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Boomer and Lady Hello and Welcome!

I see Boomer and Lady Susitna brought you up the path to the cabin. They love greeting all our visitors. Sometimes we can hear them coming up the hill and can get the cabin ready for company before they arrive. If you would like to meet and learn more about them visit: Boomer's Page.


You can sit here on the porch, while I go get something to drink and a snack. What would you like to have? We have tea, coffee, or soda? I just made some cookies and we can have those too. The Heartland Edition is on the swing if you would like to read it. I'll be right back.

Susitna Cabin usually sits beside a lake with a pond and meadow behind the cabin, and mountains across the lake. But! this is a Cybercabin named for an Eklutna Indian story about a princess who turns into a mountain waiting for her lover to return. Therefore, the cabin has very imaginative powers and can be moved in the blink of an eye. Since Sharon is inspired by the writings of author and adventurer Richard Halliburton -- the cabin could show up anywhere! The descriptions of the scenery and weather conditions will be inspired by imagination and/or past memories. There will be no pictures or links so you may feel free to create your own adventure. The cabin will always return to the lake, where it belongs, before the next trip so you can will be able to find it and tag-a-long if you wish.

Scenes from the cabin. Picture this: A young girl sitting on a stool in front of her beloved grandfather. He is reading to her from one of his favorite books.

The grandfather had always wanted to travel but because of finances he was unable to go on any real adventures. So he traveled as many did in his time through books. He read all the Richard Halliburton books he could find, as well as the wonderful adventures of Frank Buck's Bring Em Back Alive, and the adventures of Ola and Martin Johnson in Africa.

His love of all this was given to his granddaughter and she learned to enjoy the wonders of the world. Now she is a gradmother herself and enjoys sharing these books with her grandchildren as well as others.

Watch this space in the coming months as the Susitna Cabin Crew travel to different places to see just what we can find out in our great world. It won't be as it is now but as it was when these books were written.

We had a great time in Tampa Florida during the Gasparilla Pirate Fest. Would you like to learn more about it?

A Little of This, A Little of That, Some History,
Some Family, and Lots of STUFF

dog animation

Boomer's Page. Meet the dogs and our family.

Also visit The Cabin Pets' Home Away From Home.

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Boomer J. Foxworthy has been writing again.
Boomer has finished his Locksmith Mystery Did you figure it out?

And there is the new Furkids Western It is a fictional account of the trip my family took to the gold fields in Colorado featuring animal friends of Boomer and Lady.

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Visit Lady Susitna's Doggy Cookbook full of special treats just for dogs.

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AND THEY ARE OFF!!!! The 2002 Iditarod Race has started in Anchorage, Alaska.

Iditarod The Iditarod Trail Race -- The Spirit of Alaska will run from Anchorage thru: Eagle River - mile 20, Wasilla - mile 49, Knik - mile 63, Yentna Station - mile 115, Skwentna - mile 149, Finger Lake - mile 194, Rainy Pass - mile 224, Rohn Roadhouse - mile 272, Nikolai - mile 365, McGrath - mile 413, Takotna - mile 436, Ophir - mile 474, Cripple - mile 534, Ruby - mile 646, Galena - mile 698, Nulato - mile 750, Kaltag - mile 803, Unalakleet - mile 892, Shaktoolik - mile 932, Koyuk - mile 990, Elim - mile 1,038, Golovin - mile mile 1,066, White Mountain - mile 1,084, Safety - mile 1,139, and end under the arch on Front Street in Nome. The race is 1,161 miles long.

The race was first run in 1973 and my children and I watched as the proud dogs moved down the race trail with their tails held high. They seemed to know that something special was starting that day. Twenty-two competitors finished the race that year. Today the race begins again with seventy-three listed starters of all ages and walks of life, each excited about the race to Nome, but none as excited as the dogs are to be doing what they were born to do - race with their team and driver.
In order to support the race people were given a chance to own a very small part of land by Mt Susitna in return for a donation. I don't know what happened to the certificate but I do remember the quilt piece size of land was ours and we had helped start something that has continued to this day. I am very proud to have been there and I am proud today of the work that is done during the race. Several health issues have been found during the races that have helped non-racing dogs as well as the teams. The dogs on the teams are looked after first before the mushers can care for themselves. Every concern that can be addressed is thought out in advance and if something comes up during the race it is taken care immediately. Those that race and work the sidelines are caring animal lovers.
GO TEAMS!!!! Race well and we will see you under the arch in Nome!!

