until I tell them the story.

Submitted by: Dylan (1/9/2007)
My name is Dylan and I am 13 years old... I have named my hedgehog Redgie because I wanted an "R" name, it rhymed with hedgie and it sounded right. Although at first I was going to name him Lancealot because...of this bad pun, I-Like -Lance-A-Lot...LOL

Submitted by: Misty (7/4/2007)
Well, My last 2 little girls were Babes and Trixie. Babes started out as baby and it just kind of evolved. Trixie just seemed like the perfect sidekick name! I Have a baby hoglette coming later this week. If it was a little boy, I was going to name him Dozer. It is however a little girl, and Im not sure what to name her as of yet.

Submitted by: Sarah (7/23/2007)
Personally, I like the name Ringo for a hedgehog, for a few reasons. On one website, it was suggested that "Harrison" was a good name. As a huge Beatles fan, I immediately thought of George Harrison and then of Ringo Starr, who is my favorite Beatle. I also like the name Ringo because many hedgehogs have masks, or "rings" around their eyes. If I ever get a hedgehog, I will name it Ringo.

Submitted by: Angela (4/23/2008)
I named my male hedgie Popples from my favourite 80's cartoon! The cartoon characters do what hedgies do best and that's the ability to roll themselves into a ball!!! I recently got a female hedgie and was thinking of naming her Georgina. No special meaning behind the name but it was the first name that popped into my head when I laid eyes on her! My hubby likes to tease me but calling them "rats" but likes to call them "Bubbles" from the infamous charactor from Trailer Park Boys! __________________________________________________

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