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This first section is dedicated to all the missing children of the world. Please take the time to look at the pictures, it only takes a minute and it can make all the difference in the world. Lets help to bring these children back home where they belong.

Please Help!
Please Help Us!
Aware of the kids.
Aware Of The Missing Children Program

Help a Child
| World Vision Canada | World Vision USA |
Together...building a future for the worlds's children.

Help The Children
Help the Children

Please visit the "Help the Children" page at The AlgarveWindow. The AlgarveWindow sponsors this charity.
The idea of this initiative is to help the underpriviledged children by purchasing the things they need most.

Child Abuse Site
Lloyd's Home

Domestic Violence / Abuse / Fire safty / MADD / Victim of drunk driver.

A couple of years ago my wife and I decided to sponsor a child, Mboje Mishamo Shija. Mboje is a darling little girl living in a rural community in Ipililo, Tanzania. For more information on Mboje, please visit our page dedicated to her.
MbojeMboje, A Special Child
I've nothing else to offer,
so, to you, it's love I'll send,
it's nothing that I borrowed,
and it's nothing that I'd lend.

It has no dollar value,
and it can't be overused;
It isn't fragile, so it can't break,
though, often it's abused.

I've given it to others,
but each time it's unique,
its meaning's always different;
it depends on what you seek.

It's something you can store away
to feel when you're in need,
but never is it on display;
its beauty can't be seen.

I'm giving it "no strings attached,"
no costly warranty;
this love that I am sending
has a lifetime guarantee.

More than Children are lost, Please help locate a missing Pet

Missing Pet Network

Visit the National Lost Pet Site at the USDA

Contact us at bstanley@netinc.ca

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