1. James Park, born 1752, Prince Edward Co., Va.
Married Phoebe Hogue 1794, Died Nov.27,1823

a. Harriet, married a Swinney

b. James, Jr.

c. Joseph

d. Matilda,...married a Chamberlain

e. Sophia,
b. October 30,1800 married 1st Burkett Davenport 1824,
m 2nd Wm.J.Russell 1825, d.March 1844, buried Lawrenceville, Georgia
1. Sarah Amanda Russell,born August 6, 1826, died May 4, 1827, Lawrenceville, Ga.
2. Mary Catherine Park Russell, b. September 29, 1827,M. B.E. Strickland 1849,d.Aug.1907
3. William James Park Russell, b.July 17, 1830, m.Ava O.Law 1850, d.January 25, 1892,Tex
4. Wallace Randolph Chamberlain Russell, b.1833, m.Martha Gray 1879, d.May 22,1883,Ark
5. Richard Henry Harrison Russell, b.March 29, 1837, d. February 2, 1843, Lawrenceville Ga.

f. Thomas J.

g. John L.

h. Wallace H.

i. Mallison W....married a Wilson

j. Augustus

k. Columbus

l. Washington

m. Mary S.

n. Effirah

The second wife of James Park was Elizabeth Sankey. This marriage was prior to Phoebe and in Virginia.
There were 2 children from this marriage....Richard Sankey Park who married Nancy Walker and had 4 children.
The second child of James and Elizabeth Park was Betsey Ann Park who never married.
Three of Richards children were daughters who married. They were Mary Robinson, Betsey Ann Dawson,
and Nancy Holder who all resided in Georgia.

Submitted by Bill Russell, No. Little Rock, Arkansas
Great Great Great Grandson of Sophia Park Russell.