City of Monterey, California (United States)

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Flag Description

The following is derived from information provided by the City of Monterey and the Colton Hall Museum with a heraldic blazon provided by the page author. You can view the Monterey homepage at .

The City of Monterey flag was officially adopted by the Monterey City Council on January 18, 1977, and was first displayed and flown on April 19, 1977. The designer was Mr. Paul Chadbourne Mills, Director of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, member of the American Vexillological Association and named honorary Herald of the City of Monterey.

The City of Monterey flag is derived from the armorial bearings from the shield of the Count of Monterrey for whom the city was named in 1602 and from the City Seal designed by Lieutenant Alfred Sully in 1850.

There are two versions of the City of Monterey flag. The ceremonial version is used by the Mayor and the City Council on formal occasions and displayed in their Chambers. The other is the daily use version to be used on most other occasions and flown from out-door flagpoles.

The daily use flag is quartered, first and fourth quarter argent, a bend sable. The second and third quarters vert, a bend sinister or. The ceremonial flag adds the gold chain of the Zuņigas family in the first and fourth quarters. The second and third quarters adds a gold anchor in the upper left and a sheaf of wheat in the lower right.