After much research, the following is the most complete accounting of the Donelson family and related lines that I could locate. Any additions and / or corrections would be welcomed! See E-mail at end of genealogy.
1. Patrick Donelson b. circa 1670 d. 1725 Born in Scotland or England. m. Jean?

2. Patrick Donelson m.? Given or Givan

2. Catherine Donelson (nickname- Keatin, Keatrin or Kristin)
m. Rev. William Stewart(Stuart) m. 1721 Stepney Parish, Somerset Co. MD

2. Jane(Jean) Donelson m.?McKean
3. George McKean

3. Patrick McKean
2. Capt. John Donelson b. ? d. circa 1736 Born in Scotland or England -m. Catherine Davis in Somerset Co. MD. 1717. Born in Scotland. Father Rev. Samuel Davis(Davies) and Mother Mary Sympson(Widow of Co. Sympson)(Alternate spelling Simpson)
(Another source: Parents:David Davis and Martha Thomas-children: Catherine and Samuel.David's parents:Morgan and Catherine Davies. Children: David, John, Evan, Catherine and Elizabeth.
Martha's parents: Elizius Thomas and Mary. Elizius's parents: Thomas Thomas and Mary m. 1668 in Wales.

3. Andrew Donelson b.1722
3. Mary Donelson b. circa 1720 in Somerset Co. MD. d. circa 1810
m. Hugh Henry circa 1739(overseer of Col. John Donelson's iron works)

4. John Henry Sr. b. circa 1740 d. circa 1779

4. Mary Henry d. circa 1810

4. Catherine Henry
4. Hugh Henry Jr. b. 6-25-1751 d. 4-17-1834 m. Elizabeth Tamnasson

4. David Henry b. 2-11-1753 d. 10-14-1846 m. Priscilla Mooring Earheart.
4. Issac Henry b.? d. 1814

4. Thomas Henry b.? d. 1823

3. William Donaldson b. 1738 d. 1819 m. Mary Sweeny b. 1748

4. Elizabeth Donelson b. 1767 d. 1847 m. Joseph Rogers

4. Andrew Donaldson b. 1770 m. Isabella Carmichael b. 1773
4. Mary Donaldson b. 1770 m. Thomas Rodgers(Rogers)

4. Ann Donaldson b. 1775 m. Alexander Thompson

4. John Donaldson b. 4-15-1778 m. Celia Jordan

4. Rebecca Donaldson b. 1780 m. Perry Pullin
4. Jane Donaldson b. 1782 m. John Ogee

3. Col. John Donelson II b. circa 1718-1725 d. 1785 in KY
m. Rachel Stockley b. circa 1730 d. 1801(Great-grandfather: John Stockley b.1621 d.1673 m. Elizabeth---grandfather: Joseph Stockley m. (1) Rachel Benston(2)Mary Massie. Father: Alexander Stockley m. Jane Mathews.)

4. Alexander Donelson b. circa 1749 d. 1785 unmarried
4. Mary Donelson b. 1751 m.Capt. John Caffery(Alternate spelling Caffrey) 12 children

4. Catherine Donelson b. 1752 d. 1835 m. Col. Thomas Hutchings
(9 children including grandson Andrew Jackson Hutchings) m. in 1768

4.Stockly Donelson b. 1753 d. circa 1804 m. Elizabeth Glasglow(Martin)- no descendants. 1794 manager of lottery-1795 Commissioner of Salt Lick funds.
4. Jane Donelson b. 1787 d. 1834 m. Col. Robert Hays 1-27-1786 in Tenn. Children -5(Grandparents of John Coffey Hays known as Jack Hays- Captain in the Texas Rangers)( One of daughters married a Butler)

4. Leven Donelson b.1765 unmarried

4. Rachel Donelson b.6-15-1767 d. 12-22-1828 m.(1)Lewis Robards 3-1-1785 (2)Andrew Jackson- 7th President of USA 1-17-1794. No children- adopted a child of Severn Donelson.
Changed name to Andrew Jackson Jr.