NOTICE: NOME, Alaska (AP) -- Doug Swingley won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Wednesday, 14 March 2001, for the third straight year, completing a 1,100-mile trip through the Alaska wilderness. Who will win in 2002?

The last race results may be found at Iditarod Headquarters.
Those interested in reading the dog's eye view can do so by reading Zuma's Reports.

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We have adopted a Woodro Lizard!!!

We have created an environmentally friendly home for The Liz and he has moved to his new place on Key Liz.

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Our very best friend THE WOODRO has left us for Rainbow Bridge

A special page had been put up about HOMEPATHIC MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR ANIMALS.
Please visit and see what was done for The Woodro and what can be done for other pets!

Woodro's Memorial. His son Frankin has now joined him. Please visit our special page for our dear friends.

Also Visit The Woodro's family tribute to their best friends.

Humane Society of North Pinellas (FL.) Read about a wonderful animal rescue facility that rescues pets all over the world during disaster, and at home when necessary.


JJ J. J. and his dog Crystal
enjoyed Timmie The Traveler's visit to the Cabin, and the trip JJ and Timmie took out west.
Did you every wonder what teddie bears do on vacation? We have completed getting the pictures ready and will be posting the bear's Florida vacation, and their trip to Colorado and New Mexico VERY soon.


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We will have stories and pictures of Florida points of interest.

Coming soon: Cross Creek the home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author of The Yearling and Cross Creek

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Our first Jimmy Buffett Concert!
Parrots, funny pink birds, hats, cheeseburgers, and all. Find out what an ice rink and a tropical sunset have in common.

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Florida Authors

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Other Tropical Whatevers
The Sea
Gasparilla!! Tampa, Florida's yearly big event



Let's head north to Alaska and see what it was like living there from 1966 through 1979.

IDITAROD TRAIL RACE. We soon will have a page of our remembrance of this great race. Follow the race from Iditarod Headquarters. ~Enjoy~

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Got our grubstake and we have our outfit together. Just heard there was another gold strike and we are heading to California Gulch, in the Rockies of the 1800's Come and join us!
Did you know there really was an Unsinkable Molly Brown?
We join others in remembering those in Littleton, Colorado. Please stop for a moment of silence at Woodland Chapel.

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We are scanning the pictures and gathering the information together from our trip to Leadville, Colorado where we researched Sharon's greatgrandparents.
We have pictures of many parts of Colorado, as well as areas of our family interest.

Sharon received her greatgrandparent's Marriage Record from the Courthouse in Leadville. They were married by a Justice of the Peace on 4 April 1877, in Lake County, Colorado. The County Recorder was Joseph H. Wells, so Sharon's Greatgrandfather recorded his own marriage to Mollie Elizabeth Roach!

Hope you will stop back again and see what we found.

NOTE!! We have recently received a wonderful package of family history that is being cataloged and will be posted very soon.

We Have have finished the information on TOWARD CASTLE In Scotland and the Toward family and it should also be posted very soon.

Are Ewe Special? Apply for our award.

One of our favorite projects has been called The Book Barn. We collect many types of books and we are looking forward to sharing them with you. The barn took more repairs then we had expected and we will be opening it for the season this year in March.


May the Lord bless everyone of you this week and let's count our blessings and be joyful in the Lord.

THE BIBLE PASSAGES ARE: Psalm 23 and the Book of John
(New International Version or version of your choice)

Visit The Woodland Chapel for inspiration.

Heartland Prayer Partners


Ellie Everyone has memories they keep in the attic in boxes and trunks. Here are some of the things we like to have as keepsakes, as well as those odds and ends it seems every family collects over the years. We will be opening boxes now and then, bringing out new items, and changing the old. Stop by from time to time and see what we have found. What do you store away you can't part with?

Ponders - those little things that make you think, laugh, or shake your head.

The awards we have received.

Taos Memories The memories of the Robert Mirabal and RTM Concert Music From a Painted Cave and what it means to me.

Christmas holiday pictures, and stories.

Vacation pictures

What is in that box!!!!!

This many visitors have walked up the path to the cabin

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