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WHAT THIS PAGE IS is a place where you can cast your worries aside for a moment and have a good, CLEAN, stress-relieving laugh. Now BEWARE, your co-workers or family or whoever is around are going to keep staring at you and wondering what the heck you are laughing about! Still, I don't recommend laughter suppression at all. A full belly-laugh is wonderful for melting away the day's tension (unless your boss happens to be walking by...) and it is my bet that even after you are done with this page, a smile will still be tickling the corners of your mouth (everyone will wonder what you've been up to...!) 'Nuff said, so just jump in and have fun! - The Webmistress

Get your chuckles at one of the following categories:

The Poopie List - VOTER'S FAVORITE! - I love this!
Explanation of School's Homework Policy - Attention parents & students!
10 Rules for Dating My Daughter - Some simple rules to follow
had Application to Date My Daughter - Just fill out this simple form...
here a joke Cat Bathing as a Martial Art - PFFFFFTT!
ooooooooo History Lesson - This one made rootbeer squirt out my nose
Lessons Grown-ups Learn from Kids - This stuff is all true... ask any parent
i Womanspeak - My Favorite!
THE RULES - Know THE RULES... or you may be sorry!!!
ee Famous Last Words - Utterances to avoid
farm... World Ideologies and Cows - World ideologies simply explained
joke... Preparation for Parenthood - So you think you're ready to become a parent?
Why it's Great to be a Guy - Why being a guy is so much better...
ee Creative Ways to Say Someone is Stupid - ...Be more creative with your insults!
everywhere a joke... MORE Creative Ways to Say Someone is Stupid - Know anyone like this?
a Numbers of the Beast - Bet you didn't know about THESE numbers...
here a joke The Evolution of Mom - How parenthood changes with each baby...
Mac Bumper Sticker Blitz - O D on Bumper Stickers!
!!! Marriage Names - If S noop D oggy Dog married Winnie the Pooh...

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