5. Andrew Jackson Jr. b.12-22-1809 d. 4-17-1865 m. Sarah Yorke 10-1831

6. Rachel Jackson b.1832 d.1928 m. Dr John Marshall Lawrence b. 1823 d.1882
6. Andrew Jackson III b. 1834 d.1906 m. Amy Rich b.1851 d.1921

6. Samual Jackson b.1837 d.1863

6. Thomas Jackson b. 1836 d.1840

6. Robert Jackson d. 1843
4. Capt. John Donelson III b. 4-7-1755 d.4-22-1830 m. Mary Purnell on 8-17-1779 b. 1763 d. 1848(Father: Chesed Purnell, Mother:Tabitha Jones. Grandparents: Elisha Purnell-Mary Shelby)

5. Chesed Donelson b.1780 died in infancy

5. Tabitha Donelson b.1781 d.1854 m. Col. George Smith b.1776 d.1849
6. Mary Smith 8-23-1799

6. Sally Smith b. 8-8-1801

6. Tabitha Smith b. 11-13-1803

6. Henry Smith b.10-19-1806

6. Jane Smith b. 4-27-1808
5. Alexander Stockly Donelson(nickname Sandy) b.1784 d.1814
Killed in battle of Emuckfau. Unmarried. Born in KY, Aide to Gen.
Coffey in Creek War.

5. John Donelson IV(nickname Jack) b. 1787 d.1840 m. 11-6-1823 Eliza Butler
5. Lemuel Donelson b.1789 d.1832 m. Eliza Whyte b.1802 d.1832

6. John Whyte Donelson b.1820 d.1855 m. Kate Allen

6. Lemuel Donelson m. Annie Bowen

7. Bessie Donelson(Gaston)
5. Rachel(Racel)Donelson b.1791 d.1822 m.William Eastin b.? d. 1829

6. Mary Eastin m. Lucius Polk in 1832 in the White House.

7. Emily Donelson Polk

6. Susanna Eastin
6. Tabitha Smith Eastin

6. Elizabeth Donelson Eastin m. Samuel Rucker Donelson

6. John Donelson Eastin

6.. Rachel Jackson Eastin
5. Mary Donelson(nickname Polly) b. 1793 d.1871 m. Gen. Jno. Coffee in 1809- 10 children

6. Mary Coffee m. Andrew J. Hutchings

5. William Donelson(nickname Billy) b. 1795 d. 1864 m.(1) Rachel Donelson 9-26-1822. (2)Elizabeth Anderson 1827 (3) Martha Anderson in 1845. No descendants.
5. Elizabeth Donelson(nickname Betsy) b.1796 d.1836 m. Jno. C. Mclemore in 1815. Many descendants.

5. Catherine Donelson b.1799 d.1836 m. James Glasglow Martin in 1815 b.1790 d.1847. 9 children including the following-

6. Elizabeth Glasgow Martin m(1) Lewis Randolph in 1835 (2) Andrew Jackson Donelson(see descendants under his category)
5. Chesed Purnell Donelson b. 1801 died in infancy

5. Emily Tennessee Donelson b. 1807 d.1836 m. Andrew Jackson Donelson (see descendants under his category)

5. Stockly Donelson b1805 d. 1888 m. Phila Ann Lawrence in 1827
b.1809 d.1850

6. John Lawrence Donelson b.4-17-28 d. 7-6-1864 unmarried
6. Laura Ann Donelson b. 3-28-1832 d.12-4-1891 m. William James Wade

6. William Donelson b. 1-1-1835 d.8-29-1895 m. Alice Ewin

7. John Donelson VI

7. Wena Donelson
6. Emily Donelson b. 1837 d.1936 m. (1) John Boddie (2) William Walton

6. Caroline Donelson b.7-1841 d ?

6. Lawrence Donelson b. 5-1843 d.1865

4. Samuel Donelson b.1758 d.circa 1802 m. 6-20-1796 Mary(Polly) Smith. b.1781 d.1857 (m. Col. James Saunders after Samuel died)
5. John Samuel Donelson b. ? d. 1817 unmarried

5. Daniel Smith Donelson (Gen.) b.6-23-1801 d.4-17-1863. West Point graduate, Mero District elector, 1799 Commissioner for Sumner County. m. 1830 Margaret Branch.

