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Mile A Minute Vintage Edging: Using bedspread weight cotton. Cdn size 10 steel hook. Chain 8 join with slip stitch to form a ring. Work chain three, 2 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet in ring. Chain 5, turn.

Into chain 2 space work 3 double crochets, chain 2, 3 double crochet, double crochet in top of turning chain. Repeat for as long as you need the lace to be, this way you are not wasting thread or if in an exchange you can actually crochet the half yard or metro required. This is lovely as is, but I have added a little extra to mine.

Mile A Minute - Shell edged lace: After getting the above to the length that you want work the following on one or both sides of the edging:
Single crochet, three double crochet, single crochet in each chain-3 space across the row. This can be done on one or both sides and in the same or a different color.

Mile a Minute Fan:- Work the above working the trim on one side only, take the tail that you started with and weave it trough the open edges on the side and pull to get the effect you want. Using a crochet hook, single crochet through all bars so that you have a fan shape formed, for the bottom flute of the fan, work a series of chain 5 - 10 - 15 treble crochets in the loop. Attach a small bow to the part where they are gathered, attach to garment. These can be held down with small pearls on the points that the lace forms, or just tacked down. A vintage color with an off white ribbon is gorgeous.

Mile a Minute Posy: Work the above working 24 shells and working on one edge only. Now take the thread and drawn through the bars on the bottom tightly so that a flat yo yo type scalloped flower is formed. Tack the edges together and slip stitch the petals so that they are joined. Attach in your favorite place.

Mile A Minute Leaves: Use the same as above for the fan and work it in a leaf color, use only 6-8-12 shells depending on the type of leaf you want. Pull the edging through and allow it to be a 3 dimensional leaf. Attach under flower. Work a fine vein in beads down the center and allow the sides to puff up.

(Click this link for a Picture of these motifs.)

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