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Hi! This page my family page. Please visit Cabin Pets Home Away From Home after you finish reading about us here.

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Oh boy, oh boy I have my own page, a real home page and it's all mine. I can do anything I want and say anything I want to say. I own this space. oh! oh! ???????!


Now what do I do? Wait a minute I've got to calm down, I'm a big dog. I can do it, I CAN do it. My big "sister" Lady will help me do the typing and stuff, and if something goes wrong I can blame her.

Where should I start? ---- Where should I start? ---- Where should I start?

My name is Boomer J Foxworthy, I am a Bassbeag. I was born into a family of Beagles, on a puppy farm, two years ago. All my brothers and sisters, and I were AKC registered. When I was about six weeks old I was given some medicine, put into a pen on a truck and taken to a pet store way far away from my family. That's where Mom found me. I won her over with kisses, being very playful, and my fine deep voice. She asked John if they could buy me and came back the next day to take me home. They named me Boomer, because of my deep, wonderful baying sounds. I went home with them and was very happy. Then I got VERY sick from being so young and all I had been through. John took me to the Vet and I got some medicine to make me better. While we were there they kept saying "This is suppose to be a Beagle puppy, according to his papers, but he might be a Basset Hound if:". That's how I got the rest of my name. The J Foxworthy comes from the comic Jeff Foxworthy who does a comic routine about "You might be a Redneck if...". Mom and John just call me Boomer unless I'm bad then Mom uses my full name and I know to run under the table and hide, look up with my big brown eyes, and make sure I look very sorry. It works every time.

Mom sent many letters with pictures about my pedigree and was told the rest of the litter was fine and they didn't know what was up with me; and although I was not a good representation of my breed I could be papered. The pet store said she could return me and get another puppy. They just sold dogs for pets and didn't say the dogs were good breeds. No way would Mom and John return me. This is why you must be very careful when you purchase a dog, sometimes you get fooled when we grow up. Mom has come to the conclusion I am the only registered Bassbeag in the world - that she knows of. I have the body of a very small Basset Hound and the head of a Beagle. I weigh 35 pound and must stay on a special diet of lean dry dog food to keep health and my macho physique. (Yes, Lady you have to type that).

This is our photo album album of family and friends.

Puppy PicHere is a puppy picture of me. That's Lady Susitna watching me for Mom. Big sisters are nice to have around - some times.

BoomerHere is a picture of me now. Aren't I a good looking guy? I'm getting a drink of water so I can go into the livingroom and empty the toybox. I always want what is at the bottom of the dishpan my toys are kept in. To get to just the right toy I pull out the pan and fling the toys across the room with all my might until I find it. Lady and I have taught Mom how to pick all the toys up when she gets home from work. She tried to teach us but we thought she did a much better job and let her keep up the good work.

Goodnight Here I am in my little bed, I have two. I have this one to snuggle in and a nice larger one to stretch out in. When Mom tried to get rid of this one I went and got it off the chair, where she had placed it, and dragged it back to the bedroom with my teeth. She decided that if I wanted it that badly I could keep both.

LadyThis is my big sister. Lady's full name is Lady Susitna of Eklutna. She is a British (or English) Cocker Spaniel. That means she is taller than an American Cocker Spaniel and her coat doesn't grow as long and has a different texture.

She was named for the Princess in an Eklutna Indian legend. The story is about a princess that fell asleep waiting for her prince to return from battle and turned into a mountain. The mountain is also called Sleeping Lady and can be seen across Cook Inlet from Anchorage, Alaska. The cabin is named after the princess too - not Lady.
When Lady and I aren't bringing people up the path to the cabin, we have other jobs at our real home. I am the official Lover of the family. I am so round bottomed that I can't shake a paw or sit for my supper, like Lady does, so I give kisses when my dish is filled; and let me tell you - I've never seen a dog dish I didn't want filled! I am also the resident Lap Dog. Only at 35, VERY COMPACT, pounds I usually am asked to be the resident Sit Beside The Lap Dog.

Lady's the secretary. She screens everyone at the door, asks their business and then decides whether or not they can come in. She also answers the telephone, when the answering machine goes on she "talks" to who ever is there. When Mom comes in from work and asks her if there were messages, Lady goes to the phone and "tells" Mom what the messages say. Lady thinks when she puts her head back and howls she is talking and she loves to talk.

Our other jobs are keeping the squirrels off the fence, patroling the back yard, and making sure those pesky birds don't land or dive bomb us when we are on duty. We inspect the butterflies that land on the plantsbutterfly (they make Lady sneeze). We also gather all the local news from the dogs on the other side of the fence. I'm not a gardener but Lady helps dig holes for plants.

Mom and Dad We live with some great humans. This was taken at a Special Olympic Award Dinner. Mom and John helped with Special Olympics for years.

Mom Sharon is a Contracting Officer. She collects sheep & lamb figurines and such, teddy bears, and Santa Claus' (she has over 100.) She likes to read history and nonfiction. Right now she is working on finding out about her pioneer family roots in Colorado. Mom lived in Alaska from 1968 until 1979 and has many stories about her life there. Be sure to check out her Alaskan Page. She is also doing a study on the Civil War. She writes Bible based stories too. Her other interests are antiques, landscaping, home decoration, travel and of course taking care of John, Lady and me.

We also live with John. John works at a hospital. He is very kind to us and lets us do things we aren't suppose to. He is a sports fan and I like to sit with him in his big chair and watch the Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks play. It's a guy thing we do together. He helps Mom with her many yard and house projects, enjoys traveling to the mountains, and helps with the Colorado history project. He also sees that we go out last thing each night and gives us breakfast in the morning.

We thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of some of the family pets and meeting some of our friends. You can find them here


Boomer J. Foxworthy has been chosen as a Pup Reporter for the new Petsburgh Post.
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This page is written in loving memory of the following special members of our family: Duchess, the music critic; Rosinante, the Wolf/Husky; Bucky The Pooh, the dog that wrote letters to radio station KNOM in Nome, Alaska; Jamie PDSRII (Pooh dog Shag Rug II), the Terripoo;Tiny and Bear, the white German Shepherd. Some cat members: Kikmik, the cat named dog, Charlotte; C. Amanda Tiffany; and Noel, the Christmas cat who was Lady's best friend when she was a puppy. There are many other animal friends we also honor. We know you probably have some you honor too.

Lady!, Lady! come here. HURRY!!, HURRY! Put down the ball and come here and see what we received -AWARDS. You have to type Thank You Notes and let them know how proud and honored we are.

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Well I did it!! Lady did the typing and let me say what I wanted for a change. We want to thank Mom for her encouragement and the Milk Bones and flavored water she brought while we slaved away on our masterpiece.

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