6. Elizabeth Donelson b. 1831 m. William Williams 1849

6. Sarah Smith Donelson b. 1836 m. William Henry Bradford 1856
6. Emily Donelson b. 1838 m. James E. Horton 1860

6. Mary Ann Donelson m. James Glasglow Martin II

6. James Branch Donelson b.1843 m. Josephine Evans 1862

6. Rebecca Williams Donelson

6. Samuel Davis Donelson
6. Martha Bradford Donelson b. 1847 m. John M. Shute 1867

6. Susan Branch Donelson b. 1848 m. Marcus L. Dismukes 1866

6. John Branch Donelson m. 1874 Jennie Alexander b. 1855

7. Rebecca Dismuches Donelson b. 1881 m. Joseph H. Chew 1903

7. James Alexander Donelson
7. Emma W. Donelson m. Charles Price Underwood

7. Eugene Lackey Donelson

7. John Branch Donelson

5. Andrew Jackson Donelson b. 1799 d. 1871 West Point graduate, also Lawyer. Raised by Andrew Jackson and Rachel Donelson. President's aide. m. (1) Emily Tennessee Donelson in 1824. (daughter of John Donelson and Mary Purnell)(2) Mrs. EA Randolph Martin(Daughter of Catherine Donelson)
Children by Emily:
6. Andrew Jackson Donelson b. 1826 d.1859 Died while Lieutenant of Us Engineers

6. Mary Emily Donelson b. 1829 d.1905 m. John A. Wilcox(Member of Congress from Mississippi)

6. John Samuel Donelson b. 1832 d.1863 Killed at Chichamauga

6. Rachel Jackson Donelson b.1834 d.1888 m. William Knox.
Children of EA Randolph Martin
6. Daniel S. Donelson b.1842 d.1864 Confederate Brig. Gen. -Murdered

6. Martin Donelson b. 1847 Farmer in Mississippi

6. William Alexander Donelson(W.A.) b.1-18-1849 d.1900 m. Bettie? Farmer near Hermitage.

6. Catherine Donelson b.2-25-1850 d.1868
6. Vinet Donelson(Capt.) b.8-30-1854 Merchant in Nashville

6. Lewis R. Donelson b. 2-14-1856 Resided in Memphis. m. Lady McAlister

7. Elise McAlister Donelson(McKellar)

6. Rosa E. Donelson b.6-14-1858

6. Andrew Jackson Donelson b. 1-21-1860
4. Severn Donelson b.1763 or 1773 d. 1818 m. Elizabeth Rucker b. 1782 d. 1828

5. Andrew Jackson Jr. adopted at birth by President Andrew Jackson- see under that category. Name originally Andrew Donelson Donelson

5. Thomas Jefferson Donelson b. 12-22-1809 Twin to Andrew Jackson Jr. m. Emma Farquhar

6. Eliza Yorke Donelson m. Bernard Aldolphus Hoopes
5. Rachel Donelson m. William Donelson(son of John Donelson and Mary Purnell)

5. Samuel Rucker Donelson m. Elizabeth Donelson Eastin

5. Alexander Donelson

5. Lucinda O.Rucken Donelson m. George Martin 9-30-1830

6. Elizabeth Donelson Martin m. Jacob Melchion Hoffa
Some sources say these are also children but I am unsure!
5. John Donelson

5. Richard Sampson Donelson

4. William Donelson b. 1756 d 4-13-1820 - 1811 Davidson Ct.- Robertson Acadamy Trustee 1797 Waynesborough Commissioner
m. Charity Dickerson(alternate spelling Dickinson) in Nashville 8-9-1796

5. William Donelson II

5. Alexander Donelson

5. Milberry Donelson b. 1806 d.1836 m. Col. John McGregor b. 1794 d.1835
6. Andrew McGregor m. Eudora Anderson

6. Mary Ann McGregor

6. S. Donelson McGregor(Col.) Killed@ Murfreesboro 12-31-1862

5. Elizabeth H. Donelson

5. Martha Donelson b.? d. 1873 m. Robert Burton b. 1800 d. 1863
6. Elizabeth Burton m. Rapheal Martin

5. Jacob Donelson

6. Severn Donelson

6. Mary Donelson
5. Rachel Donelson

5. Andrew Jackson Donelson b.3-14-1815 Nashville, Tenn. d.7-28-1859 in Thibedeaux, La. m. (1)Sara E. Nelson 2-3-1841 b.?d.1847 (2) Catherine Nelson

6. Sarah W. Donelson b. 1860

6. Mary Nelson Donelson b.1856
6. Lizzie G. Donelson b.1853

6. Andrew Jackson Donelson b.1851

6. Thomas Perry Donelson b. 12-14-1849 in Murfreesborough, Tenn. m. Eliza Maude Howard 2-24-1869 in New Orleans, La.

7. Fidelia Donelsonb.12-2-1869 in Acadia Plantation near Thibedeaux,La. m. John Wesley Ladd 6-26-1895
7. Naomi Kirkpatrick Donelson b.1-8-1875 d.8-14-1878

7. Dela Donelson ( I question if " Dela" is a nickname for Fidella-see above)

6. William J. Donelson b.6-30-1845

6. Anna L. Donelson b.1844
6. Martha A Donelson b. 12-3-1841

6. Catherine J. Donelson b.10-6-1836

6. John Nelson Donelson b. 5-5-1847 in Thibedeaux, La. d.8-10-1899 in Bon Air, Tenn. m. Matilda Frasier 2-18-1868 b.4-11-1846 d.10-18-1936 in Mobery, Tenn. Parents: William Causby Frazier, Nancy Welch
7. John Nelson Donelson(some sources say middle name begins with "W" and is not Nelson) b.12-3-1883 in Bon Air, Tenn. d. 3-5-1960 in Sanford, Florida

7. William Donelson b.1869

7. Thomas P. Donelson b.1872 (not sure if the following is accurate) m. Mary Ann ?

8. Sallie Donelson m. Clarence Hamby
7. Nancy E. Donelson b.10-12-1876

7. Mary Lou Donelson(some sources say middle name is Mayme)

7. Carrie Donelson(some sources say first name is Sally) b.7-3-1881

7. Jefferson D. Donelson b. 9-1886
7. Martha A Donelson b.6-1-1889

7. Andrew Jackson Donelson b.2-2-1874 d.10-28-1945 m. Lillie Ethel Hamby 12-9-1906 b. 8-3-1889 d.1-16-1984
Hamby line:(1)Reubin Hamby m Elizabeth Mitchell(2)Andrew Hamby b.1805 m. Almira Proffit b. 1811(3)Thomas Hamby b.1836 m. Lydia Hassler b.1840(4)Andrew Loran Hamby b. 1867 m.(a)Susie Ann Godsey(b)Sarah Lou Randolph(Children: Verdon Lancelot Hamby m. Jessie Rice, Clarence J. Hamby m. Sallie Donelson,Virgil William Hamby m. Bessie Patton, Clyde Hamby m. Ethel England, Maude Hamby, Lillie Hamby m. Andrew Jackson Donelson, Landon Lee Hamby.
Children of Andrew Jackson Donelson and Lillie Hamby

8. Kenneth Harold Donelson b.8-15-1928 d.?

9. Kenneth Donelson

8. John Clinton Donelson b. 8-29-1921 m. Nancy Welch b.? d.4-27-77

9. Nancy Ann Donelson b. 5-22-45 m. Gary Gordon Blanks on 9-27-69 - b. 6-3-43

8. Lillie Ethel Donelson b.2-18-1919 d.8-8-1951 m. Stanton Powell Kirby

9. Kenneth Stanton Kirby m. Dora Sue Copeland Ledbetter

9. Helen Willene Kirby m. Chester Merle Johnson- 7 children

9. Bonnie Sharon Kirby m.William Andrew Lewis- 2 children

8. Lizzie Marie Donelson b.2-8-1918 d.4-20-1918
8. Andrew Jackson Donelson b. 12-11-1913 d.7-1-1979
m.Emogene Swallows

9. Andrew Jackson Donelson b.10-22-1954 m. Maureen Nestor

10. Andrew Jackson Donelson b. 6-13-1988

10. Marisa Donelson b. 7-30-1985
8. Nellie Maude Donelson b. 3-4-1912 d. 6-1-84 m.(1) Thomas Frazier(2) William Owen Jones

9. Jack Frazier

9. Billy Frazier

9. Judith Ann Jones

9. Elizabeth(Betty) Jones
8. William Jennings Donelson b.11-16-10 d.11-25-47 m. Dorothy Hetzel(2nd marriage to David Lewis Hoelzel) b. 8-7-1917

9. Darlene Donelson b.7-11-43 m. Louis Stephen Felker b. 4-25-47

10. Andrew Donelson Felker b.12-19-73

11. Aaron Lee Felker b. 2-10-97

10. Stephanie Louise Felker b.3-21-76
10. Lori Ann Felker b. 8-11-78

9. Glenna Jean Donelson b. 1-29-47 m. (1)George Nikstaitis (2)Michael Hastey (3) David Carl Hardy

10. Sheree Dawn Nikstaitis b.11-24-72

10. Robin Michelle Hastey b.3-20-84
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